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I Became the Laughing Bell Character of the Academy chapter 204

I expected it, but Lena wasn’t the only one stopping me.

Even if they are not executive level, enough members of <Parade> to drag their ankles pop out from all sides like cockroaches.

“Kuh… … .”

Certainly Janus knows me well.

Oz to be exact, but… … .


“… … It looks like a madman drawn on your eyes.”

A group of people laughing like crazy.

But in reality, it’s just showmanship that Janus has prepared for me.

The guys who are blocking me right now are burning their lives without even being vigilant. they are cold-hearted

Even if those guys are laughing like crazy, it doesn’t look like anything other than a gimmick trying to attract attention.

Actually, they weren’t wearing masks. It is said that the front and back are completely out of sync while hiding their inner feelings.

“It’s so obvious that they’re aiming for my consumption. right?”

“Kyaha! Kyahahahahaha!”

“I can’t even answer… … .”

The opponent is pushing me into an either/or situation.

If I start using wide-area magic to pierce them, it will consume that much mana.

What’s the point of arriving at the scene in such a state?

They would just repeat the same mistakes they made when attacking the World Tree.

Conversely, saving power is a problem.

Their purpose is to hold my ankle, so if I save my strength, my arrival will inevitably be delayed.

I don’t know if Janus can beat Salem, but since he’s meticulous, he’ll have an idea.


At that moment, a huge earthquake was felt.

<Spellage> It is a vibration that shakes the whole area. If there are people who can use something like this, it is only a very small number among elder-level magicians.

“… … Salem.”

When he searched for the epicenter of the earthquake, he saw that Salem’s magic tower, which he had seen in the distance, had risen several stories higher.

No, it’s not that the floor has risen. At the top of the tower, something is raising itself.

Perspective is strange.

He probably manipulated space with Salem’s specialty, spatial magic.

Then that giant is much bigger than it looks… … .

Its identity is probably.

“The steel giant… … .”

One of Salem’s three supernatural magics that appeared in fairy tales.

Salem has already arrived. Moreover, it is quite sincere.

“Then I won’t have time to waste here either.”


The members of <Parade> who bother me while besieging me.

They are laughing as if they already won.

Of course I just feel that way. They were laughing from the first time I met them until they died.

“I was thinking of grabbing my ankles or consuming my strength, but… … .”

For me, what happened to Baekyang during the battle for the World Tree became a trauma.

The fact that someone who replaced me could die because of my hasty judgment. There’s no way I’m just overlooking it.

A way to fully use one’s strength, and a way to continue fighting for a long time.

I’ve been researching all along.

“I swear.”

I am still immature.

That’s why all the forces I do carry some risk. But it’s just a risk.

How can you get everything without carrying that much?

How could I stretch out my hand toward that arrogant goal?

『From now until reaching the tower. I will crush everything that gets in my way.”

Foreshadowing is difficult.

It is also the same with Oz’s talent that once he gets a sense, he can solve the problem in an instant.

In terms of difficulty, ‘Fairy Magic’ is the simplest and ‘Divine Magic’ is the most difficult. And seonsul is in the middle of it.

Fairy magic is already expanding its repertoire, and divine magic is still only available to [Another Savior] and [Those who challenge the divine].

And with the exception of the basics, the art still hasn’t been adhered to.

『This is Oz, Quo Vadis. Are you swearing by my name and the deeds I have walked my whole life?”

That’s why I have to recall that feeling again and again.

This moment when you can clearly see the flow, you can feel the senses.

『The mana that dwells in everything in the world and contemplates us must respond to it.』

What I prepared is not only my individual skills. That’s not enough.

That’s why, when I was in <Skientia>, I went around the daily dungeon almost every day to gather resources.

“I used to solve it in a very ignorant way.”


Open one of the subspace bags in your arms and scatter it into the air.

The thing scattered in the air is one of the ingredients for the potion… … .

<Drops of Undine>

Now you can make potions, but now that the amount of mana has increased absurdly, you can chew the raw material or swallow the potion. That’s it.

It takes time to chew the raw material, and the stomach is full when swallowing the potion.

It is said that either way is the worst in terms of filling up Oz’s vast amount of mana. An expensive potion might make up for that shortcoming, but… … .

No matter how much money you have, if you continue to waste like that, you will surely be broke soon.

So that’s how I found out.

<Undine’s Water Drop>, the raw material of the potion, contains mana.

And I know how to animate mana itself, which is in its natural state.

“How many materials have I collected by going around the dungeon like a machine?”


[The river eventually goes to the sea]

The river flows and flows, eventually reaching the sea.

And if <Undine’s water drops> are gathered to form a river, and eventually the country will head towards the sea.

Even if I don’t use mana, I can even use transcendent magic.

