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I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy chapter 122

122 – Apocrypha: Christmas

You can go to Korea Hero School from the age of 20.

18 years old if you count only.

They are the world’s best talents, so they don’t do things that distract them.

This is because the ransom value can jump up or down to hundreds of millions with a difference in ranking.

That’s why I focus on training my body rather than dating, and hard training… … .

‘… … I thought so.’

Is it because it’s Christmas Eve? There was a pink aura all around.

“Baby, do you want to come watch N-Flix at my house?”

“Is that so?”

“What, why was there a condom vending machine over there? It wasn’t there before.”

“… … well, good It’s better than having a child with a no-con.”

It was like that when you look here or there.

‘… … The world is crazy.’

It was deplorable.

I’m pushing women away to save the world from destruction.

“What are you doing?”

A lively voice was heard. Blond hair and golden eyes. Her eyes were filled with golden stars.

Ersil was wearing a coat. Heeled shoes and checkered skirt on a beige background. A black knit that reveals the body as it is.

He was looking at me with a big smile on his lips.

“I’m just watching.”


Ersil smiled strangely. Then he put his arm around my arm.

“… … ?”

“How is your daily lover today? Everyone is playing like that, but it’s a bit awkward for us to be alone like this.”

while blushing. Ersil said, forcing a mischievous smile.

Words that I would normally have refused. But is it the magic of Christmas? I suddenly nodded.

“What, really? No, this is not it. get out quickly There was something I wanted to do when I had that girl.”

Ersil led me outside. I calmly followed Ersil.


“how about it?”

“It’s fine.”

It was a cozy cafe. It smelled really good and tasted good too. But there are no people… … .

“Oh, I rented the room today.”

“… … Right.”

Come to think of it, Ersil is also incredibly rich.

I drank espresso. A bitter taste lingered in his mouth and a pleasant aroma wafted out.


Ersil just smiled at me.

“Why are you laughing so much?”

“Just. Are you feeling good?”

Ersil just smiled brightly.

“Oh, by the way, we’re lovers for one day, can we cross our arms?”

“… … OK.”

“Really? No backlash!”

Ersil was delighted with my words and sat down next to me. Then he carefully crossed his arms. I could feel the softness of my chest.

“Wow, solid… … .”

Ersil gently touched my arm next to me.

I cut off the front of the cake with a fork and ate it.

“… … How long are you going to touch me?”

“hehehe, because it feels so good. Would you like to touch my forearm too?”

Ersil held out his forearm. I shook my head.

“Then shall we go out soon?”


Ersil and I left the cafe.

A cold wind blew. Ersil clung to me even more.

“it’s cold? Can I borrow your coat?”

“it’s okay. The temperature is perfect right now.”

I didn’t feel much cold.

My body has become a body that can adapt to any environment if it is tuned with the black god dance.


Today, motels and hotels stood out.

“… … there.”

Ersil pulled the hem of my clothes.

It was in front of the hotel.

“Oh, today. Um, we’re lovers, right?”

“… … right.”

Brilliantly red cheeks. quivering eyes. and a confident tone.

-Oh my gosh. Master, if you refuse to do something like this, you are a eunuch. From what I see, she looks like a green maiden. I, the maiden discriminant, will vouch for you.

– Kids these days are really brave.

Heukcheon and Yeongcheon chatted.

I put Heukcheon into the subspace and briefly denied the connection with Yeongcheon.

-Hey, hold on a second! This isn’t it!

-Seo Ha! This is not it! I’ll steal it from the side so you don’t mind Oh oh oh!

that’s more of a concern

After sending the Dark Heaven and the Spirit Heaven, I looked at Ersil.

I unknowingly messed with my hair.

To be honest, to be very honest.

… … Would.

Several thoughts came to my mind. negative thoughts.

“… … just for today.”

Ersil opened his mouth.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to give me a gift of memories just for today?”

I erased my negative thoughts. I’ve put out all the reasons why it doesn’t work.

“Rather than that.”

I approached Ersil and hugged him.

“I want you to give me Ersil today.”

whisper in my ear

Ersil said quietly like a shy girl.

“… … Yeah.”


We came into the hotel.

“Suite room. Please give me the best room. Don’t mind the price. We will order the service for you, so please wait outside.”

