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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 5: Kiss and Vow(1) Bahasa Indonesia

Annette was so nervous that she unknowingly gulped and looked at Rafael. When she thought of kissing him, her lips suddenly became dry.

But rather than living a passive life like her previous one, she wanted to try anything to make this life better. Even if it’s a little crazy effort.

Anyway, because of Annette’s acting, the guests already thought she was in love with Rafael. So no one would blame her if the bride kissed the groom first. No, they might just laugh it off saying the marriage between the couple looked good.

‘Yes, let’s just do it.’

Rafael wouldn’t be offended by just putting on and taking off her lips for a while. Motivated by this thought, Annette looked up at Rafael with a determined but tense look on her face. Looking at the face of Annette, which seemed as if she was preparing for something, Rafael frowned as if puzzled. He couldn’t understand why she was looking at him with such a serious expression.

At that moment, Annette grabbed Rafael’s collar and pulled him down as hard as she could. In an instant the two lips met, and Annette’s golden eyelashes trembled with tension. Rafael’s blue eyes, which never revealed his emotions, widened with surprise.


Annette puckered her lips together and closed her eyes tightly because she didn’t have the courage to look him in the eye. She could feel the heat exuding from his lips.

Rafael never expected Annette would come at him like this. But at this moment, she was definitely kissing him!

‘You did it!’

Annette’s whole body shuddered with tension. She quickly took off her lips from him. Her heart was beating excessively fast and her vision became hazy. Annette gasped and looked up at Rafael’s face.

Rafael was still looking down at her with an emotionless face but she could see the shock in his eyes.

The moment she saw his eyes, Annette became grim and quickly let go off her hands, tightly clutching his collar. She closed her eyes and prepared herself for his impending wrath.

‘I’m sure he’ll be angry.’

Rafael was a proud man with a fiery temper. He was a person who would get angry easily whenever he was offended.

Annette shrugged her shoulders unknowingly and closed her eyes tightly. At that moment, a large hand grasped her chin and raised her head up. Before she knew it, a beautiful face came before her. Rafael was looking at her intensely as he approached her. He quietly whispered,

“You can’t just start off on your own and end it at your will.”

What the hell does this mean? Annette blinked, not understanding what Rafael’s words meant. Then Raphel’s handsome mouth curved in a mocking smile, showing a bitter cynicism that she was well acquainted with. Unlike his cold handsome face, his lips were terribly red and sensual.

Rafael raised her head in a comfortable angle and pressed his plump lips on hers. Annette trembled with surprise at the unexpected kiss. The formal kiss for the ceremony had already been completed, so she had no idea why he was doing this.


Rafael’s kiss felt like a retaliation. Annette blushed as he kept on kissing her without having any regards to the eyes of others. His hot tongue probed her lips open and surged inside her mouth. His velvety tongue roughly wandered inside her, tasting her thoroughly.

As the tip of his tongue slowly skimmed through her sensitive palate, she felt chills run up and down her spine. Annette was surprised and reflexively pulled her body back. Rafael’s other hand curled around her waist tightly and pulled it closer.

As he said, there was nowhere to escape now.

Annette’s body unknowingly bended backwards as Rafael continued to kiss her fiercely.

His lips never left hers. He twisted his head not wanting to leave any gap and continued kissing her persistently. He sucked and teased her tongue and lips simultaneously, leaving her no room to breathe. Her head became dizzy by the deep kiss. She felt like she was going to be eaten alive by him right now.

“Ra, Rafael…..”

Annette, frightened by the suffocating kiss, gasped and reflexively put her hands on his shoulder to push him away. But thankfully, Annette soon realised her action and controlled herself. She couldn’t reject Rafael in front of others. She was sure he’ll be greatly hurt as his pride was very big.

Fortunately, in the eyes of the guests who knew nothing, they seemed to be very much in love as they hugged and kissed each other passionately. The guests who were looking at this open display of passionate love, were startled and chattered among themselves,

“Oh my God! Isn’t this a political marriage? It doesn’t seem like it. I’ve never seen such a passionate wedding in my life!”

“Oh, my God, what a surprise! I wonder what’s really between the two of them!”

Fortunately, the reactions of the guests were favorable. Even though they blushed at the hot kiss between the bride and groom, they still applauded and praised them.

At first, they only came to find some gossip behind this unexpected marriage, but what they finally saw was something even more incredible. Now, only their passionate kiss will be remembered by these guests after they return.


Annette was so dizzy from the kiss that she couldn’t hear anything. However Rafael, the most promising Lord General in the Kingdom of the Deltium, was a little different. Rafael smiled thinly at the whispers that were caught by his sharp hearing.

He would have surely laughed if someone had told him this was how this despicable marriage would take place. He was quite surprised by the turn of events today.

‘But it’s not as despicable as I thought.’

Just like Annette, Rafael too was reluctant to marry. His only weakness was his birth, and he had to marry Annette Bavaria to compensate for it. Even if she was a wicked woman, as his father said Rafael had no choice. So he already expected this wedding to be terrible.

He was sick and tired of people’s gossips and he also thought of Annette’s pretending to be a victim abominable. She was after all a woman who should have become the Crown Princess. But she ended up getting married to an illegitimate child like him. So he thought she must be feeling like the world is over.

It would have been terrible if Annette had cried in front of others here. Rafael who was determined to be patient, sure would have exploded in anger. However Annette had a joyful smile all the time as if she was very happy with this marriage. She was so good at managing her facial expressions that even he almost fell for it. It really seemed as if she truly liked him.

‘What is this woman thinking?’


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