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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 204: Decision (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Hmm? You want some tips about how to snare a main?” Marie asked when he heard that question from Kate after dinner. “Just say it on his face. You are incredibly pretty. Only a fool would say no to you.”

Kate wondered if she should have asked that to Marie before. She was single and in her thirties, after all. Some people say that gems stay hidden, but Mary Wasn’t exactly hidden. The real issue was her personality.

“I think that won’t work… he is probably aware of it, and he still treats me like a child, probably because his first impression of me was an infantile one,” Kate said.

“I don’t know much about that kid, but a lot of people approach me with superficiality, and that annoys me, that probably will annoy him as well,” Marie said. “Let’s see. I think I would want someone physically and mentally strong who wouldn’t give up even after being refused several times. Showing that he cares about me even on the small things would be nice too.”

Kate wondered why that conversation turned out to be about her tastes so soon, but she learned a few useful things. Until now, she had kept her distance and only approached his family more proactively, so she decided to do the inverse.

Although she had planned to appeal to Billy the next day, she didn’t have the chance since everyone went to the library. It was because she didn’t ask her friends to help… in any case, Aura’s library was bigger than Billy’s house. He hadn’t seen so many books since he had reincarnated, and it was truly awesome.

“I don’t have any books that teach magic since that is a secret of those states, but several of them mention and talk about how they work,” Aura said and then grabbed some books on the numerous shelves. “Apparently, the power that the beast tamers have is also some kind of magic effect their whips have. They can’t use it themselves, but they can produce those effects on their whips.”

Aura showed them several books. Some of them mentioned magic pretty similar to the elementalists. They could do basic things with the elements. Billy assumed that they had the same ancestor that passed down their secrets to their descendants. There was also the mention of a group of wildlings further in the east that could use healing magic and a certain army that could use Fierce Aura. There was also the mention of a mercenary group that could curse the enemies… Aura assumed that it was some sort of variation of magic.

“Debuffs and healing magic, huh… the hypothesis is written here of how those workers don’t make any sense,” Billy thought while rubbing his chin. “Still, they exist, and that is enough for me for the time being.”

“Do you understand how they can use those types of magic, Billy?” Kate asked.

“Not a clue, maybe if I see them in action, I can come up with a better theory,” Billy said. “Maybe I could even do the inverse with the curses.”

“But it wouldn’t have the same effects as Fierce Aura?” Alexander asked.

“Yes, but the more, the merrier, right?” Billy asked. “Fierce Aura has a limit, despite its usefulness. Well then, it is time for us to fulfill our part of the agreement.”

Billy showed Aura how he could control the elements, but only that. He didn’t have to show the more complex techniques. There was no point in revealing what he could do, even to a possible ally.

“You could become a big help in any farm with powers like that,” Aura said. “Raising crops even in arid regions would be possible. But I suppose Edward doesn’t want to force you to do that.”

“There are others that help with that,” Billy said.

“It is nice to see that you have the freedom to choose your own path, but it is a bit sad that you have to see so much blood in it,” Aura said.

“That is the world we live in. I mean no offense, but people are never satisfied with what they have,” Billy said.

“None was taken. This state wouldn’t be so prosperous if we didn’t strive for more every day,” Aura said. “Some people see us as greedy, but it is better than just staying still without making things move.”

“True, but if I were you, I would go a little easy on the work. Everyone can see that you are pushing yourself too hard,” Billy said. “It would be a pity if someone of your position and intellect were to get sick or worse due to overwork.”

“Thank you for your concern, now if you excuse me,” Aura said and then left the area.

“Why are you such a smooth talker with all the old women?” Kate asked.

“I am not being smooth talk… and how many times have you seen me showing concern for others?” Billy frowned.

Kate didn’t reply to that, it only happened a couple of times, but it was so annoying for her that it seemed that it happened hundreds of times. In any case, Billy returned to the library to study more since that was a golden chance to study other states. At the same time, Lily winked at her. It seemed that she was going to work to leave them alone for a while. Her friends noticed what she had planned earlier. Still, when the time came, Kate didn’t know what to do or say. In the end, she headed to the library after gathering her courage.

“Where are the others?” Billy asked.

“The weather is nice outside, and since we are operating too much at night, they decided to enjoy it,” Kate replied.

“What about you?” Billy asked.

“I realized that I left too much work in your hands before, and I want to learn from my mistakes,” Kate replied.

“Right now, we don’t need to learn much about the states that we don’t share borders with, but suit yourself,” Billy said.


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