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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 100: Dungeon (10) Bahasa Indonesia

The first one to move had been Alexander, followed by Natalie. They swung their weapons toward the monster’s eyes, but the creature raised its front paws to block their attack. Much to their surprise, the beast didn’t even flinch.

“What the…” Natalie frowned.

Despite the surprise, those two stepped backward because it was the backline’s turn to attack. While she still had some room for improvement, Kate fired her two knives while making both of them spin at the same time… that was something that not even Billy tried yet. Still, the monster blocked her knives, and they broke into pieces.

Lily fired one of her real arrows and enhanced it with wind magic. The projectile pierced the paw of the monster quite a bit and made some blood gush out. It was clear that an attack of that level could pierce the monster’s skull, but hitting it will be hard.

“Use fire magic, but don’t use big attacks. Use the concentrated ones,” Billy said to Kate.

Billy didn’t explain that using fire magic inside the dungeon was dangerous since it would burn the oxygen. Still, she understood that putting everything on fire wasn’t the answer. Kate just learned fire magic recently, but she was good at controlling her mana, so the fire bullets that she shot made the paws of the monster burn and a strong smell of burned flesh permeated the surroundings while the beast was trembling due to the pain.

“Now!” Billy shouted.

Lily fired three of her real arrows enhanced by wing magic on the monster’s head, making the beast tremble even more. Then Alexander and Natalie dashed and made their weapons pierce the eyes of the monster.

You obtained 500 experience points.

The skill Appraisal obtained 100 experience points.

Billy sighed in relief because he thought that he would have to join the fight, but that was unnecessary… for some reason, the monster’s fire resistance didn’t level up like the other skills, and despite the fact that its level was only two times higher, the monster was three times stronger, faster and sturdier.

“Gather the gems. We are retreating now,” Billy declared.

This time, no one protested since they knew that they couldn’t keep facing creatures like that with their current level of exhaustion. Not to mention, Kate had lost her weapons… she would need new ones. Fortunately, in exchange for that, they got two gems that had magic properties.

Yellow Gem of the Power

STR + 15

HP + 20

Durability: 05/05

Green Gem of the Wisdom

INT + 15

MP + 20

Durability: 05/05

Although they were gems that came from a creature way stronger than the ordinary beetles, their effects were the same. The green gem probably will be useful in Kate’s hands. Still, the other one… it would be difficult to decide between Alexander and Natalie. Both of them would benefit from having that one. In any case, since they quickly hurried from the area, they didn’t have to fight a big beetle again… the power of the crystal was stronger close to the end of the dungeon. Still, even so… that was something Billy didn’t expect.

In any case, since the group literally ran to leave the dungeon as soon as possible, they avoided many battles, but Kate looked exhausted.

“That was intense…” Lily said with a pale expression on her face. “But it was quite fun as well. That is what I call exploring a dungeon.”

“You are right, I don’t know if we are going to face many more battles like that, but I sure will look forward to it,” Natalie said while smirking.

Billy sighed after that. These people had no sense of danger… still, it was understandable. That was the world they had been born in. Where magic and monsters exist, and they can grow stronger by fighting those.

“Well, I will go with Billy this time,” Alexander said. “You can rest first.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it,” Kate said.

Billy had left the other two gems with Lily, so he didn’t have to hide those along the way to the guild.

“Billy, you can make an item using the other gem and give it to Natalie. I can wait,” Alexander said while they were walking to the guild.

“Is that so?” Billy asked. “Ladies first, I guess.”

“I owe you a few things, after all, so you can make two rings and give them to Kate and Natalie. I am sure they will like it,” Alexander added.

“I am not sure how this counts as you repaying a favor, and you sure are imagining things if you think that I want to stay on their good side,” Billy said. “I am only interested in women over thirty.”

“Here you go again, saying weird things…” Alexander said.

“As expected of a kid… he doesn’t get it,” Billy shrugged. “He doesn’t get the awesomeness of a milf… the thicker they are, the better. Even cougars pale in comparison to them.”

In any case, they reached the guild, and the same things happened before. The big boobed receptionist called the guild master, and Gerald frowned when Billy and Alexander brought almost three hundred gems.

“This is a lot of progress… it seems that you are already reaching the last part of the dungeon,” Gerald said. “Still… once again, you look completely fine.”

“Are you disappointed?” Billy asked while frowning.

“Surprised, would be the best word… “It has been a while since I saw a party like yours,” Gerald said.

Billy wondered if he would be more surprised in knowing that he didn’t fight and only did some miscellaneous things. Still, Billy had no reason to say that. In any case, they got almost fifteen silver coins, and Billy felt satisfied with the weight of his coin bag. Having money was always nice…

“Kate will have other knives that will increase her magic power, and while I can create some of the earth, it would be too risky since she will fire them… exposing the gem to danger,” Billy thought.. “In any case, to avoid that from happening again, I will increase their durability.”


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