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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 1: New Life (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Out of nowhere, Bill came to realize that he was in a dark place. He tried to look around, but he didn’t see anything changing. He didn’t even feel his neck moving.

“What happened… Where am I? If I remember well, I was returning home after Joel’s little sister’s birthday party…”

The last thing that Bill remembered was crossing the street to his block when he saw the green light opening for him. He probably didn’t make a mistake and was run over by some vehicle since he didn’t drink anything at the party. His best friend’s little sister still was a minor, so obviously, not even beers the guests had the chance to find.

“Maybe I am dreaming… but this is one heck of a scary dream. I can’t see or feel anything… no, I can feel… some warmth and something slimy over me…”

Weirdly enough, Bill didn’t feel that unpleasant. Aside from the darkness and the lack of mobility, he felt pretty comfortable. However, eventually, he began to feel some weird noises and something pushing his legs.

“Oh… I can feel my legs now. Was I that sensitive? It tickles…”

Bill felt like laughing, but no sound came from his mouth. It was weird. He could feel his legs, but not his mouth… Nevertheless, after a while, he noticed that the environment was starting to become a bit clearer. In the distance, he could see the light… a light at the end of the tunnel…

“Wait, isn’t this kind of dangerous?”

Just like that, Bill was reborn as Billy… It took a while for him to understand that. Several hours, in fact… he couldn’t believe that he had died without knowing, much less reborn with his past life memories. Not to mention, once he was born, he was overwhelmed with massive amounts of information. First of all, after his birth, he began to see a HUD in the corner of his vision.

Billy – Lv 00 – 0/10 EXP

HP: 05/05

MP: 05/05

SP: 05/05

Aside from the weird game elements, Billy also noticed that he was born in a very archaic place. His mother, who fed him and then immediately fell asleep since the delivery had been pretty difficult, was wearing a single piece of clothes that had been stitched together very roughly. The clothes couldn’t even be called that from Billy’s perspective… since they were only the fur of some animal. Not to mention, the dress that his mother was wearing only covered half of her legs, and it didn’t have sleeves. Not to mention their house… it was made of some bamboo and straw.

“Was I reborn in some kind of indigenous tribe?”

Billy knew that nowadays, only very few tribes were isolated enough for them not to have ordinary clothes or even electricity. Nevertheless, Billy knew that it didn’t make any sense to be reincarnated with an RPG system back on Earth.

“The woman who helped mom with delivery didn’t say anything, and mother only called me Billy… I can’t say for sure yet if I am in another world. In any case, where is my new father?”

Since Billy is small and he couldn’t move a lot, it took a while before he had the chance to even see his mother’s face completely, so maybe it was natural that he didn’t see his father. That being said, since the house was small and pretty quiet, he was starting to think that it didn’t seem natural.

Nevertheless, when Billy had the chance to see his mother, he got quite impressed. While she seemed to be in her twenties, she looked incredibly beautiful, even without wearing any makeup or even clothes to make her look cute. She had shoulder-length, straight black hair and green eyes. Billy couldn’t remember seeing someone with eyes Greener than her. They really looked like emeralds. Not to mention, his mother even had some impressive muscles, but those didn’t make her look weird or manly. She also had some incredibly healthy tanned skin… the only thing weird in her were some scars.

“Maybe this tribe is at war against others…”

Billy wanted to check other things, but in the end, before he could notice it, he fell asleep… The next time he woke up, Billy saw himself floating in the air, and a big and scary face was in front of him. No… the owner of the scary face was holding him and watching him attentively while his mother was showing a smile.

“I don’t have my lunch money today, bruh… my bad.”

Billy tried to say that to joke around, but only ‘guh’ and ‘dah’ left his mouth. The man frowned but then smiled in satisfaction before passing Billy back to his mother. The big guy also had black hair, green eyes, and tanned skin, but he had far more scars around his body. He also had some amazing muscles… before leaving the hut, the big guy kissed Billy’s mother, and that made him roll his eyes. No child wanted to see that kind of thing… but he soon forgot about that when Billy saw his father grabbing a spear on the side of the entrance of the hut.

“I suppose tribes like these create these kinds of weapons… and considering how big my father is, there is no mistake. This is a tribe of warriors.”

Could someone like Billy become a warrior? He lived on the peaceful and lazy Earth, after all. Not to mention, the fights he got involved in always ended after two or three punches when he or the opponent started to cry…

“Reincarnation, huh… keeping my memories is good and all, but I am not sure if it was the best thing. How can I live a life earnestly and do my best knowing that reincarnation exists? No… perhaps this happened by chance, and reincarnation isn’t that normal. That kind of thought should keep me on the line.”

Most people wouldn’t be able to live to their fullest if they think that they have another chance after that… in any case, Billy would make sure not to get ahead of himself. Still… soon Billy would understand that he would be forced to do the best every single day of his new life….


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