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I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 55

55. Explosion

Me, Amon, Lucia, and the last cadet named Crank.

Four people were sitting in front of the map in the operation room.

Crank carried a large shield on his back.

‘Looks like a tanker…’

In this case, there are only two tanks in the group, including Amon.

I couldn’t say that the combination was absolutely good. Maybe I should use Amon as a dealer rather than a tank.


Suddenly, Crank, who was sitting in a chair, cleared his throat.

he made plans

Since I couldn’t see the map, I was naturally excluded, and Amon honestly said that he wasn’t confident about the strategy.

In the case of Lucia, ‘Can someone like me plan a strategy…?’ Everyone left without answering the remark.

All that was left was the crank.

“Wouldn’t second place be bad?”

Crank said in a quiet voice as he looked at the map, as if he was not confident in his strategy.

“Mandragora is of no use to me.”

“I-I wonder if it’s the same… It’s tasteless…”

Amon answered Crank’s question, and Lucia continued.

Amon and Lucia were families of the 4 elements.

Since they grew up eating all kinds of elixirs since they were young, it was hard to see the effect of Mandragora.

“If you end up in second place, you don’t need me. If that happens, there will be a labyrinth… Zeto, you can eat it.”

Amon glanced at me and said so.

“That… then I think anyone who wants mine will be able to use it. I would have been useless anyway…”

Lucia lowered her head without speaking.

‘Everyone is so motivated, I was thinking of just aiming for first place and swapping the reward with second place…’

things are different

Amon and Lucia’s share of the mandragora will remain, and even if you split it evenly with Crank, you’ll get two mandragora’s.

‘If this is the case, I’ll have no choice but to aim for second place as planned.’

I just think it’s okay if you don’t have a tee.

It was a pity for the members, but it was a difficult combination to finish third, let alone second place, if it wasn’t me in the first place.

Even if they were aiming for first place, there was no guarantee that they could do it unconditionally.

“Then, if you don’t get first place, it won’t be of any use to you guys. But can you sell the weapons you brought from the arsenal? I need a lot of money right now…”

Crank spit out those words while the team members were inevitably set to 1st place.

At this, Amon glared at Crank and opened his mouth.

“As far as I know, the sale of weapons in the Armory is against the spirit of the Academy. It’s a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years, so it won’t be easy to break it. I also want to donate weapons to the Academy before I die someday.”

“Hmm… I’m in a hurry, but then I can’t help it…”

Crank drools at Amon’s answer.

Amon or Lucia didn’t know, but Crank, a commoner, might need money.

‘Certainly, they were weapons that weren’t sold at the auction house.’

The weapons picked up in the arsenal came out as items that could not be sold in the game.

I don’t know if it was a ‘black market’ that could sell even unsellable items, but it was a big risk to enter the black market at the current level.

In the black market, powerful villains could also be encountered quite often.

I had to avoid encountering them as much as possible.

More than that, Crank seems to be having financial problems.

If that’s the case, he might rather be second and resell Mandragora.

“Rather than that, it’s a matter of being able to go to the Armory…”

Amon looked at a piece of paper on top of the map and brought up a realistic problem.

It was the paper Crank had received from Edward as he came in last.

The composition of the other groups was written on the paper.

“Even if group 1 is like that, group 3 and group 4 look strong…”

Crank said, scratching his head.

In Group 3, there were no other members, but there was Aisel, and in Group 4, there were Yuri and the successor of the Aisin family.

Unlike our group, group 4 has two people who fit the name of the family of the 4 elements.

Crank didn’t seem very good at plotting.

It seems that he was forced to take over.

Thinking that it would be better to help somehow, I talk to Crank.

“Did you say that you are only 1 trillion away from the map?”

“Yeah, only 1 trillion… Looking at the composition of the group, I think the instructor was trying to balance it out.”

As indicated on the map, groups 2, 3, and 4 were grouped together in a fairly large forest, and only group 1 was located far away from the other groups.

“Then… why don’t we go ahead and play the first group?”

Immediately after my suggestion, Crank looked at the map.

Crank then raises his voice as if he had discovered something.

“…I think it will work? Our group is the closest to group 1.”

“I think the first group will probably come towards the forest where the rest of the group are. Even if they start from afar, they’ll want to keep an eye on the situation. Is there a high ground for the first group on their way this way?”

“Highlands… there are. But why highlands? The other groups are in the forest, so even if they go up to the highlands, it will be difficult to see the details.”

Crank, who was examining the map, pointed to a part of the map and spoke to me in a timid voice.

“It’s not Team 1… Why don’t we go up to the high ground?”

I suggested tapping the map.

“Are you saying you’re going to go up to the high ground and play first group…”

“Even if 1 trillion doesn’t pass right under you, you can see where it’s moving… Then maybe you can hit the back?”

Amon and Crank nodded and summarized my words.

“Then, we have decided what to do. Avoid the eyes of the 3rd and 4th groups and get out of the forest. Then, go straight to the high ground and wait for the 1st group.”

