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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 53 Bahasa Indonesia

The relationship between the two different brothers had been quite complicated for a long time. In fact, it was a relationship that was bound to be complicated.

In terms of age, Raphael was a couple of years older than Ludwig, but he was just an illegitimate child. And Ludwig was the heir of the noble royal family. Although they had the same father, their positions were very different, just like the difference between the sky and earth. In short, if Ludwig was the light, then Raphael was the shadow cast behind it.

Raphael didn’t want to marry Annette as Ludwig’s substitute. And on top of that she was a woman from the Bavarian family, who were big pedigree supremacists. Raphael and Bavaria were literally poles apart. So he expected the marriage to be nothing more than a wreck.

‘But now…..’

He hated to admit it but Annette had become someone special to him. The tears falling from her eyes felt like hot candle wax falling over his heart. Because of his misunderstandings, he wrongfully berated her, but now he could see that it was over there that he started to lose his treasure. This happened all because Ludwig kept on hanging around and snooping around other people’s wife. Raphael’s eyes became cold when he saw Ludwig.

“Annette is my wife now. And she feels uncomfortable running into you,Your Highness. I don’t understand why people who already have a fiancée would keep doing this. Does Your Majesty know about this?”

Ludwig laughed ridiculously at the mention of his father. As Ludwig leaned against the wall, a sharp answer naturally came out of his mouth.

“I didn’t realize I had to get permission from my father at this age. I was just going to attend the party with my fiancée, but she canceled at the last moment, so I had to come alone.”

“Ha! Even a child won’t believe in such excuses. Then since my wife doesn’t have anything to do, I’ll take her and leave.”

Raphael smiled and tried to turn his back. Ludwig, who had not yet met Annette, became nervous. On the surface, he pretended to be calm, but it was true that he had come here to meet Annette. Raphael was again going to take her away from him. Ludwig’s demeanor broke down when he heard Raphael’s words as if Annette only belonged to him.

“Why, are you now afraid that you’ll lose your wife if she sees me? You were the one who whined to father that you didn’t want to get married to her. You said you didn’t like a woman from the Bavarian family who were all like snakes. Then why? Now, is it that you started liking snakes? It’s ridiculous that you’re saying this now.”

Raphael’s face, as he looked back, became blue with anger. In the first place, he was the type who used his fist to talk. But this time, the opponent wasn’t good. If he had achieved the ability of Sword Master, he could have landed him a blow or two, but he was not in a position to do so yet. King Selgratis sure would not forgive Raphael for assaulting the Crown Prince. So Raphael folded his arms and tightly clenched his fist to hold himself back.

“If she really was so precious to you, then why didn’t you do anything earlier? Unlike me, you knew from the beginning that Annette was falsely accused. Annette must have felt heartbroken because you knew everything and still did nothing. Now, she has no regrets or feelings for you, Your Highness.”

“And you? Do you think Annette loves you? No way! She’s a noble and delicate woman. So she would never like a rude bastard like you.”

Ludwig, who was stabbed in his sore spot, gritted his teeth and mocked Raphael. When Ludwig, the royal heir, looked down at him contemptuously, Raphael clenched his jaw. Just because he was born well and had everything, Ludwig’s selfishness to take Annette away was disgusting. So Raphael brazenly gave a blow to Ludwig by completely abandoning his conscience.

“No. Annette likes me. And very much at that. Your Highness must have felt it too, haven’t you? If she didn’t like me, she would have taken your hand when Your Highness reached out to her long ago. Well, if she really has eyes to see, she would prefer a real man like me rather than a clumsy weakling.”

As Raphael challenged and laughed at Ludwig, the corners of his mouth rose in a mocking smile. At that moment, it was Ludwig who lost his composure first. Because of Raphael’s jab at his embarrassing weakness and the trauma from Annette’s rejection, Ludwig lost his temper. He gritted his teeth and grabbed Raphael by the collar.

“Shut up! What do you think you know? You don’t know anything!! About her, about our relationship!”

Raphael looked at Ludwig’s face with grim eyes. In his deep blue eyes, the glimpse of the features that were stained with anger had a clear resemblance to him. Maybe that’s why he felt even more dirtier.

“Oh, no. Even though I don’t know anything, I know this one thing very well.”

