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I Became the Laughing Bell Character of the Academy chapter 203

Lucia and Prina poked their heads through the rubble of collapsed buildings and surveyed the surroundings.

Beings marching with bright smiles through the streets engulfed in flames.

Seeing that confident figure in <Parade>, Prina stiffened for a moment, but soon said with a stoic expression.

“Oh, I know. You mean these are the fireworks? I saw it in a book. A grandiose fire game… … Right?”

At that wonderful answer, Lucia wiped her eyes and sighed.

And I decided to correct the misunderstanding stemming from useless pride.

“… … Throw that book away. This is not a fun event like fireworks.”

“But are they all laughing?”

“Not over there, over there.”

“ah… … .”

Lucia held Prina’s head with both hands and turned it around to show a small number of people, not a large group.

There was a man who was groaning in pain, probably because his feet were crushed by the rubble of a fallen building.

“Listen, Prina. this is terrorism Even that is nothing more than a diversion committed to hide the original purpose.”

The purpose of such simultaneous explosions of terrorism is bound to be chaos.

It is trying to paralyze the country’s system and turn a blind eye to chaos itself, not a specific building or a specific person.

“Moreover, even after coming to this point, the ‘janitors’, a unit under the direct control of the King of Darkness, are not moving. It must have been a preemptive strike.”

All countries have defense devices in place in case of an emergency.

Moreover, it goes without saying if it is a country with a single capital.

Still, Salem’s cleaners don’t budge.

That means that something happened on that side too, no, that that side was probably the first to be attacked.

‘The question is, how the hell did you attack them… … .’

In order to do that, he had more information power than <Tenebris>. Or it should have burst out from within <Spellage>.

‘No matter how much, there are not many intelligence organizations that can dig up classified information that only the backbone of the country knows… … .’

Of course, it is only possible if you plant three crops.

However, there is no way he would have someone do something like an informant in the first place if he was at the level of being able to rise to that level.

Because in the land of wizards, power means magic skills.

In order to seize even a little bit of power, he would need at least the title of a senior wizard.

And in order to satisfy the above conditions, you have to rise to a particularly high position among the elders.

If that’s enough, it’s better to have him fill a position as a corps commander in the Imperial Magic Order rather than being an informant.

That is, the difference in cost performance.

You can’t sacrifice that kind of talent to take such a risky gamble.

“Furthermore… … .”

Lucia watched as they set fires and destroyed buildings.

Her ears prick up and she picks out only what she needs in a space where cheers and screams are mixed.

‘This atmosphere is too familiar.’

That was when I went outside <Skientia> for Oz’s request.

There was a time when Prince Oz was terrified when he saw a crowd like that.

At that time, Lucia wondered if Oz had found a dangerous person among the crowd… … .

Now that I see it, I wonder if I was afraid of the crowd itself.

‘Then the crowds I saw then… … .’

When Lucia thought that far, she could feel the hair all over her body standing on end. A terrorist group was marching proudly in the middle of the Empire.

“Whoa… … .”

Lucia smiled as if she was okay as she grabbed her chest, which started beating in fear.

“Well, I played a lot while escorting that human.”


Lucia took out the two pistols she had hidden in her thighs and grabbed them with both hands.

Originally, it was a foreign matter, so it was right to hide and watch it.

That’s the attitude she, as an informant for the Empire, should take.

“Prina, choose. Stopping them and rescuing the injured. Which way would you like to go?”

“Hey, I… … .”

“If possible, I would like you to choose the latter. I’m not a wizard, so I’m not versatile.”

Lucia interrupted Prina’s answer and bluntly led her to choose the latter.

she knows It was clear that Prina grew up ignorant of the world, even without asking.

A girl like that, a girl who seemed to have extremely little interaction with people.

Have you ever had blood on your hands?

‘Because killing is not a very good experience… … .’

Lucia had already had a lot of blood on her hands. she is a soldier

He is an informant who always digs up information while hiding his identity on a dangerous battlefield.

In the process, the blood of countless people has already been stained on their hands.

Even if you come and kill one or two people, it won’t get any worse.

‘Originally, it would have been my duty here to force Prina to choose the former, but… … .’

Of course, the greatest value of magicians evaluated by the empire is military power.

The empire grew the country by conquest.

Now, unlike the past, it is quite stable and the technologies that make life easier in general have improved, but the fundamentals do not change much.

