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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 55 Bahasa Indonesia

Raphael knew he had done ten times more wrong than what he had done right. The side profile of Annette’s face, which he looked at while contemplating, was absolutely beautiful. A round forehead with a soft nose, long eyelashes, and red lips. People just couldn’t help but keep on looking at her.

Raphael felt a sense of crisis. If he now hesitated and didn’t say what he had to say in time, or again lost his temper at her, Annette might leave him forever. And surely, she would forget about a bad guy like him and meet someone else. With whom, she would then eat and live well. After a brief period of silence, Raphael finally called out her name.

“Annette, I…….”

Just then, Annette’s head drooped and leaned on his chest. Even though she was sitting on a man’s lap, she was too defenseless. Frustrated by this, Raphael didn’t say what he was trying to say and looked down at her. Her pale eyelids were completely closed, and slow rhythmic breaths escaped out of her lips.

“…you, are you sleeping?”

Of course, no answer came back from the sleeping Annette. She seemed to have fallen asleep while Raphael was thinking about the right time to apologize to her. Well, come to think of it, Annette usually fell asleep as soon as her head touched a soft surface.


A peal of desolate laughter flowed out of Raphael’s lips. Completely ignorant of his anguish, Annette leaned on his chest and slept like a baby. With his head tilted back, Raphael sighed and hugged Annette’s body more tightly. He wanted to protect the dream of this naive sleeping woman, who left her body defenseless before a terrible beast.

* * *

The morning sunlight tapped on her thin eyelids, disturbing her sleep. Annette instinctively turned her head from the window and burrowed herself into a pair of warm arms. A body, large enough to cover her up, pulled her closer and hugged her tightly. She felt a little stuffy as her breasts were pressed against the hot and hard body.


When Annette groaned sleepily, the arms loosened a little bit. ‘Yeah, this is much better.’ The forearm, which was wrapped around her body, was a little heavy as if it would never let her go. But strangely she didn’t dislike the feeling.

A little awake, Annette rubbed her cheek against the firm, smooth skin in front of her. The pulsating heartbeats and the warmth radiating from the body felt pleasant. She unknowingly stuck a little closer to the skin and put her body in close contact with it. Then a terrible low groan rang over her head.

“Annette…. if you stick to me like that, damn it.”

The skin against which she was rubbing her cheeks became a little hotter. It was like a hearth that radiated heat the more you touched it. The sound of the heartbeats also became loud, making her ears ring. At the loud noise, Annette eventually lifted her heavy eyelids.

When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a hard muscular chest. Annette’s half-asleep eyes found wide shoulders, a sensual neck, and a beautiful face along with the manly muscles. It was a beautiful and cold face, just like a sculpture, and the blue eyes in it were intensely looking down at her as if they would erupt in flames.

“… Raphael?”

Annette generally was a bit weak-minded in the morning. After waking up her muddled head, she managed to figure out who the good-looking person lying in front of her was. When his name was called, Raphael licked his lips and smiled sensually. His deep blue eyes held a dangerous glint, which unknowingly mesmerized Annette.

“It’s good that you’re up. Then I don’t have to put up with it anymore.”

As soon as Raphael’s words fell, Annette’s vision suddenly flipped over and she found herself facing the ceiling. Raphael parted her legs, grabbed her ass, and buried his face down there like a hungry beast. Before Annette could react, his lips covered her core and sucked her sensitive folds.

“Oh, hmm!”

The hot tongue licked the sensitive clitoris and poked around her core. In response, Annette’s waist flinched and bounced upward. Her legs flailed about, unable to stay still due to his relentless attack. Annoyed with this, Raphael grabbed her thighs and pressed them on the sheet. He kept on licking the place as if honey was flowing between Annette’s legs. His hot lips covered her clitoris and sucked vigorously, making her eyes flash and legs tremble.

“Huh, Raphael! That’s weird..No….I don’t want to.”

Tears fell from Annette’s wide-open eyes. He licked her legs so tenaciously that she was afraid that her legs would melt away. Suddenly his long thick fingers slowly poked through the narrow opening and rubbed her insides. Whenever the thick fingers went in and out of the little hole, a tantalizing pleasure spread throughout her body. As the speed of his fingers gradually increased, her vision started to blur and she could hear the loud squelching sounds coming from down there.

“Oh, heung.. aak.. heung.. ah, ah!”

Annette reached her peak with her head down. Raphael, after getting up, licked and bit her neck violently and groaned. The beast-like voice was intimidating but also deeply aroused Annette’s desires.

