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I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 56

56. Zangi

3 seconds.

In just 3 seconds, they cut the heads of all 1 trillion people.



The sound of the enemy’s head falling to the ground can be heard from behind.

It was the first time in practice.

What’s unusual is that the enemy’s movement is remarkably slow, so the weakness is more clearly visible.

The blood from the urethra flows down drop by drop, and soon turns to ashes and is blown away by the wind.

ㅡ Tak.

He then delivered.


It was a little bit, but blood flowed from his mouth.

Sierra, who was watching me with her arms folded, helped me with a word.

[According to the calculation, 3 seconds seems reasonable. Chapter 2 itself is still a little sloppy… but it was a smooth movement. ]

Even cutting four people was dangerous.

3 seconds, no, 30 seconds is still not enough.

However, even those 3 seconds took a toll on his stamina. Even though blood came out, I didn’t feel pain, so I didn’t know how much it hurt inside my body.

I turned around and went back to Amon, wiping the blood from my mouth.

Amon’s face was stained with astonishment.


Just in time, Amon pulls the gauntlet out of the ground.

Afterwards, Amon, who pulled out the gauntlet, asked me softly while examining the condition of the grunting gauntlet.

“…what the hell are you doing? It’s been a while, but it was hard to follow with my eyes.”


I didn’t answer Amon’s question.

“Last time, and this time too… You must have twisted mana, right?”

“Did I?”

“Huh, being unlucky is good enough. If I had those skills, I don’t think I would have needed to come up with a strategy like this in the first place…”

Amon sneered and stopped talking, then glared at Lucia on the other side.

Lucia was not getting up, slumped to the ground.

“I also have a limit. If I push myself a little more here, I might… die.”

I said that to Amon and started building the stairs little by little.

Naturally, the stairs to the top 2.

“Hmm… now it’s the turn of Amon Caligus to step in.”

The corners of Amon’s mouth went up as he understood what he was saying.

His smile wasn’t particularly believable.

After the conversation with Amon, I didn’t think he would take care of Lucia, so I stepped out.

First of all, he is also the leader of Joe.

As I approach Lucia pretending to be human, she turns her head to look at me and weeps.

“I-Mr. Crank… turned it off because of me…”

“…Mr. Crank is doing well.”

“Huh… Really…?”

“Yes, are you still watching us?”

Since Crank has been eliminated, he must have escaped from the illusion magic and will be watching over us with Edward.

“Mr. Crank… I will definitely take revenge…!”

Lucia gathers all her heart and then stands up. Her eyes were burning for some reason.

The target to take revenge is yourself, not anyone else.

Well, whatever it was, she just needed to come to her senses and get up.

Lucia’s face is filled with question marks as she looks around.

“Where did I, me, the enemy go…!? I’ll use ‘Tornado Calling’!”

“Tornado is calling and nabal… Jetto has already arranged everything. Lucia, are your eyes decorations? Can you put a stone in those useless eyeballs?”

As Lucia raised her index finger and did something rather stupid, Amon, unable to see this, approached her and became angry with her.


Finally, Lucia hides her eyes with her fingers and shrinks.

Tornado Calling is one of the highest ranking wind magics.

The magic that summoned a whirlwind like a blade into the middle of the battlefield was quite powerful.

I remember that Lucia was also able to ‘write’.

You just can’t control the direction of the whirlwind.

“Then, Jetto-san cleaned up everything by himself? Jetto-san, it’s quite possible! hehehe…”

Lucia, who was scratching her head in embarrassment, looked at me secretly and smiled brightly.

…I think Lucia is a normal cute character ‘unless it’s a colleague’.

It was naive and bright… Anyway, that feeling was strong.

Then she moves closer to me and opens her mouth.

“Zetto-san is a magic swordsman, right?!”


“What kind of bullshit is this…?”

Amon and I were taken aback by Lucia’s sudden question.

“Eh…? You must have used a wind cutter in the last match…?! I-I’ve seen it all…!”

