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I Became the Laughing Bell Character of the Academy chapter 205

“What is this… … .”

Rect was shocked.

There is no way you can see anything in this darkness.

There were no exceptions to that rule, and it was a rule that also applied to Rect Damian himself.

He has never been able to find anything in the dark.

But what does this mean now?

There was something burning like the sun in the endless darkness.

In front of my eyes, I could clearly see the roar of a ferocious beast that I couldn’t normally see.

“If you want to be brave, you have to hide. If you don’t properly check what’s in front of you… … .”

[Great Step] distorts the opponent’s perception. It was a magic similar to a kind of suggestion that captivated the corner of the field of vision wherever he went.

And the target who was aware of the [Great Step] could not escape his pursuit.

“How do you know what face the other person is making?”

It was only then that Rect confirmed the beast’s expression and stiffened for a moment.

watching. He feels that the beast is making eye contact with him.

The very moment when a man and a beast clearly recognized each other in this darkness.


The [Great Step] seized the prey’s neck in an instant.

“That’s why I told you to shut up and hurry up… … .”

Janus was able to grasp the situation by the screams coming from the darkness.

I thought that if I could buy a little time, that would be enough, but somehow it was too late.

Rect, who struggled to survive the beast, couldn’t keep his abilities for long.

“Then is there only one left?”

As the darkness lifted, Salem looked at one of the rest of the ‘demagogues’ with a cold gaze.

“What other organs are you going to show me?”

“flaw… … .”

It was around the time that Janus and other ‘instigators’ were feeling the tension at Salem’s provocation, which seemed relaxed.

[Speaking Singer], Remian Sudra burst into laughter alone.

It was a fact that I knew decades ago how much of a monster the [King of Darkness] was.

The anger she harbored was too great to harbor any fear of him now.


Remian shouted at Salem, pulling off the hood that had been covering his face all along.

“Do you know who I am?”

It looked like a mummy in the hood. There is no vitality, and the pupils are cloudy.

At first glance, she appears to be alive, but she is definitely… … .

“… … undead. To be precise, you could call me Demi-Rich.”


“It looks like they’ve been instigating people in the kingdom with clever words lately. Am I right?”

“… … And?”

“Is there anything else important?”

“… … .”

[Spoken Singer] Remian Sudra seemed to be furious with Salem’s attitude, which seemed so insensitive.

“under… … .”

But Remian burst out laughing as if it were funny.

He’s acting like he doesn’t remember him.

That’s clear. there is no way you don’t know

“My name is Remian Sudra. You wouldn’t say you forgot this name, would you?”

“… … indeed.”

“My husband, son, and daughters whom you killed. You bastard, you bastard! There’s no way we’ve really forgotten our family members. Isn’t it?”

“… … .”

There are things you can’t forget.

No matter how many times he returns, he will not be able to deny his origin.

“If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry. 147 people I killed. Everyone remembers that face.”

Salem remembers his life as a mere slave.

How can he forget the people and their words who were like garbage who repeatedly subjected him to terrible abuse and experiments?

he put an end to it

“But your face was so mashed up that I didn’t recognize it. apologize I never thought I would have survived until I fell like that. I was too complacent.”

“Salem… … !”

Remian gritted his teeth at Salem’s sneer.

“Why are you angry? You should rather thank me.”

“thanks… … ? thank you? how could you say that… … !”

“Aren’t I carrying on your names that should have been erased forever?”

“You are just a usurper! They’ve taken away our clan’s secret wish and are just pretending to be proud of it!”

Salem shook his head.

The demi-rich in front of him is mistaken for everything he has accomplished as a secret technique of the ‘Sudra’ clan.

His life began only after he got out of that terrible place.

She saw only one brief moment in Salem’s life as a mere slave.

“Yeah, in a way, it’s not like I haven’t received anything from you guys.”

Salem was a slave, no, just one of their subjects.

How can I stand at the pinnacle of magic with a human body? Just for that, the Sudra clan was repeating countless evil deeds.

Salem was also a victim.

Born in an ordinary family and living an ordinary life, he was captured by a mad wizard and turned into a test subject.

“Thanks to you guys, I am.”

The first was escape.

Salem, who kept her sane even though she screamed every time, had her eyes on both the laboratory and the structure of the solitary confinement she was confined to.

After secretly escaping, Salem avoided the eyes of the Shudra clan and developed strength.

Still, Salem was captured.

They were in a hurry to hide the traces of countless experiments carved into Salem’s body.

They didn’t want their secrets leaking out more than a human life, so they burned down the entire village where Salem was hiding.

