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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 157: War (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Alexander’s attack certainly caused critical damage, but soon they all learned that it didn’t help all that much… that beast roared in and then went all out to attack Alexander even while his spear still was on its side. Alexander pulled his weapon, but not in time to dodge the claws of the monster… still, he used his left bracer to protect himself. The equipment cracked in several places, but at least it protected Alexander… for a short while.

The beast attacked again before Alexander could assume a defensive stance, so the others dashed to cover for him. Upon noticing that, the monster used Water Tornado around itself and sent all of them flying to the distance. After spinning in the air several times, Billy somehow landed on his feet and clicked his tongue. Fierce Aura was active, but that spell still instantly sent him and the others flying. Fortunately, they protected Alexander from being attacked while he was in such a defenceless state.

Before anyone could recover, the monster charged and used Body Slam on Alexander. Blocking wasn’t an option considering the size and the strength of the monster, so Alexander jumped to the side. In the end, the creature only stopped after almost hitting the wall on the other side. That was some power… the creature crossed fifty meters just by using a single skill.

Lily used that chance to fire some arrows, but she was quickly running out of them. At that rare, she will have to cross the battlefield while grabbing hers. Still, she combined her triple shot and power Shot in the last moment. The creature tried to block it with one arm and paid the price. The arrows pierced the monster’s left arm deeply and easily reached the other side. Even if the monster pulls the arrows, that arm is gone for sure.

Billy and Marie, upon noticing an opportunity there, they ran toward the left side of the monster. In contrast, Natalie and Alexander went in the opposite direction. He blinked his left eye at them, and they got the message. They dashed at the same time, but then when they saw the monster not moving a single inch, they stopped at the last moment, and the monster had used Water Tornado to protect itself anyway. It was surprising that Marie understood that it was just a faint. Still, it was also a bit impressive that his friends understood the message so clearly.

Evolved Aquatic Beast – Lv 223

HP: 1656/ 2359

MP: 1425/ 2139

SP: 1274/ 1525

Strength: 559

Speed: 313

Magic: 526

Endurance: 272

Dexterity: 289

Status Points: 00

Skills: Deadly Claws Lv 111, Vicious Bite Lv 89, Dash Lv 74, Body Slam Lv 72

Spells: Water Arrow Lv 32, Water Wall Lv 45, Water Spear Lv 52, Water Tornado Lv 41

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 59, Fire Resistance Lv 88, Wind Resistance Lv 75, Cold Resistance Lv 168

Skill Points: 00

The monster paid dearly for that. It used a lot of mana and didn’t achieve anything with it. While the boss was looking at them, very pissed, Billy kept smiling, but he soon calmed down because the fight wasn’t over yet.

Billy looked at the backline and then pointed at the arrows on the ground. The front line will keep the monster busy while Lily recovers her arrows. Meanwhile, Kate and Sarah will cover her.

After dashing toward the monster, Billy used Steel Spear, forcing the monster to move to the side to dodge the attack. Still, he kept going and used Deadly Wind, and the monster was forced to retreat again and then being stabbed by Marie, who was approaching or blocking his attack with the claws of one arm. In the end, the monster decided to block, and the thing was forced to bend his body downward due to the power of the strike. The other three followed that lead and tried to attack the monster that had its only functioning arm busy with Billy. Still, the guardian used Water Spears to keep them at bay.

“It needs some focus to use big spells, but not something at the level of Water Spears…” Billy furrowed his eyebrows while thinking about it.

That gave Billy an idea… when he landed, he used Light Spear, and the enemy blocked the strike again. Still, the creature opened its eyes widely when it saw four fire arrows appearing around its head. Billy fired them, and upon contact, they exploded, raising a small smoke curtain. He had aimed for both eyes with the two of those, and if Billy hadn’t taken at least one of the beast’s eyes… Nevertheless, the others didn’t wait to check the results. Alexander, Natalie, and Marie dashed and impaled the monster with their weapons. The monster grunted, and when the smoke disappeared, they saw a monster with a blue body and red face… the guardian was really pissed.

They decided to fall back and pull their weapons, but the monster tensed its muscles and prevented them from doing so. Before they could try anything else, the monster spun and then tried to behead all of them with its claws. They jumped back and had to let go of their weapons in the end. Natalie and Marie still had one of theirs, but Alexander lost his.

“Hey, hey…” Billy frowned. “Are you guys for real?”

They didn’t have time to reply since they were focused on the enemy. It would be really bad if the boss decides to break their weapons but to prevent that. Sarah began to charge one large Fireball. The moment the beast tries anything, it will be burned quite a bit.

“It thinks that is a good choice, huh…” Billy said and then tossed his spear toward Alexander.

“Aren’t you going to need this?” Alexander asked.

“I could use, but then you would be defenseless,” Billy replied and then pointed his hands toward the guardian.. “Just make sure to keep that thing away from me.”


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