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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 7: First Night(1) Bahasa Indonesia

Annette tried to calm herself down. She felt her face burning by just thinking about the deep kiss. But the more she tried, the hotter her face became. When she heard Rafael’s laughter at seeing her reddened face, she was so embarrassed that she couldn’t bear it even more. Annette eventually gave up and hid her face in her bouquet.

Rafael, who was watching Annette like this, thought that her desperate bird-like appearance was very cute. Her manner was somehow reminiscent of a rabbit burrowing into a burrow. He thought she was a quiet girl who was like a doll, but looking at her like this, she seemed a little different.

When Rafael saw her ears turning red, which were exposed through her gracefully tied blonde hair, he finally laughed out loud. “Ha ha!”

Rafael laughed out loudly and hugged her shoulder, pretending to be friendly. Since Annette had worked this hard, he also needed to keep up with the rhythm, so as not to disappoint all the bloodthirsty eyes here.

Annette felt her heart flutter a little at his smile. She became even more embarrassed and could not show her face. She walked out of the room as he led her.

The atmosphere of the wedding ceremony heated up thanks to the steamy kissing scene. Unlike in her previous life, the guests praised and blessed the couple saying, “Annette and Rafael are a perfect match.” It was amazing to see how the evaluation could change even though it was the same wedding.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the reception was amicable all the time.

So Annette’s second wedding ended well. Although her father, Allamand seemed a little displeased, he did not criticize or blame Rafael. Everything worked out really well.

However one more important event remained. It was none other than the ‘first night’ of the bride and the groom.


“When will Rafael come?”

Annette rubbed her sleepy eyes. She was very tired. She had to wake up early in the morning and then worry about successfully completing her wedding. All this took quite a toll on her. So she couldn’t help but fall asleep. She eventually leaned against the bedpost and began to doze off.

‘How long has it been?’

Suddenly, she heard the door open. Rafael, wearing a robe over his large body, strode into the room. His black hair and firm chest, which was still wet, gleamed under the light. Raphel’s deep blue eyes looked straight at her just like a predator who had found his prey.

“You haven’t slept yet.”

Rafael was so tall and well built, that his mere appearance made the bedroom suddenly feel like it was cramped. His half naked body gave off an overbearing feeling of intimidation just like a giant black panther. Annette quickly got out of bed, feeling an unknown sense of crisis. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips nervously.

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Rafael’s eyes deepened at her strangely naive answer. Even though it was a trivial answer, it felt strangely stimulating. The atmosphere in the quiet room suddenly became tense with anticipation. Fortunately, it was Rafael who broke this awkward silence first.

“Come on, let’s have a drink.”

Blinking at the unexpected suggestion, Annette went to him instantly. Rafael’s reaction was different today, perhaps because the wedding ended well. In her previous life, he didn’t even recommend drinking. Rafael, who appeared drunk all alone, rushed to her in a craze and ……No, there was no need to recall the painful memories.

Annette calmly sat down in front of him. Rafael tilted the bottle and filled her glass with wine. The clear golden liquid smelled fragrant and strong. It was an expensive wine that he enjoyed. Rafael, who half filled Annette’s glass, suddenly looked up at her questioningly,

“You know how to drink, right?”

Unlike Rafael, Annette didn’t enjoy drinking that much. Since Rafael was friendly with her for the first time, she didn’t want to ruin this atmosphere. Annette, as he suggested, took the glass of wine and chugged it’s contents down. She felt a burning sensation as if her esophagus had caught fire.


Rafael, who had already emptied his glass, looked at Annette with resolute eyes. His deep blue eyes slowly skimmed over Annette’s small face, gentle eyes, and flushed cheeks. His gaze stopped at her lips that were as alluring as a blooming bud.

At that moment, Rapel frowned and his forehead furrowed in displease . He was annoyed with the fact that he felt some sort of sexual attraction towards Annette. He couldn’t believe he lusted a woman from the Bavarian family, who despised his illegitimate status.

Rafael’s blue eyes turned cold.

Annette, who had not yet noticed this change in Rafael, put down her glass and touched her burning cheeks. When she looked up at him, she was stunned.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Annette, who had already been married to Rafael, quickly realized something was wrong with him. She didn’t know why, but Rafael’s face was pretty twisted at the moment. Not surprisingly, as soon as their eyes met, Rafael smiled sardonically.

“Come on, now that you’ve had a drink, be honest with me.”


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