I explained to the three people sitting in front of the map.

Groups 3 and 4 are left to fight each other in the woods, and after Group 1 is eliminated, the winner of Groups 3 and 4 will fight.

The opponents were inexperienced first-year students who had no experience yet.

I’m not going to come up with a grand strategy.

It was like that in the game too.

[My, disciple… Didn’t you want to eat Mandragora…? If it’s a weapon, isn’t the original girl enough…]

Sierra’s worried voice echoed in my head as she watched me.

I think I came to think that I was seriously aiming for 1st place after seeing how hard they worked.

However, as she said, the weapon was no longer needed.

Why would they bring a weapon they could neither sell nor use?

I only smiled lightly.


Shortly after the operation time was over, a small mock battle began.

I went into illusion magic, and the spawn location was the same as the information on the map.

We were able to get out of the woods in no time.

In the process of getting out of the woods, we didn’t even feel like we were being followed.

We arrived at the cliff that was the high ground safely, and the other members of the group except me were lying on the edge of the cliff and looking down to see where the first group would be.

From the forest on the other side, a roar could be heard from time to time, as if the 3rd and 4th groups were fighting.

Judging by the occasional burning of some trees, it seems that the glass is running amok.

I didn’t have to look under the cliff, so I was sitting leisurely on the ground in the cool breeze.

“What if… the first group is scared and doesn’t move…?”

Crank, who was looking down the cliff, gave out a voice filled with anxiety.

“I don’t think I would move… that’s why I didn’t understand when I first heard about this strategy…”

“Haa… Lucia, do you think all the students are like you?


Following Crank’s words, Lucia spat out nonsense, and Amon reprimanded her.

At this, Lucia starts to sob again.

In the midst of such small talk, Crank, who had been quietly looking down, gave a small shout.

“Hey…! I’m here…!”

The sound of the first group coming draws everyone’s attention to the cliff.

“Why are you coming…? Aren’t you scared? You guys…!”

Lucia, who discovered Group 1, stopped crying and became angry with Group 1.

Because he spoke very quietly, it was a cry that the first group below could not hear.

Amon, who had been watching Lucia like that, sighed, turned around, looked at me, and opened his mouth.

“If you’re going to attack, now seems like the right time. Luckily they’re passing right under the cliff.”

“That’s good news. Then let’s get started.”

I smiled, dusted off my clothes, and stood up.

“Miss Lucia? Please.”

At my continued call, Lucia stood up from her seat.

Even if they attacked from high ground, it wasn’t a large number of people, and three of them except for Lucia had to engage in close combat.

Even though Amon had a ranged check skill, the range was short, and it was because he couldn’t do anything more than check it.

Not to mention, my reverse heaven wasn’t yet reaching the bottom.

However, I couldn’t leave everything to Lucia at such a good timing, so it seemed better to descend directly and attack the first group.

Lucia stood up and immediately cast a spell on Amon, Crank, and me in turn.

The magic that Lucia gave us was wind magic called ‘Wind Touch’.

If this spell was applied, the wind floated right before falling, so it was possible to avoid falling damage.

“Something… It feels like the wind is blowing around…?

After receiving the buff from Lucia, Crank smiled brightly and gave a thumbs up.

“hehehe… I’m definitely from the Windless family…! This, this is no big deal…!”

Upon hearing the praise, Lucia proudly fluttered her bobbed hair.

“You make a fuss with a buff magic…”

Amon, who watched this, clicked his tongue.

The martial arts window was not very special in this world.

If you are skilled in magic, you can do infinite spears.

It slightly reduced the casting time, so each wizard had a different preference.

“I’ll leave the signal to you.”

I stood at the edge of the cliff and turned my head in the direction of Amon.

Soon after, Amon stood beside him and looked down…



Me, Amon, and Crank jump at the signal.

The cliff was higher than expected, so it took some time to fall.

The image of the crank holding the shield falling down is captured in the eyes.

They jumped at the same time, but I couldn’t figure out why he was falling first.

‘Because the shield is heavy?’

Common sense couldn’t do that.

The crank was falling freely as if it had been given over to the wind.

At this rate, it seemed that the crank would be the first to reach the ground.

Just like that, the crank was about to hit the ground.


As the level of ‘excellent sense’ was level 7, I was able to accurately reveal Crank’s embarrassment.

ㅡ kung!!!

Then, the crank crashes just as it fell, and dust rises with a roar.

‘Didn’t I receive the buff…?’

It was Lucia who applied the buff.

I thought that even though it was difficult to deal with enemies, the buffs would be properly applied… but I think it was a mistake.

Lucia was the bomb itself.

Amon was following the instructions well, so I couldn’t inadvertently take Lucia’s eccentricity into account.

As soon as I confirmed that the crank had crashed, I pulled out the ‘Sierra’ and drove it into the cliff next to it.

ㅡCard deuddeuk!!!

There was some resistance as the cliff cut away, but Sierra was so sharp that I had to give up stopping it completely.


