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I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 54

54. The Bomb

Nothing happened after that.

“Jetto… Hi…”

Yuri, who we met in the classroom, was clearly tired.


I could also see Eisel, who was staring at me beside him.

Even though that had happened, everything was going on as usual as if nothing had happened.

Yuri’s hair was braided finely as always, and Eisel had a sullen look on her face as usual.

Yuri, who was sitting next to me, bent down to look at Eisel and opened her mouth.

“Aisel, would you like to go to a cafe together afterward?”


Eisel, unable to overcome Yuri’s bright smile, answered in a small voice.

If there was a difference, it felt like Eisel and Yuri had gotten a little closer.

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Did they have a close conversation at Priscilla’s house last night?

Priscilla, Eisel, and Yuri.

Since there were only women, it could have been the chatter of ordinary women.

Well, I can’t imagine Priscilla or Eisel chatting like that.

Sitting between Eisel and Yuri, I prepared my plan while waiting for Edward.

3 seconds.

Time to write Chapter 2 without me vomiting blood and losing my mind.

It would be nice to train the physical strength to make the body strong, but the time was not enough.

In order to create a body that can endure Chapter 2 for a long time in a short period of time, I thought that ‘Elixir’ was essential.

‘It’s a matter of where to get it…’

Soon, the first graders will be going on a field trip to the north.

‘Was it possible to get the elixir there?’

Since I had some money left in my hand, buying an elixir with this money was not a bad choice.

If you can eat elixir, it’s good to eat as much as possible.

There might be elixirs that sometimes have side effects, but as long as you have information and knowledge, it won’t be a big problem.

ㅡ Clap!

Edward arrives in the classroom, claps once, and draws the attention of the cadets who were chatting.

Soon after, the eyes of the cadets gather on Edward and his mouth opens.

“Gentlemen, I bring you good news.”

The cadets are curious about Edward’s words, whose lips were constantly raised.

The eyes of Yuri, who was sitting next to her, were also shining.

Eisel and I didn’t react much because it seemed obvious what to say.

“We freshman cadets are going on a field trip this time! Now, applause!”

At Edward’s words that follow, the cadets applaud and watch.

ㅡ clap clap clap clap.

The reaction of the cadets who are talking to their friends while clapping their hands follows.

“But isn’t it important where you go on a field trip?”

“I heard from my seniors, they said they went to martial arts competitions as a group.”

“Ah, I’ve heard of that. I heard that even wizards participated without exception?”

A cadet bursts into laughter when he hears that the wizards are participating in a martial arts competition.

The place to go on a field trip was decided according to the opinions of the instructors or the principal, so it seems to be different each time.

“The field trip has been decided…fort Polwyn in the north! Exciting, isn’t it?”

Edward stopped talking, paused, and soon informed the cadets of the location.

Edward was waving his arms and raising his tension, but at the word fort, the cadets are dying.

Humans and demons were currently in a state of truce.

Fallwin Fortress located a little way down from the land of the demons.

To put it simply, it was a field trip to a military base.

“So it would be good to prepare an extra set of warm clothes in advance. The cold in the north is fierce.”

Edward said, raising his index finger.

One of the cadets who listened silently to Edward’s explanation raises his hand.

In response, Edward asked, pointing at the cadet.

“Yes? Ask a question.”

“It’s a long way to the north, but it’s not like riding a carriage…?”

“That’s a stupid question. Anyway, it’s Innocence Academy. We don’t use carriages normally.”

“of course?”

“Have you heard of an airship…?”

‘Airship’ is mentioned in Edward’s mouth and the energy of the cadets begins to revive.

Edward made an expression as if he had built an airship, then cleared his throat and continued talking.

“Keuheum, we’re going to travel by airship. If it’s an airship, the North will be right there.”

Looking at the reactions of the cadets, it seems that they decided to think that the airship was the main thing rather than the fortress.

This airship in the fantasy world has a rather strange appearance.

To put it mildly, it has the shape of a ship, that is, a ship.

It was a rare means of transportation even across the continent, but the academy had an entire airship.

I think this is the part where the dignity of the Graham family, who is in charge of the chairmanship, is revealed.