‘Still, my mission now is to assist Prince Oz.’

That’s why Lucia decided not to be a soldier of the Empire, but to go in the direction of her own heart.

“… … Yeah!”

Prina nodded as if she noticed Lucia’s consideration, and immediately raised her staff.

A bluish light begins to emanate from the tip of her wand.

The light seemed to expand its scope more and more, and then white snow fell in clusters from the sky.

“This… … .”

Lucia stared blankly at the beautiful scene.

When snow fell on top of a fire, it quelled it, and when it fell on the rubble of a building, it lifted it up.

supreme magic

[Snowflake Fragments]

Prina’s original magic that has not yet sprouted into transcendental magic.

Unlike the [Curse of the Icecap], which symbolizes her loneliness, magic that represents her curiosity and inquiring mind.

Truly a piece.

The flames fade and a city of ice is built from the ruins.

“Huh… … .”

Prina, who calmed the visible chaos in an instant, sat down as if exhausted.

“… … Now that I look at it, it seems to have been the best.”

“Did I do well?”

“Very well done.”

Lucia stuck out her tongue at the miracle that Prina showed.

They asked to take care of the wounded, but they did not mean to put an end to the terrorism itself.

“It seems like they pulled a lot of aggro, but… … .”

Lucia murmured as she supported Prina, who had collapsed from exhaustion.

A series of diagnoses, which had been walking down the street with bright smiles just a moment ago, now stopped one by one and were looking at them.

Is it an illusion that their bright smiles seem angry for some reason?

‘I did something too conspicuous.’

Their purpose is confusing.

So they didn’t even stop those who were moving for the rescue.

It was because he thought that it would further add to the chaos in the city.

However, it is different if there is an existence that can put the confusion to rest at once.

that is something that needs to be removed.

“I meant to do it, but I didn’t mean to get this much attention… … .”

Lucia’s specialty is silent movements using flexible movements.

assassination as a result

That’s why it was not good to be captured by multiple enemies at the same time.

“Prina, is it possible to provide cover?”

“Go, it is possible. If only a little… … .”

As Lucia, she didn’t want to involve Prina, who was still weak in killing people, but she couldn’t help it.

There is nothing more variable than a person without determination. Even so, in the current situation, if you don’t do it, you will die.

‘Anyway, Prince Oz is the problem.’

When you get involved with Oz, you keep putting yourself in this situation.

She is a role that blends in with people, not a role that is so clearly distinguished.

“… … Why don’t we just go on our way? We won’t be chasing you either.”

Lucia tried to get out of the current situation somehow, and called out, but there was no answer.

In the first place, she didn’t expect to hear an answer, so she didn’t care too much.

‘The only weapons I have are two pistols… … . It’s the worst.’

Lucia checked the condition of Prina, who was controlling her breathing with a sidelong glance. As much as he used powerful magic, he would need time to catch his breath.

“Hey, I want to ask you something. Could you please answer me? What do you guys have to do with a man named Oz Quo Vadis?”

Lucia continued to kill time. Even if the opponent doesn’t answer, it’s enough if you can stop the opponent’s movement even a little by asking a question.

“Ah, are you sure you don’t want to tell me? So how about this one? It’s about your hair… … .”

“Oh, that’s curious. Do you know about Janus?”

“… … .”

Lucia was speechless for a moment at the sudden reply.

Judging from the atmosphere just before, I didn’t think an answer would come back, so I spit out anything.

“Hmm… … . Then I see, are you guys like that? Harbart’s daughter and Tenebris! Right? nice to meet you! I was looking for it anyway.”

Lucia twitched her tail at the sight of the blue-silver-haired man who answered in a playful manner.

A man who wears a mask alone, unlike the others who are bare-faced.

Lucia’s senses ring the alarm. It is a dangerous opponent no matter who sees it.

It is clear that the group’s executive, or an important figure comparable to him.

“… … You seem to be moving forward without hesitation?”

“I wanted to meet you along the way. So look at this. Did you meet?”


The man wanted to splendidly turn the spear he was holding in his hand.


pushed forward


At the same time, Prina, who was secretly raising mana behind Lucia’s back, flew into the sky.

“what? That’s strange… … . I was definitely going to pierce it with a cane. It’s harder than I thought.”

“how… … ?”

“I was thinking of killing him, but it’s a pity.”

Lucia looked at the tip of the man’s spear breaking out in a cold sweat.

