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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 214: Again (2) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, Samuel and Samara had to give up in the middle of the morning since their hands got wounded after attacking with all their might again. They had spirit as expected, since they managed to endure that much, Billy was proud of them if anything.

“Here, use my bracers, it will help you two heal faster,” Billy said.

“Can we try again tomorrow?” Samuel asked.

“Of course, I will stay here for a while, so I will help you guys with training as much as possible,” Billy said. “However, training is over for today, I am going to check something.”

Their attacks were starting to consume more stamina than usual, so it was a sign that they were almost there. Just a few hours would be enough to recover their stamina and heal their wounds, but Billy had to check his workshop as well. It has been a while since he got his Edish fruits. After all… he must have hundreds ready to be eaten.

“I will have to ask Jean for a house with a big backyard to keep those trees…” Billy thought while he was running toward his hideout.

Billy could only bring so many of those back home, so he used the extra mana to level up Fierce Aura. Recently, Billy felt strong while that was active that he felt that he could break a boulder with a single finger. So, he tried that… in the end, he cracked almost half of his index finger, but he made a small hole with his strike. It was quite something…

Once Billy returned, he saw his friends playing with his siblings. They sure were bored and didn’t have the diligence to use their free time to train.

“Hey, Billy,” Natalie said while showing a cold smile. “I heard a funny rumor… I heard that you spent the day my mother and some people said that you followed her through the darkness of the night. And yet, she arrived at home alone.”

“You shouldn’t pay attention to rumors, that being said, I guess we can say that I spent the day with your mother and followed her once her shift was over,” Billy said. “She was too focused on her work, so I had to wait, and we talked about the marriage.”

“… What she said?” Natalie asked.

“Nothing that I don’t already know, she said you are handful and will be even more in the future,” Billy replied.

“That old hag…” Natalie said while clenching her teeth.

“She also said that she would leave you to me… since you two are so awkward with words, you don’t understand each other very well, but she sure treasures you,” Billy said.

“If you say so…” Natalie said after she calmed down a little.

“I also talked with Edward,” Billy said.

“He told me… but he also swore to me that he didn’t give you an earful,” Kate said.

“The old man is too scared of you treating him coldly… I kind of feel sorry for him for planning to live in other city,” Billy said.

“Living one week away from each other isn’t the end of the world,” Kate said. “Besides, now that we have some villages and another town in out territory, it is about time for him to move his base of operations.”

That certainly was the case, but it would be hard to tell someone in their fifties to leave the home they lived through their entire lives. Nevertheless, it was time for Billy’s party to think on the long term. He probably won’t become an instructor, but he should move his workshop and his Edish trees to the place where his new home will be. Kate and Natalie asked for a single house for them to live in… but it didn’t seem like a good idea for them to move so soon. The people in that world had a sense of virtue like in the old days of Earth. A couple could only truly become one after marriage… Still, delaying the transportation of his things seemed like a waste of time.

“We will leave in one month, so you guys should prepare yourselves accordingly,” Billy said.

It didn’t seem like much time to put things in order, even more considering that they spent a lot more time outside working recently. Still, they nodded heavily because that was something they were prepared for. In any case, the first thing Billy focused on was helping his siblings with Light Spear. It only took them three more days to be able to use it… while they didn’t knock down Billy’s glaive, all that training polished their skills quite a bit.

“Yay! We did it!” Samara said while jumping around.

“Now I can see that I am finally on the path to surpass Dad and big bro,” Samuel said while clenching his fists and smiling.

Drew was left speechless when he saw that, and Camilla had to console him while patting his back. Still, after a while, he went to do some training outside. Billy finally could understand where he was coming from since his siblings managed to do something that he also seemed impossible at their age. Nevertheless, he had other worries right now instead of being surpassed by those youngsters. That being said, Billy decided to increase his daily training by one hour.

During the next few weeks, Billy worked on packing his things at the workshop and the trees he had as well. He will have to make a new hideout at the place he was going to live, but the idea of making one below a city made it sound even more cool. In any case, while he was packing his things, Billy noticed that his Earth magic was getting quite strong… he didn’t know if it was due to his magic was almost at three hundred points or due to his legal sixty Earth Manipulation, but the things he was making had more and more durability….


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