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I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy chapter 120

120 – Heavenly Demon (2)

It was a world where everything was brilliant.

It was a paradise called true heaven for people in the world today.

Until alien beings invade.

‘It’s already over 1,000 years old.’

It was a world where there were more unknowns now.

She, God of Beginnings and Blessings, made a vaccine exhibition. At first, it was a temple to reject extraterrestrial beings for the purpose of saving those in paradise.

She rallied the personnel and deity of a planet invaded by extraterrestrial beings.

Revenge was not dreamed of.

Their power was so dangerous that even if she risked her life, the odds weren’t high. And those she led were stepped on in the snow.

The God of Beginnings and Blessings was just trying to resist.

One by one, people gathered. More than 10 deities came to reside, and the small temple began to grow in size before anyone knew it.

It was the beginning of the vaccine war.

‘It’s all meaningless.’

I looked around.

There were beings who were in conflict with those around her, including her.

“What are you doing?”

“It is pointless to fight alien beings. Their power will one day exceed ours.”

“Isn’t that what made the anti-vaccine war?”

The God of Strife laughed ferociously.

“You mean, like a defeated dog, you’re going to lower your tail and cooperate with an extraterrestrial being? they know no satisfaction Even if we make an alliance now, someday they will eat you too.”

“Okay. There is a way.”

The god of beginnings and blessings said so. The god of strife raised his eyebrows. As if he didn’t like that elegant attitude.

“Survival by sacrificing your followers and ours.”

He raised one corner of his mouth. It was a mocking attitude.

“We endured all humiliation and insults. Until our strength runs out at the end. And we decided it was the right time here.”

Earth is a very special planet. And there were a lot of people. Even without any superpowers, they created a population reaching billions.

Struggle remembers when it first fell into this world.

It is a most brilliant planet, and countless magical powers have stayed in the world.

And decided. Let’s grow strength here and fight the final battle.

maybe he’s tired To myself, who had made struggles his name, but had to run away.

“Well, these are all useless words. You have already decided to betray us, and we judge that we must kill you. we are.”

At the words of struggle, the sky god raised his hand. The sky flashed and countless dark clouds gathered.

“Kill you.”

In an instant, the sky flickers.

Thousands of bolts of lightning struck.


Firstly. I thought about the current situation on the battlefield.

Asymmetric power is attached to asymmetric power. Even friendly transcendentalists have an advantage.

The most dangerous for us.

The fact that I may die is that someone intervenes and the allied transcendent is in danger.

‘Or that the forces for humanity before the vaccine are defeated.’

I don’t want to think about it, but if the vaccine war loses even if the emperor intervenes, this game made with an advantageous war situation will be meaningless in vain.

It’s advantageous, but if you think about the move that the transcendents also hid, you won’t be able to continue with a short-term battle.

Let’s consider the most realistic option.

‘Someone intervenes.’

If there is an existence that can buy time for a moment of cruelty and cruelty.

If so, the people on the ground will die.

‘I have to do it.’

I thought about getting Seo Ga-yeon out, but it was still too early to borrow her help. There are countless magicians below. Considering the Nazi Empire intervened properly, she had to be there.

Hong Yu-hwa and Seong Han-byeol can’t be taken out either. Because they have to protect Seo Ga-yeon.

I wore the mask of dazzle.

All that could be armed was worn.

Still, the anxiety did not go away.

“Light, the extinction of those evil species!”

“Strife and perforation! Please give us strength!”

The city was already half-collapsed. Still, people’s eyes were straight. It must be because they know that there is a vaccine war behind them.

I made a big leap. Heading towards the Mine that seems to be the most powerful around here.

– hahahaha! The worms are looking for my grave!

You don’t even have to pull out the black cloth. He simply covered his fist with the ki of the reverse sky.

black spectacle.

The energy of the reverse heaven wrapped around his hand. I gestured lightly as if spraying it.


Mine broke the armor made of magic and raised her hand to her stomach.


light sound. However, the qi of the reverse heaven invaded through the black mirror shakes the inside.

– Cuckoo. Oh my, such an unbelievable power… … .

knock down the mage


and inhalation.

Apply two forces. Reverse heaven is recovered, and the grain of absorption has absorbed the unclean power.

[Concept stat reverse shift has increased by 1.]

My head was pounding.

‘… … This is a bit difficult.’

While catching the devil, he passed through that power without filtering. The concept stat itself had a high rise, but the efficiency was not high.

“Oh, thank you. Thanks to you, I can finish it quickly and help others.”

“Go, go ahead? The man who handled golden sparks in Korea?”

“… … .”

This is not very pleasant.

[The special stat Faith has risen by 1.]

… … It might be a little sweet.

I took another big leap and climbed to the roof of the building. If there are dangerous demons around, catch them and recover their power, and hope they stay like that for a while.

The sword demon’s senses let me know that I was within ‘range’ of a being.

I watched the alley. 50m outside. A man in a coat and bowler hat was staggering towards me.

“It’s difficult.”

The man was laughing. i know this man As of right now, even if you die and wake up, you can’t win.

“I didn’t want to run into you.”

“… … .”


A dark energy rises like a haze. The senses sound like crazy. Run away right now. If I throw everyone away, I might be able to live.

“Isn’t it? Does anyone have a tool that can call a transcendent at any time? You must be a being loved by the transcendents.”

The man’s eyes flashed as he spoke.

A suffocating murderous intent pierces my body. Its pupils are full of envy, envy, and greed.

“I did some research on you. He has a really interesting life.”

“… … .”

“I didn’t have all the information before I entered school, but after that it was all over the place. I trained with a body like a normal person, and now, in the second semester, I reached the end of the septum before I knew it. It’s a very fictional story. And many women nearby. Your life must have been so much fun.”

Every word is sticky.

The words containing jealousy and envy made her eyes sparkle with envy.

“I must have lived without lacking. You must be a secret weapon of some family. Or someone’s legacy. Anyway, what I want to say.”

The man’s murderous intent deepened.

“Even though I know that you are loved by the transcendent, I am going crazy with envy. That’s why I didn’t want to meet you.”

Because I want to kill you… adding that

“Even though I know that you turn the Transcendentalist into an enemy, I want to kill you. No, that’s not enough. You’re aware of my abilities. yes, that would be nice I will be a parasitic to you from now on. After killing you.”

Parasite, Calia.

The sword in one hand vibrates. Strands of deep purple energy began to entwine around the sword in his hand.

He compresses the sword extremely and forms it into a thread.

Forge a sword with it.

Then it will change like the shape of a star.

The light of destruction that destroys everything, sword steel.

It unfolded in Mine’s hand.

“Well then… … .”

Mine stopped walking. watched my back

“You are always like that. Saying that they lack their own ability, they bring others down to sit in their place. That in itself isn’t bad. It is also part of the struggle.”

again and again.

As if from another era, a knight riding a white horse spoke.

after that There were dozens of articles. The emblems were different, but they all had divinity.

“However, the act of harming others and selling one’s soul is itself disgusting. The very act of killing others, stealing other people’s things, and coveting others’ things as your own, despite your own lack of ability, is evidence that you cannot accept.”

the knight said quietly.

“Something like you?”

Mine laughed quite happily.

“It’s ridiculous. Only one award and septal column. And those who are made up of lower ranks dare me? Even if there is a difference between divinity and magic, is it only you?”

the mine. Calia giggled and looked at me.

“Well, okay. Because it’s just a little bit late. It won’t be a problem if I cut all of your heads off and help the evil one.”

Calia spoke leisurely, chanting quietly.

“Poor believers. and you. I’ll teach you today what a difference of one case means.”


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