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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 118: Consequences (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“I never saw your people with things like rings…” Lily frowned.

“Well, we hid them and their existence when we came to this town,” Sarah explained. “We didn’t know how life would be here, so we need some countermeasures. Besides, we didn’t have many of those. A friend of mine has a knife that burns everything when she thinks about it.”

Those magic items were different from the ones Billy saw during his travels. The ones he saw had passive effects, but those had active ones… the first inhabitants of that region created them? It was kind of magic that they still could work after such a long time. Still, to think that there were magic tools that could simulate magic in that world…

“If an advanced society created those… it might not be a good idea to think of developing them, maybe they went extinct because of that,” Billy thought.

“Exploration outside a dungeon… that seems like fun,” Kate smiled excitedly.

“You will keep thinking that until you reach that area… it is hot and the air is dry,” Billy said. “Not a good place for someone who was sick not a long time ago.”

“I am completely fine now!” Kate protested.

“In any case, keeping the existence of those tools as a secret will probably be the best option…” Billy said. “If the information spreads, many people will target your tribe. We also can’t tell for how long we will have amicable relations with Hiloh state.”

“You are so negative, Billy,” Alexander said.

“Oh, well… I guess that Intel is enough,” Billy said. “I am not sure what and how you want to improve, though.”

Sarah hesitated in asking, but in the end, she asked several questions about Billy’s actions when it comes to magic. How he makes the spin of the projectile so fast. Apparently, she had tried that, and some people of her tribe tried as well, but they didn’t obtain the same results. Billy asked her to show how she used her spinning, and Billy saw that her Bullets started spinning after she created them.

“You have to make it spin as soon as you obtain control over the projectiles…” Billy said. “The sooner you do that, the more speed and piercing power will get. However, instead of applying that directly. Try to control a big block of Earth and make it spin as much as possible.”

“Won’t that make things difficult?” Sarah asked.

“It will and once you get used to that, making small projectiles spin will be much easier,” Billy replied.

It took a while for Sarah to understand that raising the bar would make things easier for her to see and make some progress. Regardless, she had many more questions, but she decided to spend the first few days practicing the spinning speed of her projectiles.

Following the same tips, Kate also tried that training… and even though she had less training and magic power, she showed better results. Her control was even better than Sarah’s. In any case, the others also sharpened their skills while Billy was away, so they seemed confident in challenging another dungeon. However, after what happened with the Count, Billy decided that it would be better to let the rumors of that die down first. Besides, he was more interested in exploring the arid area where the elementalists lived before for magic items.

“I got that notification about water creation, but I can’t see it yet, so it must be a pretty expensive skill…” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “As expected, I need to start learning skills on my own instead of relying on the system.”

It shouldn’t be impossible since Billy discovered how to use Fire Manipulation just by increasing his magic powers. The only problem was that he needed some sort of clue to try and learn new skills. Otherwise, it would be like walking in a dark room full of legos.

In any case, Billy reached level sixty-five one week after his return, and he finally had two hundred skill points. Thanks to that, he found on the skill list… Recovery and Water Creation… both of them costing two hundred skill points. That sure was a problem…

“By combining my items, I already have recovery level six… I can recover seven points of health per hour, with that in mind, as long as I don’t suffer lethal damage, I apparently can recover from any wound in thirty hours…” Billy nodded to himself. “This should be enough… right?”

Billy – Lv 645/11.000 EXP

HP: 213/236

MP: 475/489

SP: 211/229

Strength: 96

Speed: 79

Magic: 172

Endurance: 35

Dexterity: 37

Status Points: 100

Skills: Deadly Wind Lv 13, Steel Spear Lv 11 (+ 01), Light Spear Lv 13,

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞,, Analyze Lv 22, Appraisal Lv 35 (+ 03), Meditation Lv 31(+ 03), Earth Manipulation Lv 25, Mana Infusion Lv 29, Water Manipulation Lv 22, Wind Manipulation Lv 16 (+ 03), Fire Manipulation Lv 13 (+ 04), Zen Lv 11 (+ 03), Check Up Lv 05

Passive: Language Skill Lv 54 (+ 03), Spearmanship Lv 48, Swordsmanship Lv 15, Archery Lv 27, Firing Speed Lv 15, Quick Spear Lv 15 (+ 03), Block Mastery Lv 12 (+ 03), Writing Lv 10 (+ 09), Reading Lv 10 (+ 09), Pain Resistance Lv 03, Recovery Lv 01 + 06

Skill Points: 00

Although Billy tried to convince himself that was the case, he still bought Recovery. The reason was the fact that he was making too many enemies, and he was being too lax in that world… just like on Earth, those with power make the rules, and they can be as unreasonable as they want to preserve their power and status. To make sure that he would protect his family and friends with one hundred percent of accuracy, Billy couldn’t afford to let their rules and agendas control him. Billy knew that he wasn’t strong enough to make his own rules, Gerald’s existence was proof of that, but Billy could take certain steps to make sure that he would have enough time and opportunities to become even stronger than him.. Recovery was one of those steps.


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