Then, Amon, who fell faster than me, also gets stuck on the ground.

It seems that Amon had created the gauntlet just before the fall, so he probably wasn’t dead.

I decided to fall to where there were nearby trees.

He then kicks off the cliff and falls straight into a tree.

—-Ususu! Uss!

My body rolled back and forth as I bumped into and stabbed countless tree branches.


I was eventually able to fall to the ground.


As soon as I got up, I felt a slight pain.

[I managed to fall to the place where the tree is. Rather, the magic didn’t work… Then what kind of magic did Lucia use…? ]

Sierra expressed disapproval as if it seemed that he was quite suspicious.

Leaving Sierra behind me, I stood up and immediately jumped out of the bush and headed to where Amon was.

Eventually, Amon is seen in a handstand with the gauntlet stuck to the ground.

Amon, who was in a funny position, comes to his senses at the sound of my footsteps.

As soon as Amon came to his senses, he tried to pull out the gauntlet stuck in the ground.

Amon, who had been exerting himself with his feet on the ground, suddenly looked up and shouted loudly, as if his annoyance had not gone away.

“Lucia, you bitch—-!!! Come down immediately!! I’ll hit that disgusting face with a stone shower—-!!”

Amon was very angry.

Team 1, who was a little further away, heard Amon shouting and came running.

“What are they doing over there…?”

“If it’s Zeto and Amon, isn’t it Team 2?”

“Looks like they tried to attack us!”

They were obviously taken aback by the sudden turn of events.

They hadn’t been attacking yet, so there was time to catch their breath.

Just then, Lucia’s voice, looking down from the top of the cliff, is heard.

“Ji, let’s go down now…!!”

Lucia, who was the culprit behind everything, falls off the cliff.


At Lucia’s answer, Group 1 seemed to be having a hard time understanding the current situation, so they somehow tried to cover their panties, holding on to their skirts and watching Lucia falling off in awe.

Just before Lucia touches the ground, a gentle breeze blows and lifts her up as if wrapping her around, and soon her feet lightly and lightly touch the ground.

“Are you using it properly this time…? You really… ha…”

The ridiculous Amon sighed, not looking down at Lucia, and focused on pulling out the gauntlet that was still stuck in the ground.

“I’m sorry… I should have used ‘Hand of the Wind’… but I think I’ve used ‘Blessing of the Wind’… Where is Mr. Crank…”

Lucia, who had been weeping with her head down, looked around for the crank.

Lucia screams and runs out, probably discovering the crank.

“…Mr. Crank!!”

Looking at the condition of the crank seen from afar, blood was spurting from its mouth.

probably die soon

It doesn’t seem to fall to the back where the shield is.

I would have died if I had fallen to the side where the shield was.

I don’t know how far there.

Fortunately, it didn’t look painful because it was an illusion magic set up so that no pain was felt.

“Lucia… I was happy for a moment… I don’t know if it was the blessing of the wind or the touch… Cool…”

“Mr. Crank! Lord, Lord, don’t die! What about the armory…!”

Crank and Lucia have such a conversation, and soon Crank’s body begins to scatter as ashes.

“Please, please do my share…”

Crank completely turned to ash at the end of such vague words.

I was dumbfounded as I watched the scene, so I couldn’t say anything.

One of the four members of the crew died before the battle even started.

“They already have one dead, outnumbered!”

“Fully equipped!”

Now, not even 1 trillion was just watching.

They were already ready for battle.

“Fuck… why can’t you fall like this?”

Amon, whose gauntlet never came off, cursed and got nervous.

Watching him like that, I hand over a word.

“Shouldn’t it be possible to release the gauntlet?”

“It will take some time to make the gauntlet again after dispelling the magic, but I don’t know if that will be okay.”

Are you talking about cooldown?

Certainly, without the gauntlet, close combat, which Amon is so confident in, might be a bit difficult.

Lucia, who was on the other side, was sitting where the crank disappeared.

Was it shocked that he killed himself by mistake?

It was a mock battle, so it wasn’t really dead, but Lucia couldn’t stand up.

‘A bomb is also a bomb…’

A thought flashes through my mind that it would have been better to throw Lucia in the middle of the enemy.

“They’re out of their minds for some reason! Now!”

“Everybody attack!”

“It’s a chance to wipe out the unlucky 4 element families!”

“Ice Arrow!”

Naturally, Group 1 did not wait for us to do maintenance.

The four members of Team 1 began to attack us in their own ways.

Lucia’s astounding mistake was unthinkable.

If left as it is, Lucia is likely to die, and Amon will not have a gauntlet, so he will not be able to avoid being injured.

However, it was not very natural for me to not be able to use my hands against the first group.

A good idea came to my mind.

Moreover, if you use 2 copies of Yeokcheon for a long time, don’t you vomit blood?

I stepped in front of Amon, who was struggling to pull out the gauntlet.


He pulled out the sword at his waist and hit the arrows that flew by.

Then he spoke softly to Amon, who was standing behind him.

“…Give me three seconds.”


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