It was only in that moment close to death that Salem was able to define her first life.

“I was able to see what things I had to erase and get rid of.”

Salem’s first return took place right before his death.

His first goal was revenge.

Returning to the hideous lab again, Salem devised a more meticulous plan.

After passing through the second and the third like that, when you reach the seventh return.

He was finally able to slaughter the entire Sudra clan.

“Because of that, I was able to build up who I am today.”

The first is the Shudra clan, who were repeating their terrible evil deeds.

The second is the rotten country that created such a clan.

Salem went through countless iterations to correct those two.

“Do you know why I borrowed the name of scumbags like you?”

And from a certain moment, Salem called himself ‘Salem Sudra’.

I knew it the moment I became a leader.

How corrupt that place is. These were things that naturally followed wealth and power.

“Because you guys are the most scumbags I’ve ever known.”

That’s why he never wanted to forget his starting point.

Every time he had to make a decision by attaching to himself the cursed name of the people he hated so much that he was irreplaceable, he remembered that moment.

He was restraining himself so that he would not go astray like them.

“Did I say usurper? Nothing to worry about. Your rotten magic theories that turned humans into experiment tables have been completely erased without leaving a single book behind.”

I don’t even want to use that.

Salem took the trouble to erase those theories of magic. erased their clan.

I didn’t even consider the idea of keeping it in my head.

Because the existence itself was unpleasant.

“How on earth do you think that is worth! You’ve erased 300 years of wizard history!”

“The lives that the children on your experiment table could have lived would have been hundreds of times longer than that.”

Salem looked at Remian’s very existence with contempt and said.

“But it looks like there’s one thing left that hasn’t been erased yet.”


As Salem lowered his staff, all of his soldiers, who had been preparing themselves all along, began to charge.

Remian Sudra, it looked like he was rushing to kill just one person.

“profit… … !”

Despite the title of [Speaker], Remian Sudra couldn’t even refute.

I couldn’t help it. Because the other person had no intention of continuing the conversation.

“I… … Don’t even think that I would stand before you unprepared!”

Remian Sudra [Demi Rich].

She was able to use not only magic using mana, but also witchcraft using fraud, just like Faid, who was held in the hands of [Pyeongwang].

“This is our clan’s secret wish!”

Remian Sudra began responding by summoning countless undead to Salem’s [Recalling Wisdom].

Not just undead. The group of undead that followed her leadership were all objects that corresponded to ‘rich’.

The magic that the ‘Sudra’ clan has been researching is about the possibility that humans can see as they get closer to death.

Remian, who actually died and turned himself into an undead, was able to fully realize the possibility.

She may be lagging behind in witchcraft, but she is superior to Pyed, who has lived for hundreds of years, in magic.

That’s why she was able to handle the ‘Rich’, a high-ranking undead that could act as a single entity, as if it were a skeleton.

“… … How many people have you killed for that army?”

Salem was able to recognize it at once by looking at Remian Sudra’s lich corps. They are all mages who would have been promising in life.

She didn’t even kill them, she was insulting even their deaths.

“I have dedicated my life to the sole purpose of getting revenge on you! This is proof of that effort.”

“At that time, I shouldn’t have simply killed them, but burned them all without leaving even bone powder… … .”

Salem frowned at the unconscious Lich’s army.

Among them was Richie, who looked like a child. The child must have been murdered by that witch before her talent bloomed.

“Admit it. I failed again.”

Salem admitted failure.

Even though he had a way to set this all right, he was willing to let failure be failure.

He doesn’t return anymore.

“It is a clear failure and a painful mistake. I never imagined that there would be any survivors back then.”

He just admitted his failure and chose to go further despite the humiliation and guilt.

That’s why Salem was strong.

The human Salem, not the magician Salem, was able to become so strong.

He doesn’t erase his mistakes.

“So no matter what happens, I’ll kill you here.”

I chose to correct.

* * *

The opportunity has come.

Janus judged so.

[Speaker], Rect Damian somehow manages to escape while shedding blood against [Great Step].

[Speaker], Remian Sudra, is fighting hard, burning his life as promised in advance against [Remembering Wisdom].

only one thing left. [Pulsating heart].

The steel giant was as dull as it looked, but with that size and mass, it was as if there were no such disadvantages.

Even if you could only take one step in 10 seconds, you’d be far faster than a grown man sprinting at that size.

Moreover, it is a problem even if he catches all of Salem’s three supernatural magics.

Didn’t Janus already roll the floor unsightly even against Salem, who didn’t use transcendental magic?

