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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 6: Kiss and Vow (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The sharp eyes of Rafael noticed that the more Annette smiled brightly, the more she tightly grabbed onto her bouquet. He snickered as he looked at this. That’s right! How could Annette Bavaria fall in love with him, she was just putting up an act for everyone.

Rafael was a little impressed with her boldness. He was very satisfied with how wisely she behaved in front of others. But at the same time, he was also disgusted at her. After all, she was a woman who had tried every trick to become the Crown Princess.

Rafael did not like her.

When he saw Annette hesitating on seeing the pastor, he forcibly pulled her arms. It was truly annoying! It seemed that she had still not yet given up her regrets on not becoming a queen. It was good that Annette later cooperated with him and he didn’t have to force her before the pastor. After that, he didn’t pay much attention to her.

“Now, the groom may kiss the bride and then take your vows.”

When the pastor said these words, only then did Rafael come to his senses. He had forgotten about the last procedure of the ceremony.

Rafael looked casually down at Annette’s face, which was revealed over the veil. She was a pretty woman with a doll-like face and striking blonde hair. But he didn’t really have a particular desire to kiss her.

No, he refused to kiss the snake-like Bavarian woman.

Surprisingly at that very moment, Annette grabbed his collar and kissed him. The texture of the rustling cotton cloth tickled his face, and a wonderful flowery scent permeated his senses. As soon as he felt her trembling lips pressed against his, Rafael became stiff.

‘Now….What…What are you doing now?’

The kiss was short and in a blink of an eye, Annette removed her lips and looked up at him with trembling eyes. She seemed as if she was regretting what she did. Annette, who had been looking at Rafael’s face for a while, soon lowered her eyes as if it was all over.

The moment he saw that face, Rafael felt a strange tingling feeling in his chest.

He couldn’t let himself be swayed by the sly Bavarian woman. So Rafael retaliated by kissing her fiercely. He licked her soft lips and swallowed them up, without leaving even a breath of her sweet scent.

And soon he regretted his decision.

Kissing Annette felt damn good. The texture of the shy little tongue attached to the tip of his tongue, was tantalizingly soft. As he sucked on her tongue, a trembling breath of surprise came out of Annette’s mouth.

He was amused at seeing Annette pretending to be innocent. But at that moment, she had Rafael quite moved. He had to do his best to get away from those lips, which tasted like honey.



A thread of silver liquid glistened and disappeared between the two parted lips. Annette’s bewildered face looked like as if she was completely lost. She, who was always calm and quiet, was so stiff that she resembled a scared rabbit.

The moment he saw her face, Rafael unexpectedly burst out laughing. He thought she was a woman who was evil to the core and didn’t know what she was thinking. But looking at her like this, she seemed to have a cute side to her. The unexpected kiss made his lower body feel quite agitated, which hardly ever reacted like this. He somehow seemed to be looking forward to the first night with her.

His laughter tickled Annette’s forehead at a close distance. Only then did her rosy pink eyes return back to focus.


Annette’s face when she came back to her senses became red.

‘What did you do in front of so many guests!’

Anyway, it was fortunate that Rafael did not refuse to kiss her. Annette, who was unaware of Rafael’s expectations for the upcoming night, was relieved for now.


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