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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 219: Again (7) Bahasa Indonesia

“I felt some magic coming from your hand,” Natalie said. “It was a bit weird… a lot different from the usual.”

“I felt as well,” Sarah said. “A new spell?”

“More or less, practice your wind manipulation as much as possible and you will be able to do the same,” Billy replied.

They had no idea how wind magic could make someone feel like they were being bitten and paralyzed by something, but Billy’s friends knew that he wasn’t the type who would lie. Nevertheless, they reached the area where their houses were located, so the group split up. Kate and Natalie were exhausted because they couldn’t move the way they wanted with those formal clothes, so they went to bed as soon as possible. As for Billy, he went to his hideout.

There were some torches there, and he lit those by firing sparks from his hands. He had to try a few times since he couldn’t control that power as much as he wanted, but he was getting better. It was the same magic Billy showed earlier. Billy recalled something that he learned in his past life, to make lightning, you need cold air and warm air. When they meet, the warm air goes up. It makes thunderstorm clouds. The cold air has ice crystals. The warm air has water droplets. The droplets and crystals bump together during the storm and move apart in the air. This rubbing made static electrical charges in the clouds. When Wind Manipulation reached level fifty, he was able to control those and skip level steps, thus being able to fire electrical charges…

“Even with my rings, it consumes twenty points of mana… Well, it is a given since it can probably kill most foes if they are hit in the head,” Billy thought while he was preparing his work tools.

In the last month, Billy also practiced a lot of his Water Manipulation and Fire Manipulation. He used those even more, to see how much he could improve the weapons he made using EArth Transformation. Thanks to that, he now could create ice instantly and increase the power of fire to levels even beyond the furnace. Cooling and heating armor and weapons had become extremely easy. Thanks to that, he could produce and sell weapons and armor of high quality every day. Since he was focusing on quantity and making Louise sell those with her connections, he didn’t make anything outstanding. Still, he was on the right path… probably.

Those days of Billy’s new life were passing pretty fast. Once again, one week passed, and he was missing the free time he had and that he used to play with his siblings. Just when he was thinking about that, Valentin showed up when Billy was taking a bath before lunch.

“Master Billy, you have received a letter,” Valentin said.

Billy had already given up on the idea of forcing Valentin and the others to stop calling him master. They tried a few times to use his name only, but they looked quite uncomfortable while doing so. Regardless, Billy received and read the letter… it was from his mother, and she wrote that everyone was planning to visit him.

“Even Edward and Lucy, huh…” Billy said, a bit surprised. “I guess this is fine, things will get busy soon enough, after all.”

Edward was the worrywart dad that he was, and despite her usual behavior, Lucy didn’t have many chances to take a break, so that was a good opportunity for her as well. In any case, they had enough free rooms on the third floor, but since those places hadn’t been used, they were mostly empty. Billy asked Valentin to deal with that. Money was no longer a problem now that Billy was forging things on a daily basis.

Although the trip was supposed to take ten days, the group arrived after just one week. They probably left the town a few days after sending the letter. Nevertheless, the preparations had been completed in time. Valentin and his staff were expensive, but they were worth the cost.

“It has been a while… everyone,” Billy said while frowning and watching his visitors stare at his house.

“… Nice place, son,” Drew said.

“I never thought that Billy would like to live in such a gaudy place,” Camilla said.

The twins looked excited, and Anna was calm as usual. However, she still was looking around, imagining how much of a hassle it would be to look after such a place. Meanwhile, Lucy and Edward were just waiting for Kate and Natalie’s arrival.

“We didn’t know when you would come, so they are working and will only arrive at sunset,” Billy said and then guided them to the interior of the house. “I will show you your rooms.”

“Show us your room first,” Edward said. “And where their rooms are as well.”

Billy wondered if Edward would have a heart attack if she told a joke at the moment and said that they all sleep in the same room. Lucy probably wasn’t one who liked jokes, so that was a bad idea.

While Billy showed his room and the girls to prove that they were sleeping in different places, he wondered why Edward was acting like that when he tried to marry his daughter four years ago with Billy. He probably didn’t plan for them to consummate the marriage, but that didn’t change the fact that he was troublesome.

“Wow, the rooms are so big,” Samuel said.

“Big bro even have servants,” Samara added.

“Only because this place is too big and we have too many things to do, so we can’t maintain the house in order by ourselves,” Billy said.

“Speaking of which, how are you working here?” Camilla asked. “I know that the girls are battle instructors, but what about you?”

“I am just doing this and that, nothing too complex, but even without the money that they are earning, we still have some leeway with money.”


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