Of course, you have to spend a lot of money, but… … .

It’s worth it.

transcendental magic

[Round Table – Lake Chariot]

The transcendent magic completed by consuming <Undine’s Water Drop> is the appearance of ‘End Rod’ as seen by Professor Aira.

The image of a person who believes in his own justice and pushes forward intensely.

What appeared in front of me was a huge window.

And a chariot appears as if wrapping my body around the window.

“If you don’t want to die, go away.”

I have to smash everything in my way until I reach the tower.

“Because I swore so.”


Before long, the tank began to pierce the road to its destination, smashing everything in its way.

* * *

Janus clicked his tongue at the sight of a massive steel giant filling his field of vision.

“… … No matter how much I look up, I can’t see my head. I used to think it was like that when I was young.”

There is no difference even now.

“Oh oh! How amazing! But Mr. Janus! You must have a strategy, right? It must be an ordeal that has already been overcome before! Don’t you know that memory too!”

Janus has memories of Oz. So I also have memories of when I overcame that ordeal.

Just in case you have a problem… … .

“Yes, in the memory of Oz, we certainly got past that. I fought for three days and three nights and finally defeated it. if there is a problem… … .”

“if there is?”

“Back then, when I stopped, he stopped too. But this time, even if I stop, won’t you stop?”

It was an ordeal, not a battle.

In the first place, Oz didn’t have enough mana to use magic for three days.

At that time, it was no different from a punching bag that did not move.

And it took three days just to knock down that punching bag.

Of course, Janus has also become much stronger now compared to before.

Unlike Oz, it has the power of the key, so you should be able to attack it sufficiently.

Just in case you have a problem… … .

“An elder-level wizard is compared to a legion.”

The point is that there is not one transcendent magic that symbolizes Salem.

The most feared of his magic is neither the ‘steel giant’ nor the ‘flaming mane lion’.

『The wizard who thought he knew all the answers began to think hard.』

transcendental magic

[Wisdom to think of]

It is a ‘moving puppet’.

“It would be nice to say that ‘Legion’ was made with ‘Legion’… … .”

Numerous marionette dolls.

An alter ego of an elder-level magician who can remember and use even the highest-level magic, made of wood at most.

Hundreds of puppets, each of which could be considered strategic weapons, creaked and lined up.

“… … Can you win?”

“You can never win with the regular method. So did I tell you?”

Janus shrugged his shoulders and said as he watched the magic spells unfolded by the [Remembering Wisdom].

“Some of you might die.”


Janus immediately began to destroy the [Remembering Wisdom] with magic.

‘Durability is weak, weak, but… … .’

[Remembering Wisdom] are self-moving puppets that can deploy magic at any time if mana is charged in advance.

Because of its outrageous performance, it also had a clear weakness.

Its durability is weak, so even if you use only intermediate level magic, it is not a problem to destroy it.

However, Salem does not know that either.

‘As for the guys who use defensive magic… … .’

Would it be half of what I put in the defense magic in advance?

‘First of all, there are too many.’

And even if you pierce those defense magics and wipe them out with wide-area magic.

The number of newly appearing [Recalling Wisdom] was even greater.


“Ahh! How deplorable is this! How dare you try to cross the human realm with a mere puppet!”

[Speaker] Orator Ragnar shouted as if singing a song at Janus’ short call.

And as if that action was not an illusion, strong divine power began pouring out soon after.

“priest? You didn’t lose your holy power while doing this.”

Salem frowned at the sight. Divine power is inherently a power that only dwells in good and faithful people.

Even so, Orator possessed a considerable level of divine power.

To the extent that he must have risen to the rank of cardinal in the past.

“Ain wasn’t just a kind person! you’re right! It is time for the world to finally go through a period of purification!”

Orator Ragnar was a fanatic who saw the destructive side of ‘Ain’.

But his faith was genuine.

Even though it was real, it was just hard to accept.

An apocalypseist who sings about the end of the world is bound to be treated like a pseudonym wherever he goes.

He rose to the rank of cardinal, but was soon ousted because of his extreme tendencies.

-Am I wrong? I am definitely a cardinal following the will of ‘Ain’! This divine power is the proof!

Orator shouted a hundred times at the Vatican, who had stripped him of his cardinal status, but no one listened to him.

Like an end without salvation. Who can count on it?

-How come… … .

He couldn’t understand that.

Why is one’s faith not accepted by others?

If you believe in God, isn’t it right to look at all those aspects?

But why do people try to only look at the positive side of faith?

-Ain gives trials, but does not give answers.

Yes, that’s why they don’t know. Because they were stupid, they couldn’t find the answer.

That’s why I’m sending myself a look of contempt.