The cadets put Edward aside and started chatting with their friends, as if they were looking forward to the airship.

“Airship… I really wanted to ride it someday.”

Yuri was also excited.

Yuri was staring into space with her eyes wide open. As if there was an airship there.

‘It’s the first time for me, too, but…’

Why can’t I expect so much?

It wasn’t because I had already experienced things such as airplanes and subways, which can be called modern artifacts.

Still, since it’s a fantasy, it will be more romantic than that.

Still, I wasn’t expecting it.


[It’s an airship… I guess I’ll have to hold on to my student…]

…I had Sierra.

I feel like I have to carry Sierra on my back the whole time I’m on the airship.

‘What’s the point of a luxurious room…’

I couldn’t help it.

If it was a penalty for being able to talk to Sierra, wouldn’t it be a penalty?

Maybe I should ask her to stay in the urethra for a while.

“Before that… I have more good news. Before we go on a field trip, we’re going to have a special class.”

Edward, who had been waiting for the cadets to become quiet, judged that he had soon calmed down and spat out those words.

‘A special class?’

Edward’s words light up his eyes.

Even though the twinkling eyes won’t be visible to others.

If it was a special class, there was a high possibility that the reward would also be special.

“I’m going to conduct a small mock battle. As it’s a class for my classmates, I paid special attention to fantasy magic.”

Small Mock Battle.

I remember experiencing it in the game.

To put it simply, it was a team deathmatch.

I remember that it was notorious content for users.

I was lucky, so to speak.

As with most games, there were a lot of teammates and players who blindly tried to play alone.

I was one of those people when I first played the game.

However, many-to-one battles are not easy.

Even the players were class A at best. This means that the overall level is high.

The first time you play the game and get seduced by multiple enemies… only then does the player begin to sense that something is wrong.

Small mock battles had to be strategically approached in coordination with the crew.

Besides, breathing is not everything.

The ability of each member of the team was also important.

So, if the members were chosen well, it was easy to win first place.

So, there were many players who repeated saving and loading until good members were selected to win first place.

Well, I was the type to enjoy twisting my body and winning first place even if I had bad luck.

Why are you obsessed with rankings?

Small mock battles have always been rewarding.

It was often an item that was of great help to the players.

Just in time, Edward was opening his mouth with a sinister smile.

“In this mock battle, there are rewards to encourage active participation of the cadets! A group of 4 people, so there will be a total of 4 groups, right? Unfortunately, there is no reward for 4th place. The same goes for 3rd place.”

Not many cadets were expecting a reward.

Even if it is Innocence Academy, there are words among the cadets that they would give a reward in class.

“…Then, let’s start with the first place. Joe who has won the honorable first place will be given the opportunity to choose a weapon from the academy’s armory.”

At Edward’s shocking words that follow, most of the cadets’ eyes widen.

The Academy’s arsenal was not simply a warehouse of weapons.

Innocence Academy is an academy with hundreds of years of tradition.

There were many times when graduates died and donated their weapons, and there were times when absurd weapons were found in the labyrinth.

Various mystical weapons lie dormant in the arsenal.

‘I see how well he persuaded Julius…’

It was a reward that was so good that it was not easy to see in the game.

However, it did not appeal to me.

I had Sierra.

The urethra was essential to use demon swordsmanship.

Even if it wasn’t for demon swordsmanship, ‘Sierra’ was comparable to the level of a fairly famous sword.

After all, it was a sword made by the gold dragon ‘Dedros’ after opening his warehouse.

But unlike me, the eyes of the other cadets were burning.

‘At least I can’t see a guy who won’t work hard.’

At least, Eisel was squeamish for the same reason as me.

Wizards could wear various types of weapons, starting with wands and arm guards, as long as they were useful for magic, but judging from Eisel’s expression now, it seems that she has already acquired her own exclusive weapon.

‘Was it a staff member and a spear?’

I don’t usually take it out, but I remember taking it out during important battles.

The stylishly designed golden spear is in the shape of a small rod, and when used, when unfolded, turns into a spear with a rattle.

Some users asked if it was so cool that they couldn’t use Eisel’s weapon.

