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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 150: Help (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“So that was what you had in store for us,” Billy said while looking at Marie. “I am surprised.”

“Hah, how did you like that?” Marie asked with a smug expression on her face, but she soon made that disappear. “That was what I would like to say, but I am surprised as well. On the last floor, the monsters don’t spawn. They are already there, as you saw, but their numbers are way beyond my expectations.”

“Is it because this dungeon hasn’t been cleared in a while, or is it because of the rain?” Billy said.

“I don’t think that they are related, I remember well, the second guild master cleared this dungeon one year after the first passed away and there are no registers about this many monsters on the last floor,” Marie said.

Despite saying that, Marie didn’t have a proper explanation. In the end, there were too many things about dungeons that they didn’t know. Still, what they had to do didn’t change. Just a new challenge appeared… they had to defeat the monsters faster than the core of the dungeon could reproduce them.

“Well, fear not, for I am here,” Marie said. “I didn’t bring my weapon today, but tomorrow I will bring and help you guys.”

Billy doubted that the help of someone who forgets their weapon when they come to a dungeon would actually help. Still, at that point in time, they couldn’t ignore her help. In fact, it would be weird if she decided to follow her precious plan of waiting for one week.

“We still have some time… so let’s use all of our energy to push the enemies backward while I recover the materials,” Billy said.

It was quite something that Billy still was worried about money, after what he had seen. Still, leaving those behind would be foolish. So, the party followed his lead to retrieve what was rightfully theirs… and while they did that, they ended up leaving behind even more material numbers by going all out.

Regardless, the group beat their previous record and obtained one and a half gold coins from that day’s work. Billy’s bag of coins was starting to feel heavy, but instead of that, he was more satisfied with his skills progress.

Billy – Lv 74 1100/15.000 EXP

HP: 213/ 330

MP: 475/ 637

SP: 211/ 257

Strength: 133

Speed: 86

Magic: 231

Endurance: 45

Dexterity: 44

Status Points: 79

Skills: Deadly Wind Lv 23 (+ 10),Steel Spear Lv 23 (+ 09), Light Spear Lv 23(+ 09), Fierce Aura Lv 20 (+ 19 UP)

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Analyze Lv 22, Appraisal Lv 35 (+ 03), Meditation Lv 37 (+ 03), Earth Manipulation Lv 32, Mana Infusion Lv 29, Water Manipulation Lv 25, Wind Manipulation Lv 19 (+ 03), Fire Manipulation Lv 13 (+ 04), Zen Lv 14 (+ 03), Check Up Lv 05

Passive: Language Skill Lv 54 (+ 03), Spearmanship Lv 48, Swordsmanship Lv 15, Archery Lv 27, Firing Speed Lv 15, Quick Spear Lv 18 (+ 03), Block Mastery Lv 12 (+ 03), Writing Lv 13, Reading Lv 13, Pain Resistance Lv 03, Recovery Lv 06 + 06

Skill Points: 50

Although his academic skills didn’t make any progress since Billy focused solely on the dungeon, his combat ones improved by leaps and bounds. He also could imagine a lot more progress in the next few days, thanks to Fierce Aura. In any case, the others looked pretty eager to continue their training with Fierce Aura once they arrived at the inn, but Billy stopped them and gave them the order to rest.

“Today, our moves weren’t affected by the exhaustion, but things will be different if we do that two nights in a row,” Billy said. “Rest properly for the day.”

Billy also had to fight the urge to keep practicing Fierce Aura. While he was in his bed, about to fall asleep, he wondered if there were other skills like that that could boost his parameters. It would be a bit troublesome if they consume his mana over time, but any boost would be welcome. Still, it would be nice if he could find a passive one. However, there wasn’t such an option in the skill shop…

“In games, some classes have passive skills that boost their parameters passively, but only one at a time,” Billy thought. “I didn’t find many game-like skills until now, but it should be possible.”

Naturally, once he finds those, Billy will make them level up like crazy… In any case, now that the skill was learned, maybe it could be put on items as well. Billy will have to check that later… with those thoughts, he went to bed.

The next day, the group headed toward the dungeon entrance hoping to find Marie and her party. However, she was alone… still, she was wearing some pieces of armor that protected her shoulders, elbow, knees, forearms, and her chest. They didn’t look that sturdy, but they sure were high quality. What was the most eye-catching, aside from the fact that she was showing a lot of skin, were the two silver daggers on her back?

Queen of the Thors

Effect: bleed Lv 10. It makes the target lose ten points of health no matter how small the wound is.

STR + 15, SPE + 35

Durability: 70/70

The bleed skill is now available in the skill shop.

Their name sure fits Marie. Their effects were also pretty good. In any case, the others also looked troubled by the fact that she was alone. Was she an unpopular guild master? Given her tendencies to run wild, it made a lot of sense.

“Ma’am, aren’t you party going to join us?” Alexander asked.

“No, I have five others that cleared the dungeon with me ten years ago, three of them left over the years and the two others died in the war last year,” Marie said.. “Considering what you know about the other parties, you guys are probably the most suited ones to work with me.”


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