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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 48 Bahasa Indonesia

Annette didn’t expect her father to show up at the party. Allamand was still as cold and selfish, as she remembered. Raphael’s broad back, which stood up against Allamand, covering her sight, was so strong that it moved her to tears. Because it was the first time someone had protected her like that.

Annette still felt heartbroken when she thought of his back. But this didn’t mean she could forgive Raphael. He had not only completely concealed his maternal family from Annette, but also mocked her for what his family had done. Even though she knew he didn’t know about it, she still couldn’t forgive him.

‘I hate him.’

She hated Raphael for not opening his heart to her. She hated Raphael for not believing in her. No matter how many times she reached out her hand to him, she hated Raphael for not holding it. Annette bit her plump lower lip and tried to control this complex swirl of emotions. At that time, an unknown hand suddenly touched her long blonde hair.

“What are you doing?”

Annette, who was pulled out from her complex thoughts, frowned and looked at Railin. Then Railin took his hand off and shrugged his shoulders.

“It was so shiny that I couldn’t help but touch it.”

It was a shameless answer, as if asking what was wrong in doing this. Railin’s thoughts behind that touch was nothing more than petting a cat. The touch did not have any sexual feeling, but was rather a simple touch full of curiosity.

But Annette couldn’t stand this and watch Railin do whatever he liked. She parted her lips to berate him. At that moment, Railin shut her mouth in a very effective way. Of course it wasn’t a kiss, instead Railin took out some very interesting information and waved it before Annette.

“Oh yeah. I visited like this today for business. Of course, it is our pleasure to find the information requested by our customers, but this is nothing. If you are a competent guild like our ‘Secret’, you have to provide more advanced services. For example, finding and presenting the information first, even before the customer tells you.”

“What do you mean you’ve brought information that I’m interested in? What kind of information is that?”

In Annette’s head, Allamand’s and Raphael’s faces passed by simultaneously. These two men were the ones who bothered her the most right now. But a different name popped out of Railin’s mouth.

“This is the information regarding Lady Celestine Keers.”

The moment Annette heard the name, Annette realised that she had already been tricked by Railin. It was the type of information that she couldn’t help but buy. But how did you know I’m interested in Celestine? Annette, hiding her wariness, deliberately asked him back with an indifferent expression.

“Why do you think I would be curious about her? Everyone is just mistaken that I still regret not being the Crown Princess. But the truth is I am already married, and I have no feelings for Your Highness Ludwig.”

“Of course, you have no feelings for Prince Ludwig. But not even for Lady Celestine?”

Railin didn’t fall for her acting and smiled charmingly. There was nothing this man didn’t know about. Annette realised that she couldn’t beat Railin in this regard. He knew how to play this game much better than her.

Even if she asked him how he knew she was thinking about Celestine, she knew Railin wouldn’t tell her. Dealing with him was like playing with the devil. Annette admitted coolly, pushing one of her stray blonde strands behind her ear.

“Okay, I’m interested. I’ll buy it, so tell me. What do you know about Celestine?”

“You’re a wise customer, that’s why we are always on the same page. Let’s see. Here we go……”

Railin deftly pulled out a thin file folder from under the maid’s skirt. ‘Why the hell is that coming out of there?’ Annette took the file folder and turned the page with a slightly unpleasant expression. She felt absurd feeling the lingering lukewarm temperature on the paper, but she didn’t much bother about it. Annette, who had quickly swept through a few sheets of paper, was lost in thought.

“She has become sensitive and nervous. I guess the rumors about Celestine are indeed true.”

“Yes. People gossip that she pretended everything to become a princess. When she finally got what she wanted, she showed her true colors. Everyone seems to be displeased with the fact that the future Crown Princess would come from a humble family like the Keers. The contents weren’t very good.”

“Oh my! The higher a person climbs, the better the arrows of envy would hit. Who’s been spreading these words?”

“It’s Diana McClaire. Well, even if I don’t tell you who it is, you know her very well.”

Hearing Diana’s name, Annette lowered her eyes and laughed ridiculously. What kind of woman is she? She always attacked her by using Celestine as her friend, but she also publicized Celestine’s faults behind her back.