When Amon and I expressed our doubts, Lucia also stammered, at a loss for words.

‘Are you talking about Chapter 1?’

In fact, this naive Lucia, who only knew wind magic, might have looked like a ‘wind cutter’.

Amon, unable to stand Lucia’s absurdity, immediately feeds her honey chestnuts.

ㅡ beans!

“Shut up and stop talking nonsense, please…”


Lucia, who had been hit on the top of her head out of nowhere, stroked her head.

It was an uncommon sight to see Amon, who is famous for being so damn good, go overboard like this.

Are you already experiencing a change of heart?

I didn’t do anything to him in particular, but I felt a little more calm than Amon in the game.

It was still unknown whether he would be able to shake off the demons’ touch that would come to him in the future, so we’ll have to wait and see.

“Let’s go back to the forest.”

The situation was sorted out, and I decided to take the next move.

At my suggestion, Lucia raised her hand and opened her mouth.

“My legs hurt, but let’s ride ‘Bungbungi’…!”

Amon frowned as the word boom came out of Lucia’s mouth.

“What kind of a boom-bung is a boom-boong? Shut up and just walk.”

As Amon said that and moved toward the forest, I suddenly became curious.

“…What is a boongbungi?”

Lucia’s eyes sparkled at my question, Amon looked back and sighed.


“How is it, Boongboong?! I’ve been wanting to ride it for years…!”

Lucia, who was sitting next to me, said with a bright smile.

“It’s more comfortable than a carriage.”

Me, Amon, and Lucia were riding on a huge boulder.

It is said that Amon and Lucia used to ride and play when they were children.

“It’s embarrassing…”

Amon looked uncomfortable.

When I asked to ride to save stamina, I had no choice but to follow my opinion.

‘It’s kind of fun.’

Things I hadn’t seen in the game felt fresher to me.

If it wasn’t for a mock battle right now, I might have wanted to ride it more.

I had to get off now.

It was because they arrived in the forest right away thanks to ‘Bungbungi’.

We immediately got off Boong-Bungi and started to walk carefully through the forest.

“The forest is so quiet.”

While walking in the forest, Amon got lucky.

“Whoever it is, the winner should have been decided by this point. Maybe they expected us to come and set a ‘trap’.”

“Ha, a trap…?!”

At my words to watch out for traps, Lucia stops and freezes.

“Even if it’s a trap, it’s crude. It’s not that scary what such cowards would do.”

Unlike Lucia, Amon did not express himself and moved his feet without hesitation.

‘I can’t stop that.’

He started not paying attention to what I was saying, probably because he thought Amon was not doing well.

3 sets of Eisel.

4 trillion glass.

Which of the two would survive?

Even during the placement test, Eisel showed overwhelming skills worthy of being called a massacre.

Of course, in terms of skills, Aisel would have been the dominant force, but the face of Aisel I saw right before entering the mock battle seemed not to be very interested in this class.

‘No matter which of the two, it doesn’t change what you have to lose.’

I was still aiming for second place.

A very natural second place.

In the forest, where there was no other sound, only the occasional sound of Lucia stepping on a tree branch could be heard.

For a moment, feeling strange, I stopped them for a moment and concentrated on listening to the sound.

ㅡ fast…

A very small sound came from the other side. It was definitely the sound of making ice.

Immediately, in the direction from which the sound came, a sharp chunk of ice like an icicle aimed at Amon.

Even though I could have stopped it, I couldn’t stop it.

Amon would react that way too.


Amon reacted to the icicle right before it touched his chest and raised it with his gauntlet.

“Damn… Orpel, you son of a… You’re still gloomy, aren’t you?”

Amon curses at the place where the icicles came from.

As Amon said, the owner of this ice magic seems to be ‘Orpheel’.

Orpheel Aisin.

He is the heir to the Aisin House of Ice, one of the 4 Elemental Families.

Eventually, following Amon’s curse words, the enemies hiding in the forest reveal themselves.

Yuri Clementine, Orphel Aisin.