Here’s the reason why it’s called an exclusive weapon, but it had to be seen that it could never be obtained unless the method of obtaining it was Eisel.

“Of course, there are rewards for second place. Compared to the armory, it’s a small reward… but when I went on a trip this time, they sold ‘Mandragora’ at the auction house?”

While Edward is continuing his explanation, he takes out a mandragora from his chest and shows it to the cadets.

say make it

A root plant in human form.

It is well known that the screams heard when a mandragora is pulled out make people deaf.

Growing and harvesting this mandrago, which was difficult to grow, was an obvious ‘elixir’ that raised maximum stamina and mana.

However, the number does not increase very much.

Compared to other famous elixirs, the class was a little lower.

where is that though

No matter what, the price was expensive as it was an elixir.

It was to the point of worrying about Edward’s wallet, who had bought four mandragora with his own money.

[You don’t want to eat that, disciple…? The original woman has already eaten it, and that is not something humans can eat. ]

Sierra looked at me and the Mandragora that Edward was holding, looking puzzled.

…Yes. Mandragora was famous for its tastelessness.

I couldn’t even eat it.

There was a reason why we had to rank 2nd instead of 1st.

Edward wraps the mandragora in cloth again and puts it in his bosom. Joe says that he has already woven something to balance it out, and out of nowhere spreads four tents in the middle of the classroom.

“When fighting together with colleagues, you have to set up a strategy first. These tents are the operation rooms. As soon as your name is called, you can enter the corresponding group’s tent.”

…It’s been quite a while since Edward’s class reward was good.

Moreover, Mandraragora has no intention of giving up.

Now, you just need to organize well.


I was in group 2.

Guided by Edward, I was the first to enter the second tent.

He says I’m the leader of Team 2.

The inside of the tent was wider than expected.

Perhaps there was a separate soundproofing spell, so I couldn’t hear Edward calling the other cadets by name from outside the tent.

The operation room had a table with a map on it like a operation room, and there were several things such as various chess pieces.

It was the same structure as the game.

Thanks to that, old memories were coming back.

For strategy, the map included information such as where each group spawned, how the terrain was organized, and so on.

But since I have bandages around my eyes… I think we’ll have to leave the planning to the other members.

I don’t know if it’s to the extent of commanding in the middle of a battle.

It seems unreasonable to set up a plan while looking at the map.

‘What will the composition of the crew be like…’

Since Edward said it was a group he personally made to be balanced, Eisel and Yuri were naturally excluded.

‘Apart from those two, no one has a significant connection.’

It was still difficult to take care of others as I was focusing on my own growth.

while thinking about that.

Suddenly, the leg of an unknown person squeezes through the tent.

ㅡ kung.

The sound of footsteps stepping into the tent was heavy.

‘…If he has a kite, I should say he has one.’

Among the 4 Elemental Families on the Continent, the Caligus Family of Earth Magic.

The son of Maxim Caligus, the current head of the Caligus family.

It was Amon Caligus.


Amon enters the operation room without saying anything and sits down in a chair.

Soon after, he opens his legs and crosses his arms and starts staring at me.

[It’s the Caligus kid I saw in the labyrinth before. Isn’t that guy strong enough? That’s great. ]

Sierra, who narrowed her eyes as she glared at Amon, said that.

Certainly, Amon was not weak.

However, Amon did not have particularly good memories of the small mock battles I experienced in the game.

It was a passive thing to disobey the player’s command and act on its own at any time, and often spit out words that lowered the morale of the team members.

Because of this, Amon during small mock battles was treated as a bomb by users.

When Amon shows his face, ‘I won’t listen, because I’m a man.’ There were many users who loaded saves for reasons such as this.

Unusually, the evaluation is different when he has a small mock battle after riding the Gaegwacheonseon route.

After Gaegwacheonseon, Amon received good reviews as a tank like a reliable soup.

But I didn’t mix well with him, let alone Amon’s reform route.

I couldn’t even save and load like the game.

‘Yes, if it’s Amon, it might not be too bad.’

Once strong, it cannot be denied.

If he calms down well, he might be a reliable tank.

