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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 117: Consequences (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Pierre followed the group until they reached the bridge. He said goodbye while looking apologetic for that event. As for Billy, he just wanted to forget that… but it was hard since the asshole who tried to mess with him and his grandmother was still alive. However, for the time being, he was beyond his reach.

“Don’t feel too bad, Billy,” Drew said. “Jean only gave those orders because he had take the side of his people. He couldn’t just reward a man who killed his guards in his territory. That would raise issues…”

“I am not thinking about that,” Billy said.

“Oh, is that so?” Drew frowned. “You also look worried, mother.”

“Thanks to Billy, we didn’t have to worry about our safety even for a moment…” Anna said. “But I am starting to think that he is making his name a bit too much beyond our territory… nothing says that this will be the first attempt to harm our people.”

“Don’t worry, Grandma,” Billy said. “The next time, I won’t be caught off guard.

“I am worried about the future… there is no battles where you can defeat all your enemies,” Anna said. “This time, you defeated some lackeys, but you made an enemy out of many others… Pierre and Jean couldn’t see you as an enemy, but the people of that city…”

Louise and her friends were probably an exception to that. In any case, that kind of thing was bound to be forgotten. Nevertheless, a few days later, the group returned home, and Billy greeted his siblings and his worried mother.

“Let’s take a break for a week or two again,” Billy said.

Although Billy wanted to stay only with his family for two or three days, he found himself bored and alone on the next day of his return since they left to do all kinds of things. In the end, he went to Edward’s house to train with the other misfits. Their levels hadn’t increased much, but maybe they had gotten better at something else while he was away.

“Do you think that I will believe that?” Natalie asked.

“I am telling the truth… I have no ill intentions,” Sarah said.

When Billy arrived at Edward’s house, he saw Natalie and Sarah arguing. While two years had passed since they fought as enemies, they still couldn’t forget the past… in any case, Billy could understand if Sarah had business with Edward, but why she stopped to talk with his friends.

“What is wrong?” Billy asked.

“Ah, Billy…” Kate hesitated. “It seems…”

“I feel like my skills haven’t improved in a while, I confirmed that during the mission,” Sarah said. “I heard that you guys practice your skills together, so I asked if I could join.”

Now things made sense… Still, it was weird that Sarah decided that only when she returned. She probably wanted to learn the things that Billy was coming up with… even though they were basic things from Earth.

“It seems that you want to learn a few things from me, but what can you offer in exchange for that?” Billy asked. “I am not crazy enough to teach you everything I know for free. Also, if Natalie is against your being here, I can’t do much to help. We have been helping each other for several years and I can’t just cause trouble for her and help you.”

“Come on, Natalie,” Kate said. “The more the merrier… all the tribes are allies now and you can’t move forward if the past is holding you back.”

Natalie crossed her arms and then frowned. She wasn’t that close to Kate yet, despite the fact that she comes to her house that often to train… Natalie didn’t talk much, so it was hard to get close to her, much less be close enough to give her moral lessons like that. Still, Natalie didn’t complain… she just stayed quiet for a while, thinking about that.

“… You are the leader of your tribe, you have no time to spend here,” Natalie said.

“Because I am the leader of my tribe I need to keep improving myself,” Sarah said. “Otherwise, I won’t set a good example to others now that we lost our original goal.”

“The others don’t seem against you here, so I will tolerate your presence,” Natalie said.

“Maybe it is going to rain today… since Natalie is being reasonable for a change and considering other people’s opinions,” Billy said while looking at the blue sky.

Natalie had a hard time controlling her anger after hearing that. In any case, only one part of the problem was solved… Now the issue was how she could contribute to the group.

“I kept quiet until now, but it seems that a long time ago, some sort of civilization lived in that area before us,” Sarah said. “So, you can probably find many items with that ability. Not to mention, while we never found it, I am pretty sure there is an underground dungeon in there.”

“Find anything in that place will take months… that information isn’t useful at all,” Billy said. “Besides, the dungeon is probably where the earthworms are the most troublesome. Finding such a place is the same as looking for the place where we will have the hardest time dealing with them.”

“That is the thing, there are certain spots where he found many things,” Sarah said and then took out a blue ring from her pocket. “Like this, if you put this ring on, you can create a small stream of water… We used this when we couldn’t find water around and it was too risky to leave our territory.”

Billy frowned when he heard that story… the old Sarah would say that while biting her lips in anger, but she said like it was something that she just wished to forget… in any case, Billy used Analyze on the rink and confirmed that it was exactly that… a ring that created a stream of water in exchange of mana.

The skill Water Creation is now available on the skill shop.


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