And even the nameless cadets who were the rest of the crew.

‘Did Group 4 win in the end…?’

As soon as they faced Group 4, Amon nodded and stanceed, and Lucia began to tremble.


I drew my sword accordingly.

After that, a strange silence flows between Team 4 and us.

Except for Lucia, who was trembling, no one was moving.

It was Orphel who broke the silence and entered.

“No questions and answers. Die for my new weapon. Dirt pig.”

Suddenly, Orpheel created ice in his hand and threw the ice block at him, insulting Amon.

“What the fuck?!”

As soon as Amon heard the word ‘earth pig’, he began to run at the nasty Orpheel with his eyes turned upside down.

It was because Amon was not on good terms with Orpheel.

It was an unnatural attack.

It’s ambiguous to call it a check, and that behavior that seems to focus on insults…

“Amon, the trap…”

…my words to be careful didn’t carry on to the end.

ㅡ Hurray!!

Immediately, huge flames rose from the ground Amon had trodden on.

“Ah, Mr. Amon—!!”

At the same time, Lucia calls out to Amon.

Amon’s body was enveloped in flames, obscuring Lucia’s cry.

This trap appears to be the workmanship of Yuri.

“Miss Lucia!”

At my request, Lucia nods and casts her magic at Amon.

“Wind Blast!”

This time, Lucia does the chant properly so as not to make a mistake.

‘By the way, Wind Blast…?’

ㅡ wheeeing!!

Before long, a fierce gust of wind stretched from Lucia’s hand and reached Amon.

Amon, who had been engulfed in flames, was hit by a wind blast and crashed into a tree on the other side.

…strangely, the fire that wrapped around Amon’s body was out.

The problem is that I was shocked.

“…thank you. It’s amazing that you can be useful at times.”

Amon, who was stuck in a tree, stood up casually and praised Lucia.

[Puhuh, should I say it’s like the Caligus family, which would be sad if it was the second best… ]

Even Sieh, who approached Amon’s side, could only admire.

Lucia smiles brightly as if she feels good after hearing the compliment.

‘Is it really because it’s Amon that he used Wind Blast…’

Let’s leave this question in the back of our minds.

Anyway, it was still in the middle of the battle.

“Since we are few in number, wouldn’t it be better to unite?”

I suggested that to Amon.

“I don’t know about that, that ice man will die to me.”

Amon lightly ignored this, warmed up, and immediately charged Orpheel.

In response, Orpheel also creates a sword made of ice and starts fighting with Amon.

To put it bluntly, Amon had better compatibility.

However, the current Amon seems to be in a state where judgment is blurred enough to overturn the compatibility.

‘I think I can leave Amon like that…’

The moment I thought that, a fireball flew at me.


I cut the fireball lightly, and the fireball split in half flew behind me and exploded.

It was Yuri Clementine.

Yuri, who was standing on a tree, came down to the ground and spoke to me.

“I’m sorry, Jetto. I can’t give up the Armory either.”

“…Is that so.”

I replied to Yuri and glanced at Lucia on the other side.

When this happened, the remaining two were Lucia’s share.

It was clear that the Lucia I knew would be eliminated immediately.

‘Let’s just say I’m not paying attention to Lucia because I’m dealing with Yuri.’

After finishing the calculation, he jumped at Yuri and started swinging his sword.

A full-scale battle… No, it was the beginning of a play.



Amon, who escaped from illusion magic, muttered harsh words.

Amon was unable to kill Orpheel.

As for the compatibility itself, it could be seen that Amon was better.

However, Amon was completely blinded and rushed in recklessly, so he was no match for Orpel Aisin, who was famous for being cold and calm.

Looking around, Edward and the cadets who had already dropped out were staring at the transmission screen.

The mock battle was still going on on the screen.

Amon sees Zeto and the three members of the 4th team fighting.

‘I should have lived too.’

Amon thought so and went back to his seat.


“Mr. Amon! Here!”

