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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 9: His Misunderstanding (1) Bahasa Indonesia

It was only natural that Rafael was worried. His wife was so small. Her hands and feet were as small as a doll’s, and so was her delicate white face. This made it a little difficult for him to treat her harshly. No matter how hard he controlled his strength, his grip which had trained with the sword, was strong enough to hurt her. So in the end, he had no choice but to let her go, even though he was suspicious.

In the meantime, Annette slipped out of Rafael’s grasp. As she stood up from her seat, she didn’t want to miss this opportunity. She softly said goodbye to Rafael and tried her best not to make it seem, as if she was running away from him.

“I’ll go back to my room first today. Rafael, I think you are a little drunk now. If you have any questions for me, let’s talk when you are sober tomorrow. I’ll be going now, then.”

After finishing her words in a smooth flow, Annette felt quite proud of herself. She was able to come out of an argument very rationally, all by herself.

‘Why couldn’t I do it in my previous life?’

Because of this, she always fought with Rafael.

‘We fought really badly back then.’

Annette turned around and felt a little sad. If she had handled it as well as she did now, they would have hurt each other less. However it was too rash to let her guard down with Rafael now behind her. He was not a naive man to let her go so easily.

The moment Annette grabbed the doorknob, all of a sudden, all of her nerves stood up and warned her of an imminent danger. It was like a reflex of a herbivorous animal that sensed a predator coming from behind.

Annette turned her head in surprise. No, she tried to turn it. But her body was stuck close to the door, and behind her, Rafael crushed her and held her immobilized. The hot breath that fell on her ears, made her shudder.

“I told you, Annette. Today is the first night of our honeymoon and you can never run away from me.”

His faint deep-toned voice sounded just like a low roar of a beast. After speaking, Rafael stuck out his tongue and licked her round earlobe. At that moment, Annette sensed a crisis and tried to flee.

“Where are you going?”

But the arms that locked her from behind, had no intention of letting her go. Annette was trapped between the door and Rafael’s body. Before she knew it, his hand grabbed the back of her thin chemise. Due to his terrifyingly strong grip, the cloth got torn in half and loosely flowed down to the center of her back.


Annette quickly grabbed the front of her chemise, which was also about to flow down. She somehow managed to prevent exposing her front, but unfortunately could not do anything about the bared part of her back.


Rafael was dazzled by the white skin that was revealed on her back. He bowed his head like a beast trying to bite off a rabbit’s neck, and bit and sucked the back of her neck pretty hard. Annette gasped and almost stopped breathing. A rough breath stroked her exposed elegant nape and her body trembled unconsciously. She felt goosebumps all over her skin.

Rafael’s hand, which stretched out from behind, pressed her shoulders down so that she couldn’t move. He pushed her petite body closer to the door and began to place fervent kisses along her back. The sensation of fingertips over her prominent wingbones was too vivid.

“Shh, you’re gonna stay still, aren’t you? Now you’re my wife Annette.”

Rafael bit her exposed earlobes gently, trying his best not to cause her any harm. The wet sounds and the feeling of his tongue licking the inside of her ear, was too much for Annette. She shrugged her body and tightly grabbed onto her chemise. She couldn’t understand why he was doing this to her. He always looked at her with such cold hatred in his eyes, but on the other hand, he would touch and kiss her so passionately as if he desired her.

‘What if Rafael really wants to spend the first night?’

Annette, who was stuck close to the cold door, was terrified. The first night of her previous life was terribly painful. Annette was hoping that Rafael will soon end the act and consider it a brief whim. But the pouring kisses around her neck were getting more and more hot.

“Annette…Annette, my noble wife. Please tell me directly with that mouth. Have you already given your body to the Crown Prince Ludwig? Huh?”


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