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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 134: Hardships (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Cold Golem – Lv 82

HP: 525/ 525

MP: 525/ 525

SP: 122/ 122

Strength: 144

Speed: 55

Magic: 144

Endurance: 68

Dexterity: 85

Status Points: 00

Skills: Body Slam Lv 35

Spells: Water Arrow Lv 52, Cold Aura Lv 45

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 17, Fire Resistance Lv 65, Wind Resistance Lv 72, Cold Resistance Lv 102

Skill Points: 00

Although Billy already knew everything about the cold Golems, he still used Appraisal on them while searching for some clues as to how to defeat them more efficiently. On the next battle, he paid attention to their status while Natalie and Alexander were fighting them and noticed that their health was decreasing with each strike. Still, it was also recovering pretty fast… on the other hand, their mana was decreasing.

“They are using magic to restore their bodies…” Billy thought when he noticed that the water that left their bodies and hit the ground never returned to them. “Marie’s method of hunting them became the norm… smash them with big weapons like hammers and clubs, but that shouldn’t be the only option when it comes to physical attacks.”

Natalie was trying to hit some spots in their bodies, but she was failing in hiring the core. Billy couldn’t feel it from so far away, but it must be moving pretty fast since Natalie couldn’t hit them. Again, he and Sarah could finish things quickly, but that wouldn’t be good for the group…

“Natalie, if you feel the core on their limbs, just cut off the entire limb instead of going to the core,” Billy said.

Natalie frowned since she didn’t imagine that it would be such a simple answer… still, she tried when she had the chance, and everyone was left with their mouths hanging open when the entire Golem fell apart, and only the arm still kept its form. However, the creature began to grow again.

“I don’t think so…” Natalie said and then smirked.

Since the monster didn’t have much room to move its core, Natalie easily finished it off. That felt refreshing since those creatures had been giving her a lot of trouble. Alexander tried to do the same, but just cutting off the limbs randomly didn’t work. He was causing more damage, though.

“I see… so that is how it is…” Marie said.

“Did you understand something, elder sister?” Pierre asked.

“Sometimes… that would happen, but we never understood why. We just assumed it was a stroke of luck that couldn’t be relied upon,” Marie explained. “But with her senses and speed, it is possible to use it effectively.”

“You seem to be enjoying yourself watching them,” Pierre said.

“More or less… it is annoying to see a bunch of kids doing better than me,” Marie replied.

“You don’t look that annoyed…” Pierre said while watching her smile. “Besides, you were at their age when you cleared the dungeon.”

While those two were talking as if they weren’t in the middle of the dungeon, Billy wondered what he should do to make Alexander defeat the Golems faster. He eventually will have to find a better way for Lily and Kate as well, and while that was a bit of a headache, it was also quite fun.

In any case, while their hunting speed was really slow compared to the previous floor, it didn’t take long for them to find the parties that stayed in certain spawning points. They were quite good since monsters appeared faster, so it was quite a good way to make money, but the people in those places lowered their heads when they saw Marie. Apparently, she was known for scolding those that entered the dungeon and did things like that. From her perspective, they were being half-assed, but for Billy, they were being smart. Challenging themselves was fine and all, but it was important to sometimes recognize their limits. In that world, adventurers couldn’t do much after retiring if they lost a limb or two…

Speaking of limbs, Billy had an idea. While that would be tiresome, he said to Alexander to go all out and cut off both of the Golems legs at the same time. He would double his chances of taking out the core from the main body by doing so. Even if he fails, he will end up dealing double of the damage.

“That is all I can think of for now,” Billy said. “You can always try time learn from Natalie and sense the core, but I guess that will take a while.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to just split the Golem in half?” Alexander asked.

“Can you do that without leaving yourself wide open for such a big attack?” Billy asked.

Alexander realized that he couldn’t. In fact, trying to cut both of the Golems legs seemed a bit too much, but he could manage if he used a horizontal Steel Spear. Now it was Kate and Lily’s turn, but Billy realized that they were thinking about that already.

After advancing for a while, the group found a dead end, and as expected, an ambush happened. Five monsters appeared, two in the back and three in the front. Natalie tried to take one of them as fast as possible, but of the creatures gave her the opening that she needed. In the end, after blocking some projectiles, Alexander and Natalie ended up getting hit, and a small wound appeared on their shoulders. Since they had trained with magic, their Resistance was pretty high, but Billy decided to intervene. In a single moment, he crushed the three monsters in front of him and left the girls to deal with the others while he used fire magic to get rid of the cold that was overtaking Alexander and Natalie.

You obtained 110 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 110 experience points.

You obtained 110 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 110 experience points.

“Three at the same time, that isn’t fair, Billy,” Alexander said while forcing a smile.


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