I turned my head to Amon, who was glaring at me, and opened my mouth.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a conversation like this since the Labyrinth, right?”

“…I hate to talk about that.”


The conversation with him ended with Amon’s firm reply.

‘As expected, it’s not easy to follow…’

The conversation with Amon is abruptly cut off, and an icy atmosphere continues in the operation room.


It was the appearance of the next member who broke through the long silence.

She cautiously entered the operation room, her eyes tightly closed.

“That… well, well, please take good care of us…!”

Immediately, out of nowhere, I bow my back and say hello.

She… hadn’t even looked at me or Amon.

Amon watched this and sighed.


“Eww… Mr. Amon…?”

Amon and she knew each other.

could only be acquaintances.

The name of that woman with her pale blue hair trembling and trembling was Lucia Windris.

He was a member of the same family as Amon and Yuri.

Wind Magic’s Windless Go.

Caligus of Earth Magic.

Two of the four elemental families gathered.

Nevertheless, I had to barely hold back a sigh.

Lucia is not in a good position even within the Windris family.

That would be too…

“Of course, with that bitch…”

“Mr. Amon… Please don’t… be so angry… Huh…”

When Amon got nervous, Lucia spoke softly with a trembling voice.

Lucia’s eyes were tearing up when she said that.

…She had too many timid ones.

The magic talent itself is exceptional, but it is so timid that it is not able to use it properly.

Thus, Lucia was treated badly even within the family.

In the game, when Lucia finds an enemy, she suddenly gets ‘fear’, a state abnormality, or attacks her allies in a panic.

That’s why, except for the fact that she was a woman, she was treated as a bomb even worse than Amon.

It was the second bomb after Amon.

‘I might have to aim for second place by myself…’

Eisel didn’t seem to be sincere during this mock battle, so considering the power of Reversal Heaven, it wouldn’t be too much to do alone.

But since there are two bombs in the open, there is an error for some reason.

It was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time, something I could feel while playing a game.

I wanted to make the bombs in front of me somehow do their job.

“Now, don’t be so cold. You’re a comrade I’ll be fighting with in the future, right?”

Blocking the gap between Amon and Lucia, he spoke in a friendly tone.

“Hey, give up the arsenal. There’s no answer to taking a guy like that.”

Amon glared at Lucia and told me.

Lucia weeps at Amon’s words.

However, I did not back down from Amon’s grumbling.

“No, we can.”

“…He must have gone out of his mind. He must be saying this because he doesn’t know who Lucia Windris is. That guy is a guy who will stay still and cast magic at our allies.”

Amon sneered at my answer and said so.

It was not wrong.

I know from experience in the game.

If Amon was a water bomb, Lucia was a real bomb.


Even so, he just looked at Amon in silence.

Silence ensues between me and Amon.

The last member of the group who came in before I knew it was looking at me and Amon alternately with Lucia to see what was going on.

Eventually, unable to withstand the silence, Amon opened his mouth.

“Are you… seriously trying to win first place?”


Amon clicked his tongue at my firm answer, which was immediately followed.

However, life begins to circulate in the eyes of Amon, who had been clicking his tongue.

Amon would definitely want to go to the armory.

You’ll want to go and get some good weapons.

“Yeah, I hate to admit it, but… you and I could be the strongest combination…”

Amon turns his head away from me and suddenly starts talking nonsense.

“Let’s do something. Armory… let’s go! We have Jeto, I, and Amon Caligus!”

Finally, Amon stood up, raised his fist and shouted in a thick voice.

At Amon’s sudden action, an unknown cadet who was the last member of the group immediately reads the atmosphere and exclaims, ‘Let’s go!’

“Uh, uh… let’s go…!”

Lucia, who saw this, also closed her eyes, raised her arms and shouted.

It was as calculated.

Maybe a little more than the calculation… I don’t know if it’s too much.

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Despite what I said, I had absolutely no intention of going to the armory or winning first place.

This was all a performance to elicit active participation from Amon.

In order to proceed smoothly, Amon had to follow my lead.

‘Leave a group that will be number one, and aim for number two by dying in a plausible way.’


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