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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 104: Dungeon (14) Bahasa Indonesia

Unable to see things behind itself, the monster had the joints of its legs being wounded by Lily and Kate’s attacks. When the beast tried to run around, Billy fired a Fireball toward the left side of the monster’s face. The beast glared at him, and then the others began to attack as usual.

Billy focused again and then created another ring of fire on the remaining arm of the right side of the monster. The creature panicked because if it loses that army as well, then it will be completely wide open on one of the sides. The monster decided to do something ridiculous. It jumped and then put its arm below itself. That would cause some damage, but it was better than losing another limb. However, Billy had an idea… to make the flames cause even more damage. He made them spin. In the end, the monster extinguished the flames, but Billy could see a nasty wound on the arm. He had a target, and the beast barely could make it move.

Before Billy could finish the job, Natalie dashed and then used her Swift Strike on the wound when the monster showed it. No one predicted that, so Natalie easily chopped the monster’s arm.

The guardian grunted in pain and trembled. The creature had already lost thirty percent of its health, and now one of its sides was completely wide open. Things would be relatively easy from now on… or so everyone thought. Amidst its pain and rage, the monster decided to do something reckless and charged toward Kate with all its might. She was the one who had the least HP, so she would be the one who would die faster than the others.

“No… you don’t,” Billy said and then touched the ground before making a thick pillar of earth that hit the monster’s chin and made the monster fall on its back.

The group was caught off guard because he instantly created a pillar of earth that was the same size as the ones that were the base of the bridge. While that one probably wasn’t that thick, it still wasn’t something that someone should be able to create so fast… In any case, they couldn’t let that opportunity go. While the monster couldn’t move much in that position, it eventually would return back to normal. Much to everyone’s surprise, the inferior part of the monster’s torso was completely unprotected. It was probably to grant the monster some lightness since the black steel was supposed to be heavier.

Alexander and Natalie used that chance and jumped toward the monster, and before they landed on the monster’s chest, they swung their weapons with all their might. Tons of blood gushed out from the wounds caused by those two, and the creature lost twenty percent of its health. Lily and Kate attacked as well, and Billy created a massive Fire Arrow since he was too far away to attack with away spear. He probably would have gained some piercing power if he had added some spin, but he focused on speed and then fired.

The monster grunted in agony, and even Billy frowned at the nasty burn wound that he had created. His combined attack with the girls made the monster lose twenty percent more health, but despite that, the beast had enough strength to turn around and then recover.

Billy grabbed his spear again, and he ran to help Alexander, the monster focused his eyes on him since it was waiting for another attack like that, but instead of that, Natalie attacked on the monster’s blind spot and blinded the monster’s left eye. While the beast glared at her, Billy and Alexander swung their speeds and tried to cut off the remaining arms. Although they used Light Spear, the wounds hadn’t been big enough.

Once again, something snapped on the beast, and the creature dashed toward them. Alexander flinched since they couldn’t hope to stop the monster. Still, then he noticed Billy’s line of sight, and then he knew that he had to do… the girls tried to attack the beast, but the creature ignored them.

When the monster was about to crush them, Billy and Alexander held their spears tightly and then used Light Spear. They hit the same spot, the remaining eye of the monster… their combined attack pierced the monster’s head deeply and thanks to the momentum of the charge. Their spears reached the monster’s brain…

You obtained 1000 experience points.

The skill Appraisal obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Spearmanship obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Light Spear obtained 100 experience points.

You have leveled up.

You obtained 05 status points.

You obtained 05 skill points.

Billy sighed in relief, but the others still were holding their weapons tightly. It was because they couldn’t see those notifications. In any case, the momentum of the beast pushed Billy and Alexander for a few meters, but they still had some room behind them… before they could be crushed against the wall. Regardless, the dungeon began to tremble for a while and then stopped. Billy recalled that the dungeon would change its shape once the guardian was killed, so they had to hurry up.

“Let’s get the carapace and the gems and get out of here,” Billy said.

Carrying the carapace will be, though… it certainly had at least two hundred pounds of weight. Considering that Kate couldn’t carry much… Nevertheless, they had time to work since the core didn’t make any other monster spawn. As if that wasn’t good enough, Billy confirmed that the gems had magic effects and were at least two times better than the others.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the black steel wasn’t that heavy. It weighed half of what it was supposed to weigh.. The only problem was the space that it took on everyone’s back. Fortunately, for some odd reason, they weren’t attacked on the way back…


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