Raphael slowly raised his hand and crushed Ludwig’s hand, which held his collar. The incredible grip distorted Ludwig’s face with pain. Before Raphael, who had been wielding the sword all his life, someone like Ludwig, who had only played the lute and held the pen, was of no match. Feeling the crushing pain, Ludwig eventually had to let go of his grip on Raphael’s collar.

At that moment, Raphael grasped Ludwig’s shoulder and pushed him against the wall. His elbows and forearms pressed hard near Ludwig’s neck. Ludwig felt suffocated because he was caught between the wall and Raphael’s body. He tried his best to get out of the humiliating position, but Raphael didn’t even budge. Raphael, who bowed his head to bring his face close to Ludwig, growled.

“It’s stupid to attack someone who’s stronger than you. Especially when you’re alone.


Ludwig glared at Raphael with bloodshot eyes and then again grabbed his collar. As he pulled desperately, Raphael’s collar tore making a crisp sound. Just then, Annette, who had come through the curtain gap, found this scene.

“Raphael….Oh my God!”

Annette’s pupils quivered. At first glance, Raphael and Ludwig did not seem as if they were fighting, but they rather seemed as if they were… sharing the hot passion of adults. Raphael had Ludwig trapped in his arms and pressed against the wall while Ludwig stretched out his hand and tore off his clothes. They were looking at each other with their faces up very close.

‘I… Did I disturb them?’

Annette’s pupils trembled as if an earthquake had broken out in them. If she hadn’t heard their quarrel coming over from behind the curtains, she really wouldn’t have experienced this scene. Fortunately, Raphael, who first noticed Annette’s presence, removed his hands and released Ludwig.


Being conscious of Ludwig’s presence, Raphael called her more affectionately than usual. Ludwig, who was clutching his collar and glaring at him, immediately looked this way. As soon as he saw Annette, Ludwig’s expression suddenly changed 180 degrees. Ludwig, who just had been wielding his claws and revealing his teeth, suddenly called Annette with a sad face.


Ludwig, who looked as if he was crying, staggered as he approached Annette and then suddenly fell down. Annette was surprised to see this and quickly supported Ludwig.

“Oh my! Your Highness, are you all right?”

“I think I’m going to have another seizure……it’s painful.”

Ludwig leaned his head against Annette’s arm and breathed roughly. Raphael was bewildered seeing Ludwig suddenly pretend to be pitiful as if he didn’t care about his image. Just now, he was so lively that he tore off his clothes.

‘What the hell is this nonsense?’

Raphael’s eyebrows distorted unpleasantly. It was obvious that Ludwig was just acting. However, Annette took care of him with a worried look, as if she had fallen for his trick.

“Breathe slowly, Your Highness. The faster you breathe because of anxiety, the worse your condition will be. Don’t worry and bend your head more.”

“I’m in pain, Annette… huh..keuk…”

Ludwig moistened his eyes and rubbed his cheeks against Annette’s arms. He threw away all his pride and guilt. Raphael, who saw this happen right in front of his eyes, literally felt ridiculous. In the eyes of Raphael, who thought men should be manly, Ludwig’s current appearance was a culture shock to him.


He really wanted to kick Ludwig and yell at him to stop his bloody acting right away. But considering Ludwig’s status, he could not do such a thing in front of Annette. He wondered how he looked in Annette’s eyes.

‘You must think I’m a barbarian with no blood or tears.’

Raphael gritted his teeth and endured his stomach turning upside down. But Annette was also wise. Annette, who used her shawl to support Ludwig’s head, stood up. Then she said to Raphael with a worried look.

“Raphael, I’ll go and bring someone. Please watch Your Highness until then.”

In fact, thinking of Ludwig, it would have been better for her to stay and take care of him, and for Raphael to go and call the people. But Annette didn’t want to wait alone with Ludwig on the balcony, which was usually used for ‘secret meetings’. It would be a perfect topic for people to gossip about. So, it was a much wiser choice to leave Raphael and Ludwig alone.

“Of course. Trust me, Annette. I’ll take good care of him.”

There was a very bright smile on his lips. When Annette saw his smile, she felt uncomfortable because it felt like leaving a mouse with a cat alone. But there was no time to think about useless things. If Ludwig really had a seizure, she had to hurry to save him. Annette quickly walked out of the curtains and called the people.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince has fallen! Somebody please come and help!”


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