As he returned to his seat, Crank and Lucia, who were eliminated first, were calling for Amon.

“…Does bread go over your mouth in this situation?”

Amon sat down next to Lucia, who was chewing on the bread.

Lucia was eliminated before Amon.

She was frightened until she died, and Amon, who was fighting Orpheel, was also hit by a wind cutter.

Still, unlike Amon, he killed one of the 4 members.

It was a truly bizarre thing.

“Ugh… Mr. Crank gave it to me… It’s delicious…”

“Do you want to eat almonds too? I went out and bought some because I dropped out early.”

Lucia cries while eating the bread, and then Crank hands out the bread to Amon.

“…don’t say no. Thank you.”

Amon can’t stand Crank’s cheeky smile and accepts the bread.

He too was hungry.

Amon took a bite of bread and looked at the screen.

The screen showed a tired Zeto.

‘I was told that stamina is consumed.’

Amon thinks of Zeto’s quicksword that took down Joe 1, and then opens his mouth.

“It’s strange to say it now, but I don’t think I’m qualified to go to the Armory.”

Amon shook his head and admitted his mistake.

Eventually, Crank, who had been listening to this, also helped out.

“I didn’t even know that I would finish second in the first place. But Jeto didn’t make sense… I did it just in case… Whatever it was, it’s not what I wanted because I was eliminated without a fight.”

“Ah, no… But I got my revenge on Mr. Crank right…!”

At Lucia’s words, Amon and Crank raise question marks.

Lucia, whether aware of it or not, takes a big bite of bread and shouts while looking at the screen.

“Um, um…! Mr. Jetto is doing something strange!”

Amon and Crank also focus on the screen.


Zeto, in Amon’s eyes, was skimming through the blade.

Amon judged it to be some kind of starting motion.

Since Zeto’s sword changed and he held the sword in reverse, it seemed that his swordsmanship had also changed.

Zeto is about to bring out his swordsmanship.

‘The long-distance slash that was shown in the labyrinth? A quick sword that consumes a lot of stamina?’

Either way, Amon was looking forward to it. Maybe, if it was Jetto, he wouldn’t know.

“Isn’t that… the one we suffered?”

“It was ridiculous to see the classroom when I closed my eyes and opened it.”

“It’s scary, it’s scary.”

The sound of mumbling was heard from all members of the team who had been hit by Zeto’s quick sword.


Then, Zeto, who swept through all of the blades, left a roar and disappeared from the screen.

At that moment, Amon instinctively counted seconds.

1 sec.

Jetto’s model passes Orphel in front of him, and Jetto disappears, leaving a red string around Orphel’s neck.

2 seconds.

The body of the cadet who used to be an archer after passing Orphell splits in an oblique line.

At this time, Jeto was nowhere to be seen.

From this point on, the cadets who have been watching this scene fall into astonishment.

3 seconds.

Before long, the invisible appearance of Jeto began to appear in Amon’s eyes.

The neck of Orpheel, whom he had passed by, fell and blood gushed out, and the archer’s body split in an oblique line.

Jetto stood still.

He stood still as he aimed his sword at Yuri’s neck as he was about to cast a spell.

Time continued to pass.

Yuri couldn’t move much, probably surprised by Zeto’s absurd speed.

Jetto was the first to move.

Blood began to spurt from Zeto’s mouth, and he collapsed.

The cadets’ astonishment begins to turn to doubt.

Both Crank and Lucia had the same doubts.

“J-J-Jet-san, why is he collapsing?!”

“What does it spurt so much blood? No matter how fantastic magic it is, it’s okay… isn’t it dangerous?”

But Amon knew the answer.

‘They say it’s hard on your stamina… Did you try it just in case…’

Amon admired Jeto.

With that exhausted body, even though all his allies died and he was left alone, his tenacity to not give up was… amazing.

The screen goes black and Edward announces the end of the mock battle.

Yuri’s magic, which was casting magic, naturally reached the fallen Zeto.

‘He’s a guy with many points to follow.’


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