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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 206: Decision (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“I am glad…” Kate said and then let some tears fall. “I thought I wasn’t…”

“Aww… come on… crying is not fair,” Billy said. “Don’t make me feel worthless.”

“I am sorry…” Kate said while she let Billy clean her face. “What are you going to do about Natalie?”

“I have no idea…” Billy said.

“It is fine, Billy… we are friends, so I wouldn’t mind sharing you with her,” Kate said.

“So, I am a toy now?” Billy frowned. “Besides, you have forgetting several things. Your father, my parents, her mother… they will think that I am taking you two lightly.”

“It is fine. We will make it work out… it all depends on you,” Kate said. “Are you fine with us?”

“A guy has to be reliable… love and protect all the girls that love him,” Billy said.

“That is nice, but we aren’t made of glass,” Kate said. “Go now, and think of what you need to say to her. She is a bit more… thicker than me, so you will have to be clear. Try to invite her to watch the stars. She likes that.”

Billy wondered what was going on. His first girlfriend was giving him tips on how to get another… in any case. It seemed that she didn’t think that Sarah liked him. That was probably for the best. Not having a single girlfriend and then suddenly having three was a bit too much. Billy was already imagining the scolding he was going to receive from his mother from having two and that would be quite…

Regardless, Billy couldn’t help but wonder if he should be looking for girlfriends now when another war was approaching. It was probably better than regretting later… now. He had more reasons to get stronger. In any case, while Billy was waiting for dinner in his room, someone noisy appeared. It was Alexander, and he looked at him as if he was hoping to check if something had happened.

“Not good, huh… You sure are a handful,” Alexander said after a long sigh.

“Mind your own business,” Billy said.

“Wait… that isn’t your usual response,” Alexander said. “Something happened… didn’t it?”

“Like I said…” Billy said.

“Congratulations, you horn dog!” Alexander said.

“I don’t want to hear that from you,” Billy said. “And don’t jump to conclusions. Nothing officially happened.”

“I suppose that is like you,” Alexander said. “In any case, what are you going to do with Natalie?”

“I don’t know, but I am considering kicking your balls. What is your opinion on this?” Billy asked.

Alexander decided to went silent after that, but he still was in a good mood. Considering that, everyone back home will hear the news by tomorrow… Alexander was definitely going to spill the beans. Kate will probably be quiet for a while, for Natalie’s sake.

In any case, after a few hours, they had dinner, and the mood was pretty good. Rosalie’s group, Sarah and Natalie, were a bit confused, though, since they didn’t connect the dots. In any case, once dinner was over, Billy had a hard time finding a moment to talk with Natalie. He also felt like a two-timer… that didn’t help him with his preparations.

Before long, Billy saw himself outside, and he lost his chance. However, Natalie conveniently appeared while he was thinking about that.

“Did you call, Billy?” Natalie asked. “Kate said that you wanted to talk with me… she was strangely happy during dinner. Do you know why?”

“She is always like that,” Billy said. “Come over here. We need to talk about something.”

“Alone? Wait… oh, that is why she was happy,” Natalie said. “This is unnecessary, Billy. You don’t have to do this.”

“… Is that so?” Billy frowned.

“I understand my position in the group, so I will not interfere,” Natalie said and stepped back.

“Just for argument’s sake… what are you talking about?” Billy asked.

“It is all right, Billy. We can still be friends. I already accepted that a long time ago. I am fine with it,” Natalie said.

“I suppose that is fine, then come here and let’s talk as friends,” Billy said.

After making those two wait for too long, Billy realized that at least one of them had lost confidence. It was weird seeing Natalie like that since she looked strong all the time. She never showed weakness. She was even the first one to learn Vigor after him. Still, she was only an ordinary girl deep down.

Natalie hesitated in approaching, probably because she didn’t want to hear what Billy wanted to say regarding him and Kate and because she didn’t want to be pitied. Still, running away wasn’t her style, even though she assumed defeat in this battle even before starting. In any case, when she approached, Billy created an earth tower and raised them to see the sky without being bothered by the lights above. After that, he laid his back on the floor and began to stare at the stars.

“I don’t know why you did, but I noticed a while back that you guys have some interest in me. I suppose that is natural since I am so awesome, and there are two stupid love birds in our party now,” Billy said.

“Was that supposed to be funny?” Natalie Frowned.

“Sometimes the truth is fine, don’t you think?” Billy asked. “Putting that aside, I decided to ignore it since I didn’t feel the same way toward you guys, but now things are different.”

“I understand, you are the type who thinks too much about things, and you since you somehow helped Kate, you didn’t want her feelings out of obligation,” Natalie said. “As for me, I am just not as cute and charming as Kate. Some people even say that I am too manly due to my trained muscles.”

“They certainly are big, but from my perspective, they are just right,” Billy said.. “Cute maybe not be the best word to define you, but I think that you still are very alluring.”


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