Ersil spoke quickly and swiped his card.

And after receiving the key from the employee as if robbing it, he performed a little trick on the employee.

It’s probably the kind that obscures us.

When I entered the elevator, it was just me and Ersil.

“… … .”

“… … .”

An awkward silence enveloped us. Ersil’s cheeks turned into reddish.

I took Ersil’s hand.

Then, Ersil was taken aback, and closed his eyes tightly and put a pod in his hand.


She let out a strange laugh that a woman shouldn’t give out. I pretended not to know and put on the pod.


There was a signal that the elevator had arrived. As the door opened, a door greeted us.

Come to think of it, I’ve heard it before. Did I mention that luxury hotel suites recognize the key and only allow people with the key to enter?

Beep beep beep!

Ersil quickly opened the door with the key and came inside.

When the door opened, I saw modern furniture and a good view. To be honest, I didn’t see much.

Ersil took my hand.

As if the structure of the room was familiar, he led me to the inner room.


When I open the door, what I see is a bedroom. I saw a very large bed.

“Whoa, whoa. W, come all the way here and ask for it. Uh, no. If you really run away from here, I will curse you with your life.”

“Nothing like that.”

I smiled softly at Ersil.

“Ha, that’s really foul play.”

Ersil muttered that and led me to the bed.

“… … Please wait for me.”


Ersil ran to the bathroom. The sword demon’s senses informed her that she was changing clothes.

‘It’s not good to grow too much.’

There’s another fun thing to look forward to.

after a short time has passed.

Ersil opened the door and stepped out.

A red velvet-colored crop top with a slightly exposed navel. And underneath it is a short mini skirt.

“Isn’t it too hot to be called a Santa girl?”

“Oh, I know! That, but me, men like this.”

Ersil spoke softly, blushing.

I stood up and put my hand on Ersil’s shoulder. Ersil flinched slightly.

“I like it too, like this.”

“Everything, I’m glad.”

I led Ersil into the bedroom. And laid Ersil down.

and above it. Within breathing distance, I took a position to attack her.

Ersil looked at me with a reddened face and eyes mixed with tension and anticipation.


I loved the way she looked, so I kissed her.

bewildered eyes. It soon turned into a hazy expression.

“Do you want to open your mouth? How wide can it be?”


Ersil’s mouth fell open.

I put my tongue in while kissing. Bite your lips lightly with your lips, slowly. So that Ersil gets used to it.

Chew. Chun… … Chew.

Ersil slowly followed my movements. Slowly teasing her with my tongue, I closed my mouth.

“hahahaha… … .”

I saw Ersil with a hazy expression. I put the crop top on top. Her breasts were exposed in a white bra.

‘… … It’s pretty big, isn’t it?’

I think it will be a D cup.

“It is a beautiful chest.”

“… … .”

Instead of speaking, Ersil turned his head shyly.

“How many women have you bewitched?”


“You are so talented, so talented. I, I, I, Seo, Seo Ha is my first wife.”

“It’s my first time too.”

It’s actually the first time since I fell here. If you add up your previous lives, the number may exceed four digits.

I bit my ear lightly.


Ersil groaned. Are your ears a weakness?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

The nights are long, and my stamina is infinite.

I put my hand behind her back.


The hand, which showed extreme dexterity, lightly undid the bra. And I took off my bra.

“I was excited.”

The nipples rose upright. I brought my tongue to my chest and licked her nipples gently.

I put one hand that activated dexterity into the skirt.


The top of the panties was wet. Enough to put it like this.

I pulled back my panties and made Ersil’s legs into an M shape.

I took off my top. I took off my hoodie and took off my shorts.


Ersil admired my body.

Well, to be honest, my body is perfect even when I see it.

The cracked part is clear as if it was made by God himself, and there is no fat at all.

I took off my pants.

Gulp- Ersil swallowed. He took off his pants, revealing his erect cock.

I wear panties, but this happened because my dick was so big that I couldn’t put it in my panties.

‘It’s not as good as being big.’

In other words, when exercising or fighting, it gets in the way. And sometimes when Heukcheon sees it, his face blushes, and it’s very burdensome to look this way.

anyway. I said to Ersil.

“Can I put it in?”



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