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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 182: Sneaky (4) Bahasa Indonesia

The headache didn’t leave Billy alone for several hours. It was weird, he could manipulate the elements with a lot fewer mana years ago, and now he had higher magic, and yet, something that was supposed to be only a middle-tier spell made him feel like his head was splitting… Although he considered that a middle-tier spell, based on his game standards, the enemies that were inside the tornado for more than two seconds were burned to the bones. Even their armor and weapons melt… Billy put a certain fear on the enemies, but those who saw him controlling that, feared him as well. What would happen if someone like that went on a rampage? Some people recalled the incident with the Count months ago.

“Are you all right?” Drew asked.

“Yeah… I am fine now,” Billy said while he was massaging his temples. “I guess I overestimated my skills.”

“A common mistake of those who are young and reckless,” Drew said. “Putting that aside, Billy… You can become strong, a lot stronger than me. You are already are. But don’t try to come up with skills that will make people fear you.”

“Even if not trying hard enough might put us in a really dangerous situation?” Billy asked.

“That is a tough question…” Drew said and then sighed. “I get it that you didn’t want to see our unit decimated, but if you keep doing things like that, you might find yourself feared by those who don’t understand you. That might close many doors to you.”

To be perfectly honest, Billy didn’t see himself as that much powerful yet. He had a crazy system and power, but the fire tornado didn’t seem like the craziest thing he could do in that world. Nevertheless, the people around him were strong, but they had never seen others beings many times stronger than them. Billy had never seen them either, but he could imagine. Until now, he operated on the assumption that there is always someone stronger. That is why he is working hard as much as possible.

“I will keep that in mind,” Billy said.

It was the only thing he could say for the time being a d. As if he was satisfied with that, Drew messed with his son’s hair. In any case, just to be sure that the headache wouldn’t affect him again for whatever reason, Billy rested as much as possible. He also gave some thought to what his father said, and he decided to slow down on the magic as well. Defeating enemies were fine, but burning them to the bones while they were screaming was a bit too much, even considering that their leaders probably want his neck on a spike.

The next day, things proceeded as usual. The soldiers didn’t seem bothered by the fact that there was someone who could create a fire tornado on the defender’s side. They had been trained well if they forgot about it… as for Billy, he felt that something was off. He almost could sense the smell of assholiness in the air and definitely was coming from the enemy side.

“What do we know about the leader of the enemy?” Billy asked Marie when they were having breakfast.

“I don’t know care about brain dead idiots,” Marie replied. “So, I don’t know anything about him.”

“I guess I asked the wrong person,” Billy said.

“His name is Ignace, a man who has been the head of his state for forty years, he is being advised by the former count Fabrice and his second in command is one of the guys that you beat when you captured his son. His name is Manuel. I suppose that is all you need to know.” Gerald said.

“Not really, but that is a start,” Billy said. “Well, I suppose Jean knows him better than anyone, so he might be aware of what he might do.”

Billy wasn’t the strategist, but he felt like he should learn a few things about the enemy. Just reacting endlessly wasn’t something he wanted to do. Billy wondered if he could make a big rock fly to their camp and smash the base where their commander is, but as expected, that would be too much.

In any case, the group prepared to fight since the enemies were slowly approaching. Their formation was also a bit different than before… their left wing was more advanced than the right one, it was the opposite of the previous days. Something seemed off… they were way too eager to attack the right side where Marie’s unit was.

“Ignore their petty tricks. Let’s fight and kill them all,” Marie said.

In the end, Jean didn’t do anything, but Gerald sent one hundred of his adventurers to help before the fight started. When the enemies got close enough, arrows began to rain down on them, but the number of enemies falling was really low. It barely slowed down their advance… just as the enemies had planned, Marie’s unit had been the first to engage with the enemies.

Billy and the others didn’t notice anything unusual. They fought the enemies without being surrounded by a high number of them for quite a while. The enemies weren’t even wary of the fire tornado… or so Billy thought. He eventually realized that there was a look of terror in the enemies. As if they were waiting for it. Naturally, Billy didn’t use it.

Eventually, Billy noticed something weird happening… some enemies were coming to the side with their shields raised and tried to push to the side Marie… they were trying to move her away from them. Billy looked behind him and saw the same thing happening to Drew and the others. They were trying to fight back, but it was almost the same as fighting the waves of the ocean. Only Billy wasn’t being targeted…

Billy decided to use his magic, but then he felt an out-of-place enemy without a shield charging at him.. That guy had a single long sword, and he seemed familiar….


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