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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 101: Dungeon (11) Bahasa Indonesia

Once they returned to the inn, the group rested for a while, but then they left to buy some supplies and Kate’s new weapons.

“Alexander said you guys can use the gems, but again… don’t use them outside the dungeon,” Billy said.

“All right… putting that aside, I want to buy a pair of short spears that will increase my magic power,” Kate said.

“I would say that those will be hard to find,” Billy said.

Billy’s guess was right… it took a while, and they had to visit six weapon shops. Spears with magic bonus weren’t that popular. Still, that made Billy think… the people in that state couldn’t use magic, so why do they sell those? Maybe using the army to decide that was a mistake… but until now, Billy didn’t find anyone from that place that could use it.

In any case, even though the spears had similar effects as the knives, they cost five silver coins each… they were more expensive than the knives that cost her three silver coins each. It was probably because they were rare. In any case, due to their shape and balance, Kate had an easier time making them spin. They had less iron on them. After all… their bodies were made of wood.

“Study for one hour before going to bed,” Billy declared. “Unless you want to become a burden, everyone has to recover tonight.”

Although Billy didn’t do much, he was pretty sleepy, so he quickly had his dinner and went to bed. He wondered if he should keep his guard up more since Kate was with them, but Billy didn’t see anything happening in the whole town until now.

“I suppose if something happens, we can sue Pierre and Gerald,” Billy thought when he was about to fall asleep.

The next day, after a light breakfast, the group headed toward the dungeon again. There was the chance of them reaching the last part, but that will only be possible if they save their energy.

“Until now, we didn’t use our skills, shall we start that now?” Natalie asked.

“You should only do that when the big ones start appearing,” Billy replied. “That or when more than five enemies appear at the same time. We may have the chance to rest on the first half of the dungeon, but not on the second part.”

There was also the fact that Lily could use her skills only so many times. With the money they earned, they bought some extra arrows, but then the problem turned into how to carry those. Lily could only carry two quivers without compromising her mobility.

Regardless, the group took ninety minutes to reach the point where they stopped on the previous day. Billy had estimated that they would need two hours, but the bracelets that he made for the girls were helping more than a little bit.

“Things will be starting from here,” Billy said.

Although Billy said that, they didn’t find a bigger beetle blocking their paths. Instead of that, they found a group of six monsters trying to surround them. The same thing happened over and over again until it became impossible for Billy to keep up producing Earth Arrows for Lily.

“That is it, Lily,” Billy said.

“Guess it can’t he helped…” Lily said and then took the torch from Billy’s hands. “I suppose I need to start working with my Earth Manipulation to began to produce my own arrows.”

Lily would be able to keep fighting if they worked together like that to produce arrows, but her skill to create them wasn’t enough… She needed to train more.

“Natalie, Alexander and Kate will deal with the enemies that will appear from above and front of us,” Billy said. “I will watch our back.”

It seemed too much work for a single person, but no one said that. When the next group of enemies appeared, Billy saw two of them behind him, and he immediately dashed and then used Light Spear when he saw of the monster preparing to block his attack. In the end, the beast failed to block the attack, and Billy pierced its eye, but despite that, it hadn’t been enough to kill the beast. However, Billy split the monster’s skull by using a Steel Spear right there.

You obtained 20 experience points.

The skill Light Spear obtained 20 experience points

The skill Steel Spear obtained 20 experience points

The other monster tried to use that chance to attack Billy, but he stopped the creature by firing a Water Bullet toward its eye. While the beast was trembling, he used Light Spear and then Steel Spear.

You obtained 20 experience points.

The skill Light Spear obtained 20 experience points

The skill Steel Spear obtained 20 experience points

When Billy turned around, he saw his friends finishing their enemies. Since he had some time, Billy decided to use some status points. Using two skills to finish a single enemy would drain his stamina too fast, after all.

Billy – Lv 61 445/ 9000 EXP

HP: 213/213

MP: 475/475

SP: 211/211

Strength: 92

Speed: 73

Magic: 165

Endurance: 28

Dexterity: 34

Status Points: 80

Skills: Deadly Wind Lv 13, Steel Spear Lv 11 (+ 01), Light Spear Lv 13 (+ 02),

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞,, Analyze Lv 22, Appraisal Lv 32 (+ 03), Meditation Lv 28 (+ 03), Earth Manipulation Lv 22, Mana Infusion Lv 29 (+ 05), Water Manipulation Lv 22 (+ 04), Wind Manipulation Lv 13 (+ 03), Fire Manipulation Lv 09 (+ 04), Zen Lv 11 (+ 03), Check Up Lv 03

Passive: Language Skill Lv 54 (+ 03), Spearmanship Lv 48 (+ 05), Swordsmanship Lv 15, Archery Lv 27, Firing Speed Lv 15, Quick Spear Lv 15 (+ 03), Block Mastery Lv 12 (+ 03), Writing Lv 10 (+ 09), Reading Lv 10 (+ 09)

Skill Points: 180

“This should be enough for now,” Billy thought after he checked his status and skills.

He had increased his speed and strength by twenty percent, so the monsters would have a harder time blocking his attacks. When the next group of enemies approached and one of them tried to block his glaive, Billy swung it to the side and then cut off the monster’s paw…


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