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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 12: Conflict (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The boy wasn’t crying, but he was clearly in pain since an adult was holding his arm firmly. While the boy apparently didn’t get hit, it seemed that beardo was waiting for the perfect chance to do that if no one punished him.

“I won’t, until I am sure that this brat is punished severely for his actions,” The beardo said.

“… Let him go, now,” Camilla said with ice-cold eyes.

“I won’t! Are you dear your stupid…” The beardo said, but then his face went white.

Without anyone could see it, Billy struck the balls of the beardo with his staff. It helped that everyone was focused on Camilla. In any case, that guy sure had some balls to shout at Billy’s mother like that. With that in mind, Billy decided to decrease their size.

Since he couldn’t breathe, the beardo fell on his knees, and everyone realized what Billy had done. The serious atmosphere disappeared since Camilla looked surprised. Billy was a very calm child who never caused problems, until now, after all. In any case, the other boy used that chance to escape to his house, and that annoyed the beardo even more, when he recovered.

“What the hell are you teaching this brat? Is that what your tribe passes to the next generations?” The beardo asked.

“He didn’t like that you raise your voice to talk to me, so you should think again before shouting,” Camilla said. “Anyway, if you want to keep going with this, we take the matter to the lord of the town. It is up to you, but if you treat our kids like that again, I will be the one to crush your balls.”

After hearing that, even Billy felt shivers… his mother was way too scary. He wasn’t the only one who felt shivers after hearing that… the beardo and his group could tell that Camilla wasn’t joking.

“… This better not happen again,” The beardo said. “And the next time he does something like that again…”

“You will do what?” Camilla asked after she firmly stepped forward.

In the end, the beardo couldn’t say any more than that. He knew that Camilla was Drew’s wife, but he didn’t know that she was that… intense. Drew was also a relatively calm guy who only showed his wild side when he was fighting. Still, despite all the hardships his tribe has been dealing with, he never did anything rash.

Once that group disappeared, those around who watched the exchange began to follow with their daily routines. They will have to control their kids for a while until everyone forgets about that mess, but it wasn’t that much of a problem.

“Thank you, Billy,” Camilla said. “Still, what you did was unnecessary and uncalled for.”

“But he was so noisy…” Billy said.

“That he was… but your mommy isn’t someone who needs protection against that type,” Camilla said and then hugged Billy while feeling his cheeks against hers. “Still that was very brave of you… perhaps we should take the next step regarding your training.”

Billy knew that since he used Appraisal on that group, and in the end, they were at a lower level than his mother. Still, not even their high numbers probably wouldn’t help them since she had a certain aura that they didn’t have.

In any case, in secrecy, Billy has been practicing fighting with the stone staff since it was boring just walking or running around with it. That was why he managed to hit that guy’s balls on his first try. Still, he didn’t feel like he was getting better at it. He found on the skill list the Staffmanship and Spearmanship for fifty points, but Billy hesitated in getting those because he might get it by training. After all, both of his parents had Spearmanship, he confirmed that thanks to Appraisal.

The weird thing was the fact that Billy could even learn skills like Swordsmanship, Archery, Iron Fists… all those skills increased the power of his attacks with a certain weapon or without one. They also cost fifty skill points. It was weird because he never saw someone fighting with those weapons. So, why did the system already have such skills already registered?

Nevertheless, Billy began to be taught some moves from his mother from that day onward. While he wanted to learn some attacks, his mother only taught him how to block and parry… as if that wasn’t boring enough. She also called the kid that she helped yesterday to practice with him. After all, his mother was too strong.

“His name is Alexander and he asked me to teach him how to fight, so treat him well,” Camilla said. “He told me that he just bumped into another kid yesterday and the boy hurt his knee upon falling, so he isn’t a bad kid.”

Alexander was obviously taller and physically stronger than Billy. Still, it wasn’t what would make Billy fear a seven-year-old kid. If anything, he was having a hard time preventing a sigh. Alexander was like most people of the tribe, black-haired and had green eyes, but aside from that, he had really short hair and some bruises all over his body. Training wasn’t hard with children of that age, they didn’t have pointy spears either, so it looked like he was a clutz. It was only obvious considering how he got in trouble the previous day.

In any case, Camilla whispered something into Alexander’s ears and then he nodded. Soon after, he assumed an offensive stance and began to attack Billy….


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