Orator’s heart, which had been stained with resentment and anger, started beating for a different reason after that day.

-yes! only myself! Only this orator, Ragnar, could understand the will of God!

Elevation stemming from the idea of the chosen people, who considers only themselves to be great.

The fact that there are trials means that there are things to be corrected in this world.

He stirred people up with answers he thought only he had noticed.

“Janus-nim is the agent of God! He is the one who will become the new ‘Ain’! He is the only one who sincerely thinks of purifying the world!”

Mana itself was not a power that was lagging behind when compared to divine power, but it had a bad compatibility with [Wisdom to Remember].

As convenient as it is, durability is low.

Salem was supplementing its durability with another magic, but he didn’t prepare for new magic.

The power purified by the magic spell erased the magic formula engraved inside the puppet, making it unusable.

“Yeah, that guy called God always bothered me.”


What moved at that moment was the [pulsating heart] that succeeded in raising that massive body.

“Yeah, I mean ‘annoying’.”

The mighty steel giant’s arm swung at Orator.

“Kuh, ugh?!”

Even though Orator dodged the attack, the wide-spreading shockwave sent him flying into the air.

He screamed so loudly that he could no longer open his mouth.

After completing such a simple action, Salem asked Janus.

“My sister told me to choose my friends and go out with them.”

“This is a pitiful word. I also pick and choose friends.”

“Then is the author the one who was summoned to deal with me?”

“Oz, to be exact. There won’t be much of a difference.”

‘Instigators’ are those who gathered to easily deal with Oz in the first place. Those who can shake his skill, his wisdom, his mind.

Even if Janus was alone, he was confident of defeating Oz, but there was nothing wrong with being prepared.

“Then the rest can bother me too.”

“Exactly! I am Janus-sama’s faithful right-hand man… … Let’s assume Lena-sama’s seat is the left arm? let it be enough I am Janus-sama’s faithful left arm. This is the versatile Rect Damien. What I will show you now is… … .”

“… … Shut up and move, Rect.”

“Yeah, got it. Mr. Janus.”


Janus felt ashamed of Rect for some reason, probably because of Salem’s words to pick a friend to date.

At his irritated voice, Rect shrugged and moved.

At the same time, the world was plunged into darkness. Rect Damien’s ability.

It was an ability that was tantamount to a natural enemy for a wizard who dyed the world dark and dulled his senses.

Those who correspond to warriors, shooters, and guardians can respond even if their senses are dulled to some extent, but wizards are different.

If your senses are dull, you have no choice but to detect the mana and find the opponent.

And Rect Damian’s darkness could even hinder that perception.

“The sorcerer’s insight is scary. But isn’t that also true when you can see it with your own eyes and understand it? Exactly. It’s hard to respond if you can’t see it! That is the absolute truth revealed by this Rect Damien… … .”

“Is it disturbing the senses? Detection through mana… … Unreasonable. It’s a fun ability.”

Salem checked the situation by tapping the floor lightly with his cane.

There was no rebound force to return to the staff. Moreover, the mana, which should have been spread together by striking down the staff, disappeared as if it had been swallowed up by the darkness.

While everyone held their breath and prepared the next method at the sight of Salem confirming each method, Rect shouted in the dark holding the dagger in reverse.

“hahahaha! Do you think that would be that easy? I have lived in that darkness my whole life. As if that darkness clings to the body, it is a curse that is difficult to escape from!”

“ha… … .”

Janus sighed at the sight of Rect screaming madly.

His bad habit was cured.

[Speaker], Rect Damian lived in the dark.

It is safe to say that he has been living in the dark for the rest of his life because he could not control his ability.

he was afraid of the dark I hated the world where I couldn’t feel anything.

He cursed himself for having no choice but to be born with such an ability.

And it’s all the more so because I didn’t just live in the dark forever.

Immediately after the runaway of the superpowers stopped, the sun he looked at was warm, and the textures of the objects held by his fingertips were varied.

That’s why he talked to me as much as possible so as not to forget himself whenever he was trapped in the dark.

Only sound was the means to prove him.

“… … Right.”

Salem seemed to see his past in Rect’s attitude.

“If you don’t pretend to be strong, there are times when you just can’t stand it.”

『The wizard who lived without fear somehow stepped forward in front of the fear he felt for the first time.』

How nervous he was to take that courageous step.

“For fear, it is more terrifying to have no original form.”

Salem struck the cane, recalling the slowest time of his life.

transcendental magic

[Great Step]

-Kreurre… … .

And in the darkness, a lion with a mane of flame flashed its eyes.

“Let me teach you about the fear that has form.”

The figure of the lion can be seen by everyone even in the darkness that devours everything.

“Nonsense… … .”

It was so clear.


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