“Five… … . Ohhh! Mr. Janus. You are alive too! You orator, orator Ragnar! I did not doubt Janus-nim’s survival!”

“… … You came just fine Orator. I was just waiting for you.”

Janus smiled brightly as he saw Orator, who fell down the tower from [Pulsating Heart]’s blow, climbed up the tower again.

I honestly thought he was dead.

I even thought that if there were any ‘instigators’ who would die first, it would be the orators.

Because he stood out in every way he acted.

“Can you hold that steel giant by the ankles?”

“It’s a crowd.”

“… … Seeing you look so serious, I think I understand your sincerity.”

Orator shook his head at Janus’s words, with a serious face to the point of throwing away even his usual cheerful appearance.

hold on to your ankles?

That’s not even funny.

Orator was sure that even if he gave his all, he would not be able to stop the giant from taking a single step.

The design itself is different from the other two transcendental magic.

Unlike the mass-produced [Remembering Wisdom] and the mental system [Great Step], the [Pulsating Heart] was designed solely for combat.

Even the highest level of magic would be impossible to slow down that giant.

“Then what draws your attention?”

“That’s possible! This orator Ragnar! As a body loved by God, I have the confidence to shine more than anyone else here!”

“Then I will ask you.”

“How about Janus?”

Janus murmured as he looked at Salem, who was chasing Remian Sudra with a cold expression.

“I have to do what I have to do.”

“Then I’ll finish my job too!”

As if the two did not need to talk further, they immediately moved toward their respective goals.

Orator poured out light with all the divine power he could use immediately after Janus moved away.

Just to stand out, the [Pulsating Heart] swung its huge arm at the Orator again as if it were annoyed.

“Ahh… … Oh God… … .”


A thick layer of dust rises.

Now that all of Salem’s transcendent magic cannot be moved for their own reasons.


Janus started running.

no magic

There is not even a 1% chance of winning by engaging in magic battles with Salem.

There is no regular law either.

No matter what means are used, Salem will easily block them all.

Not even an ambush.

As long as Rect Damian’s darkness was blocked in advance, he could never escape from Salem’s eyes looking down on the battlefield.

“Open up——”

Believing is your own cowardice.

“——The mirror on the other side.”

What you have to rely on is the weakness of the opponent.

Janus threw all his means against the downpour of magic that Salem was deploying himself.

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Knowledge and rare treasures accumulated through magic, keys, and countless returns.

All of them are shattered and incapacitated by Salem’s magic.

‘It’s something I knew.’

The way to kill Salem isn’t anything Janus has honed.

The only thing that kills him is himself.

After breaking through the magic pouring down like a heavy rain, Janus finally prepared for the final gamble.

‘I’ve barely come this far.’

Janus felt signs of superlative magic raining down on him.

If it fits, it’s probably instant death.

“flaw… … .”

It is a magic that should have been avoided originally.

It is a method that must be avoided even if the distance is widened again.

It was also a magic that the opponent used as a premise in the first place.

But it was an opportunity.

You cannot defeat Salem by any means you have prepared.

There is no way for yourself.

If there is a way, it is… … .

“… … So from now on, the choice is yours.”

There is only a ‘father’s heart’ that he will not be able to bear to kill his child.

“indeed… … .”

Seeing Janus’ actions, Salem was able to finally understand what his ulterior motive was.

But it’s already too late.

It was too late to realize it, and he was already faced with an alternative situation.

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Kill your children or kill yourself.

“A fool.”

And as if Salem is natural.

“Where in the world are there parents who kill their children? … .”

He erased his magic.

And from the place where the colorful magic light disappeared, a person wearing a mask that seemed to shed tears emerged.

“Do you have the confidence to handle regret?”

Salem looked at the shape of the mask and asked with a wry smile.

“Yes, so that I can make a decision to do so… … . I’ve been through that stormy magic.”

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Janus used the key’s power to penetrate Salem.

There was no hesitation in the action, but the bloody hand that had pierced Salem trembled as if it represented his heart.

“That’s it… … .”


The weeping mask Janus was wearing cracked as if it couldn’t stand the fierce battle, and then it shattered and fell to the floor.

The mask in <Parade> reflects one’s unadorned inner self.

That’s why the face behind the mask had to be a true mask that always smiled happily… … .

“If you’ve decided to deal with your regrets rather than undo everything, then I won’t say anything.”

Janus’s face was frowning as if it was impossible to hide his emotions any longer.

“thanked… … .”

Just like no parent kills their child.

“… … my father.”

There was no child who did not mourn the death of such a parent.


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