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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 129: Learning (1) Bahasa Indonesia

It was rare for Billy to be so serious and thoughtful of strangers. While he didn’t think of that as a big deal, it made the others think that he truly didn’t act his age. The only ones who could understand his way of thinking a little bit were Kate and Sarah since they had more life experience than the others… All in all, he tried to say that they shouldn’t judge others by using their own standards. He noticed the rude gazes on him, but he decided to ignore those fellows.

In any case, the monsters soon began to appear again since they left the area where the parties were focusing their hunt. Since the area of the dungeon was larger, the monsters started to emerge from groups of six to ten. Always trying to surround them and overwhelm them with their combined attacks.

“Can you guess why they can appear in large groups at the beginning of the first floor, Billy?” Alexander asked.

“Maybe the core of the dungeon is more powerful, since it can create five floors and who knows how many monsters at the same time,” Billy replied. “That would explain why so many monsters can appear in the starting area of the first floor, the core doesn’t have the limitations of the previous one.”

“Why the core here is more powerful?” Natalie asked.

“How should I know?” Billy shrugged. “At first, I suspected that it was due to their age. The longer they exist without being cleared, the more powerful they become. However, the newest dungeon is already at least two times bigger, so that doesn’t make sense.”

Another thing was the fact that Marie wasn’t that old, and she was the first to clear that dungeon. In any case, soon Billy realized that they would have to retreat. The box that they were using to carry the meat was getting full, even though it was as big and as large as himself…

“We will have to retreat… the box is getting full,” Billy said.

“But not even two hours have passed today…” Lily protested. “We can always leave the loot behind.”

“As a hunter would you kill animals just for the trill instead of their meat?” Billy frowned.

“No… of course, I wouldn’t,” Lily replied.

“We will need some carts for these… or we will have to look for the cooperation of outsiders,” Kate said.

The group had noticed that the parties outside and inside the dungeon were made of six Adventurers and three to four helpers… Billy wondered why such information wasn’t registered in the library of the guild. Either Marie didn’t care about that, or it was something so obvious that it wasn’t necessary to write down.

In the end, the group retreated, and once they left the dungeon, they headed toward the guild. This time, the big-boobed receptionist wasn’t the one who attended them… Marie was nowhere to be seen, and while she was gorgeous, she was too troublesome, so that was for the best.

“We buy each box of those for ten silver coins,” The receptionist said.

Billy nodded and then proceeded to two more boxes and a cart to transport those. In the end, they spent half of their earnings, but since it was an investment, it was fine.

“Why only two? I am sure we can fill even five on a single day,” Lily said.

“The materials will probably change on the second floor, so there is no point in buying more of those,” Billy explained. “In any case, we have half of the afternoon free, you can use it as you see fit, but move in groups.”

“What are you going to do, Billy?” Alexander asked.

“I will train my magic,” Billy replied while imagining that Alexander would feel a bit uncomfortable being the only guy among the four girls.

Most guys would feel great about that, even if they didn’t have any romantic relationship with them. Nevertheless, they decided to rest in the inn, much to Billy’s surprise. The stares across the city were making them a bit uncomfortable.

“By the way, if you are going to work here for a while, it would be best if you enter the dungeon as much as possible while using only the bow,” Billy said. “Under stressful situations, you will have a lot more room to improve your skill.”

Billy was pretty sure that despite not having a system, the people inside dungeons gained experience. That was why Gerald was at such a high level, but explaining that to Alexander would be difficult.

“You think so?” Alexander asked. “That is probably why I think Lily’s skills have been improving a lot in the last few months. I guess she will surpass her father in two or three years.”

Billy was pretty sure that she could do a lot sooner. Their difference in the level of Archery was just between 56 and 65, after all. It seemed that Alexander would have to work even harder since it wouldn’t be impressive if Lily herself was better with the bow than her father.

“I think you will also improve a lot faster if you try to shoot more arrows at the same time and fire them as fast as possible,” Billy said. “Lily has talent, but she is a slacker, so you can surpass her too with hard work.”

“Yes, I will do my best,” Alexander said.

Alexander was an earnest kid, to the point that he even began to practice the motions of Firing Speed soon after. In any case, Billy frowned since the girls’ room was weirdly silent. Usually, Lily and Kate would talk a lot and quite loudly… but the atmosphere between Sarah and Natalie made things awkward.

Billy shook those thoughts out of his head and then began to practice Water Ball and Water Wall. At first, he didn’t make much progress, but then he recalled something about the enemy’s Water Ball… they were spinning in a weird way…


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