“I just used my fingers to enter you. Did it feel that good? You’re dripping wet.”

His penis, which had erected all of a sudden, rubbed over her pussy. It looked terribly intimidating as if it wanted to be put inside right away. However, the inner walls of her vagina, which remembered the taste of the man, were tingling and contracting in anticipation. At that moment, Raphael, who was teasingly licking Annette’s ears, whispered.

“Don’t tell me, are you clenching your insides? Do you want me to put it in so badly?”

Annette’s eyes turned red with shame. Seeing her bite her lips and look at him with wet eyes, Raphael stopped moving as if he was frozen. Just as Annette was wondering about his strange behavior, her body was suddenly dragged down and a large penis squeezed into her.

“Oh, so suddenly….…!”

“I can’t stand it, damn it. If it hurts, just hit me.”

Raphael grabbed Annette’s hand and placed it on his cheek. He then frowned and let out an impatient groan. The taste of the hot and moist inner walls almost drove him crazy. As he slowly moved a couple of times, the flesh that clung to him every time he took out his penis, felt really good. Unable to hold back anymore, he continued to ram into her ferociously.

“You’re so tight, Annette. You’re clenching onto me so tightly.”

“Ah ah Raphael ah!”

As he spread her ass wide, Raphael landed soft blows on it, enough to leave his handprints. He was so deep inside her that she almost felt suffocated. His large, hot penis filled her narrow walls and rubbed all the places where it felt good. Regardless of her will, her eyes filled with tears as her body was gripped by the terrible pleasure. Annette cried and begged Raphael because she could almost feel her brain melt due to the heat.

“You’re too fierce. Slow down a little, ah, a little slowly…….”

“How should I slow down now when you’re sticking to me like this? Is that truly what you want?

Raphael sneered and again flipped her body over. His big hands raised her knees and made her pose like a bitch. Raphael began to thrust from behind in that posture. His penis roughly poked her insides with a new-found ferocity. In the new posture, he rammed deeper into her, hitting all her sensitive spots. Annette screamed as the bitter-sweet sensation of pain and pleasure rushed through her body.

“Ah, ngh! Uh, this posture…no! Oh!!”

The rutting dog-like posture stimulated Annette’s shame. Whenever she was stabbed by the large penis from the back, Annette felt numb with pleasure. Annette’s legs, which had been overworked since morning, eventually slipped onto the sheets. Raphael reached out and cruelly rammed into her, lifting only her hips.

“Don’t you like it? You’re so tight, sucking me in like this… Ohh, it’s so hot and tight that it’s such a mess inside.”

Raphael pushed his penis all the way in and then slowly pulled it out. The feeling of his thick glans moving in and out of her while rubbing her insides felt too vivid. Just as he said, she could feel her warm insides suck his penis in. Feeling ashamed by this, Annette cried and tried to crawl away from his grasp.

But Raphael was not the type to let the prey he was eating run away. He pulled Annette’s arms back and plunged deeper into her hot insides. The obsession that he felt as he grasped her thin wrist was chilling but also increased his sexual appetite. The penis, moving in and out of her, brutally poked at her sensitive spots.

“Ah, yes, ha, ang! Huh!”

As the hot sparks of passion burst in every inch of her body, she clenched the sheets in desperation. Although she was begging him to stop, her body shuddered with delight instead. Annette eventually reached her climax. Tremors shook her body as she let herself go. But Raphael kept on thrusting harder and harder, cutting through the convulsing walls. Hot, white flashes of passion blinded her as she was again stimulated during her peak. The pleasure of being strongly stimulated in the sensitive places almost felt like violence.

“No, now, aang! No, no, stop! Please… Ahh!!”

Annette kept on crying as the familiar tingling sensation built up inside her once again. Hearing her cries, Raphael leaned down to lick her neck and bit her hard. Surprised, Annette reflexively tightened, making Raphael thrust even harder. It was so intense that she almost felt that the thickness and shape of his penis were going to be etched into her inner walls.

“I told you not to tighten up, Annette. Do you want me to mess you up more?”

“Now, ah! St ..ah stop……ngh!”

She was afraid if they did it again, she wouldn’t be able to close her legs. As he hugged Annette’s weeping body, Raphael buried his raging desire deep inside her. The penis, buried in her tight walls, wriggled and spilled out hot fluids. That was the last feeling Annette felt before she lost her consciousness.


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