The sting I just showed you was certainly sharp, but not so much that you couldn’t see it.

But when I came to my senses, Prina was flying in the sky.

I couldn’t feel the flow of mana, and there wasn’t even a piercing sound in the air.

“You can’t… … .”

Lucia was stiffened by the assumption that suddenly popped into her head.

she knows

I know about such tricks.

Delayed von Chrysos is a master spearman so famous that you don’t even need to gather information.

According to widely known stories, it is said that he is as dazzling as art, and that his spear has no meaning of distance. There were such explicit stories.

“yes? What? why don’t you stop talking? curious.”

And the opponent’s hair is blue-silver, symbolizing the royal family of Chrysos.

The pupils visible through the mask are green, which is known as Delay’s characteristic.

Age, size, gender, behavior.

And above all… … .

That Eleanor had an older brother named Lesis von Chrysos.

All of them pointed in one direction. Lucia had the ability to derive an answer from that piece of information alone.

because that’s her job.

“… … Lesis von Chrysos.”

I found out.

“what? how did you know? where did you meet? That’s strange… … . I have a good memory.”

“Nonsense… … .”

And the man simply affirmed Lucia’s words.

Lucia, who said it but thought it couldn’t be, felt like she had been hit on the head with a hammer.

“Oh, you said you were an informant, right? So, did you infer from only the seemingly fragmentary information? That’s great!”

“… … I hoped it wasn’t.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! What a pity? maybe this is good I’m Lexis I don’t know why, but he’s the person you hope you’re not.”

Resis, a man with blue-silver hair, nodded in amazement and sneered.

Lucia felt ominous at that heterogeneous appearance.

Clowns chewing on people they once saw.

Its appearance overlaps.

“Why would you do this?”

“What are you doing?”

“Why are you committing such a terrorist act?!”

“Oh, is that?”

Lesis shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing to do with Lucia’s incredulous attitude.

“I wanted to be a great person. The kind of person who can save a country in distress. But doesn’t the country look so peaceful?”

<Chrysos> and <Spellage> too.

It is too peaceful to realize his ideals.

“So shouldn’t the country fall into grief first?”

“… … You are crazy.”

Lucia straightened her trembling body and aimed the pistol again.

Opponent is not normal. A person who creates a cause only for the sake of the effect.

I don’t even need to explain how terrible such a person is.

“There is nothing good about your existence being known to Eleanor right now.”


Even so, she has a lot of scars.

But if her brother turns into a monster like this, she will carve new scars again.

So, Lucia made a decision. There are many things in the world that are good not to know. And Lucia knows a lot about those things.

this is her selfishness

<Tenebris>’s method of solving by hiding and manipulating information.

Her expression was that of a calm, calm soldier.

“Then, shall we take a look at your skills?”

Lesis sneered at Lucia’s resolute attitude and began to flirt, spinning her spear as dazzlingly as before.

* * *

Janus watched the streets, which fell silent for a moment, then started to burn again.

“A little late.”

I could see people wandering all over the place between them.

The cleaners started moving because Prina’s magic put a lull in the situation.

“Whatever… … .”


At that moment, the sound of something hard hitting the ground began to be heard.

“My father came sooner.”

[King of Darkness] Salem Sudra.

He was approaching Janus and his party, nervously stepping on his staff.

“… … .”


Salem looked at each face of the ‘instigators’, including Janus, and eventually struck down the cane vigorously.

“You crossed the line.”

At the same time as Salem’s cold words, the width of the rooftop began to widen in an instant.

Salem’s specialty, spatial magic, expanded the space itself.

“Oh oh! It’s wide! uhh… … But isn’t it too wide?”

Orator shouted as if wondering at the distance from Salem, which had become so far away that it quickly became a dot.

“Is it wide? this? Well… … .”

Janus was skeptical of that statement.

Of course, the distance from Salem has expanded to the point where you can’t see it if you don’t concentrate.

However, it is normal for a mage’s fight to be wildly wide-ranged.

And above all… … .

“At this point, it’s still on the narrow side.”

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Koo Goo Goo!

At the same time as Janus’ words, a huge mountain began to rise behind Salem’s back as if raising his body.

[King of Darkness] One of Salem’s three transcendent magics.

『The sorcerer’s heart, which had only been cold, started beating wildly in front of her.』

transcendental magic

[pulsating heart]

A mighty steel giant stepped out into the world.


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