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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 213: Again (1) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, Billy had to wait until the sun began to set and Lucy’s turn ended. She was a woman who took her job way too seriously. It was a pain, but first impressions were the key, so Billy had to be patient until she finished working and decided to talk with him.

“Why does Drew’s son want to talk with me?” Lucy asked.

“Well, it is about your daughter,” Billy said.

“I see… maybe you can explain to me why she has been in a good mood since she returned,” Lucy said. “She usually is grumpy at home, but yesterday she spent the day humming.”

“Maybe that is because we decided to marry… I decided to marry her and Kate, Edward’s daughter,” Billy said.

“Is that so?” Lucy asked without showing much emotion. “She is an adult already and if she is fine in being a number two out of desperation, that is fine by me.”

“Out of desperation?” Billy frowned.

“She didn’t get any marriage proposals until now since she doesn’t fit in our tribe, so I assume that she accepted being the number two because of that,” Lucy said.

“Excuse me… but I don’t have the intention of treating her like the number two,” Billy said. “If she didn’t get any proposals until now, I can only assume that your people can’t see a gem in front of them. Natalie might be a bit naive and not much smart, but she definitely is the strongest of your tribe. She might not look very feminine at first glance, but she is one of the few women who made me feel attracted to them.”

“You feel attracted physically to her?” Lucy frowned. “Even though she always smell like sweat?”

“That is a sign that she is hardworking,” Billy said.

“Even though she is bigger than some men?” Lucy asked.

“Her size doesn’t matter since I can carry her in my arms,” Billy said.

“Aside from her large chest, she doesn’t have a single redeeming quality,” Lucy said. “She is bad at housework, she doesn’t cook well, and if someone lets her, she will use the same clothes everyday.”

“I am not a good cook either, but we can make things work by helping each other,” Billy said. “It took me a while to realize that, but I love her for what she is, even her shortcomings.”

“… You are just like your father said,” Lucy said after showing a small smile. “I will leave that troublesome daughter in your hands.”

“Was this some kind of test?” Billy asked while frowning. “What did my father say about me?”

“He said that you are stubborn, but sincere in everything you do,” Lucy replied. “I can tell that you didn’t lie a single time, but I still want to see with your actions if what you said is true.”

“You are quite troublesome yourself, mother in law,” Billy whispered.

While Billy had to sacrifice his entire day, he confirmed that Lucy didn’t hate Natalie. They just weren’t precisely the type who showed their feelings, so misunderstandings often happen with them.

Nevertheless, Billy returned, and even though he didn’t do much, he felt pretty exhausted. Talking with his future relatives had been pretty exhausting, but the day hadn’t been over yet.

“Billy! Taught us Light Spear!” Samuel and Samara said in unison.

Billy looked at his mother and father, and they just shrugged. It didn’t seem like they weren’t helping those two in their training. So, instead of helping them learn how to learn, the two rascals wanted some tips that would make them learn faster… when he checked their statuses, he confirmed that they just needed to train for a few weeks to reach the requirements necessary.

“All right, tomorrow morning I will help you two,” Billy said while patting their heads.

Drew will feel quite troubled if they learn it at the same age Billy did it, but it couldn’t be helped since he gave them so many tips, and he also gave them some magic items to help on the training.

“In any case, if they are nine, then I am already sixteen… It feels like just a few days ago I was fourteen… time is passing pretty fast,” Billy thought.

The next day, Billy took his siblings outside, and for some reason, he was with his spear. Samuel and Samara couldn’t understand why, but they decided to not ask since he seemed more serious than usual.

“All right…” Billy said and then pierced the ground pretty deeply with his spear. “Your job is to attack my spear with your best thrust attack. If you manage to make it leave the ground, you will learn Light Spear automatically.”

That didn’t make any sense. The look on Drew and Camilla, who came to check the kids, also confirmed that. In any case, Billy sat on the ground and in front of the weapon. At that moment, the adults realized that Something was off. He didn’t have to stay there if the goal was only to attack the spear. Nevertheless, Samuel nodded and attacked. He put a lot of weight behind the attack and made Billy’s glaive tremble, but only that.

“You can try nine more times before taking a breath and giving Samara the chance to do so as well,” Billy said.

Samuel assumed that it would be easy to knock down the spear in ten attempts, but in the end, he was left completely surprised since his attacks didn’t move the spear a single inch. Samara tried, but while she was faster, she was a bit weaker, so she didn’t get better results.. However, the real culprit was Billy for their failure… he was using Earth Manipulation to make his glaive be completely enveloped by Earth, and when it cracked after each attack, Billy fixed it with his magic. It was the only way to make his siblings work hard toward a goal that they could see, and apparatus was close…


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