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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 102: Dungeon (12) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy didn’t realize that, but aside from their paws, the enemies could only attack using their mouths, and trying to bite an armed enemy was literally suicide. So, after he cut off their arms, Billy didn’t have to worry about counterattacks. Still, he tried to check the power of Light Spear now, and he made the monster lose 95% of its health. Only when the skill leveled up, Billy succeed in killing them in a single strike.

Thanks to the effects of the bracelets, everyone managed to overpower the enemies that had reached the level seventy. Even Alexander who didn’t have any item that boosted his parameters.

“Hey… now that I think about it, why we didn’t find any signs of the corpses of the monsters we defeated the other day?” Lily asked while showing an uneasy Expression.

“Since the corpses were created through magical energy, they become dust at an accelerated pace once they lose their link to the core of due dungeon,” Billy explained. “That happens when they die.”

“You should have explained that sooner… what else you learned that you didn’t tell us”? Lily asked.

“Let’s see… do you know why the gems and some parts of the monsters don’t disappear and can be used as materials?” Billy asked. “It is because they are so rich in mana that they can exist for many years outside the dungeon… but that kind of thing still disappears if they are left inside the dungeon for a few hours. Anyway, enough with the chit chat.”

In any case, thanks to the effects of the earring, Billy could use Light Spear pretty often, and when he didn’t, he played safe and cut off the paws of the monsters when they tried to attack. In the end, they were progressing quite well despite the fact that they were in the last part of the dungeon, and they didn’t run into any giant beetles. Thanks to that, Lily felt a bit troubled since Billy was compensating for her well and how it seemed to be a waste for him to create her arrows when he could be that effective in battle. Despíte his skills, everyone already knew that Billy wasn’t that prideful or arrogant. However, it was shocking to see him taking a support role without making a fuss. Even when the giant beetle appeared, he didn’t attack and let the others handle and gain battle experience.

Regardless, the group soon found another party of adventurers. While the second group seemed to be fine, they also looked completely exhausted, unlike Billy’s group. Their leader was a redhead who was wearing a bikini armor, and she didn’t hide her displeasure when she realized that a group of kids was doing better than her party. In the end, they passed by each other without saying anything.

“What was that about?” Natalie asked while frowning in anger.

“Ignore it, we don’t have time and energy to waste time with things like that,” Billy said.

In any case, Billy also was frowning since they were approaching the end of the dungeon, and they didn’t find any magic item. He also heard that the items of the fallen might get some interesting effects if they stay for long periods of time inside the dungeon. However, since they found nothing, it was a sign that no one had died there in a long time. The information they got from Gerald was correct. Regardless… Even though Billy’s map was only ninety percent complete, they found the last part of the dungeon. It was a door made of stones that were five meters tall and three meters large. It had some things written in there, but Billy didn’t recognize the characters… they made him recall the ancient Egyptian language, kanji, and the Chinese symbols.

The space in front of the door was fairly large as well, and several monsters were spawning randomly around the place… it wasn’t somewhere they could rest…

“Well, reaching this place in three days is quite the accomplishment, so let’s retreat for today and arrive here tomorrow even fresher than now,” Billy said.

“No way, Let’s clear the dungeon right now,” Natalie said.

“We aren’t that tired and Lily still has her original arrows, so I think we can pull this off,” Kate said.

“I also want to try, but this door isn’t bulging,” Lily said while pushing the door with all her might.

“I am with Billy in this one…” Alexander said. “We can get more gems this way and thus make more money. Besides, I heard that if the door is closed, then the guardian is alive.”

Billy wondered why his party was so weird… the girls were the hot-blooded ones, while the guys were the reasonable ones. In any case, Billy assumed that the other party had arrived at this place. Still, they decided to retreat… either they failed at opening the door, or they were too exhausted to keep on fighting. In one of the brief moments where the monsters stopped appearing, all of them tried to open the door, but they failed in doing so.

“It seems that this door has some sort of gimmick… what a pain,” Billy said. “We should really retreat now and gather information about this.”

“But what if someone comes and clea= the dungeon before us?” Natalie asked. “They said that every week someone does that.”

“So what?” Billy asked. “Technically, we already cleared the dungeon, defeating the guardian is just a matter of safety for the people in the city above us.”

Billy tried to convince those muscle heads to be reasonable, but he failed. Why did those people live in a rush? People in that world lived long lives, so they didn’t have to be like that. In any case, that party was a democracy. If Billy raises his voice a little bit and declares that they will retreat, and that is that, they will be forced to obey.. Still, maybe that was a good chance for those impulsive kids to get a good lesson that the world isn’t that such a sweet place and that adventuring was a dangerous business.


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