Anyway, the information Railin brought was quite informative. Especially the last part.

“Since then, she has turned very religious. Well, that’s right. I do remember smelling the scent of the temple’s perfume from her. By the way, it seems that she has been going to the temple more recently. I guess that’s why she almost stopped socializing, and instead preferred to visit a temple. Let’s see, the name of the temple she goes to…… it’s the temple of Odessa Louis.”

Annette realized that this was a highly reliable and high quality information. Celestine Keers barely had been socializing these days. She expected her to come to Marquis Eloque’s party, since she was close to them, but she couldn’t meet her there.

Because of this, Annette was very frustrated. Since she was framed as the perpetrator who caused damage to Celestine, it was impossible for her to go to Keers Mansion. Therefore, she needed something new. A very bold and innovative method.

Railin observed Annette as she immersed herself in the papers. The bandage had been taken off and Annette’s hand was now completely bare. The sight of her pure white fingers turning the papers somehow stimulated the man’s sensuality. The combination of golden eyelashes, a pure white face, a narrow nose, and plump lips was so perfect that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Perhaps that’s why Railin suddenly praised her unexpectedly.

“You are a very beautiful woman.”


Annette’s rose petal-like eyes narrowed, as if warning. Earlier, everything happened too suddenly, and Railin was wearing a maid’s dress, so she didn’t feel any threat. In fact, anyone would feel embarrassed rather than threatened on encountering a man in a maid’s uniform.

But when she heard Railin’s praise, the wariness and alertness in her was awakened again. No matter how pretty he was, it didn’t change the fact that he was a man. She was now sitting alone in a bedroom with a man other than her husband. Annette put down the papers she was holding with a loud thud sound and dismissed him in a firm tone.

“I will send the remuneration to the guild. I’d like you to leave now. Thank you for your work, Mr. Railin.”

“Hoho! I see you have a habit of kicking people out on hearing compliments. Well, I was just about to get up. I hate dogs.”

With a small shrug of his shoulders, Railin rose from his seat. Annette was grateful that he left quietly without making any trouble, but at the same time, she was also puzzled. Dog? Why is he mentioning dogs all of a sudden? As much as Annette knew, the Marquis of Carnesis didn’t have any dogs.

However, Railin seemed unwilling to answer any question. As he walked towards the window, he lifted the hem of his skirt and greeted lightly.

“Then see you next time. Until then, do not cry and stay healthy.”

Railin, with a playful smile, jumped down the window. Annette was so surprised that she almost got up and screamed. But when she looked down the garden through the window, there was no one there. Neither Railin nor any fluttering maid’s outfit.

He’s really a ghost.’

Anyway, it seemed that Railin had left safely, so Annette breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment, she thought he was committing suicide, so she was very furious. The corpse of a man dressed as a woman after jumping down the window of a noble lady! Just thinking about the aftermath made her head ache. Just then, all of a sudden, Annette’s bedroom door burst open.


It was none other than Raphael who had come in with a fierce face. He looked relieved as he confirmed Annette was safe with his eyes. Then he started looking around the room as if looking for someone. From his face, it could be seen that he was convinced that someone was here. But no matter what, he would not be able to find Railin, who had already left.

“Annette, tell me. Did anyone break into this place?”

Raphael asked as he stood before her like a beast whose territory had been invaded. Annette shook her head as she watched him take a step. Then Raphael approached her and looked down at her face as if he was trying to pry her open.

“Surely, I felt a strange existence here. There’s no way I could be mistaken. You really haven’t seen anyone, Annette?”



Annette replied with a pale face. It was painful to face Raphael like this without any preparation. As far as Annette knew, Raphael would continue to question her until he got the answer he wanted. He didn’t care if it made her uncomfortable or not. That was how he was in her last marriage.

Annette was now completely exhausted. In this life, she tried hard not to have such a relationship with Raphael again. However, everything was ruined again. Annette looked up at Raphael, with her heart tightly closed like a clam. This time, no matter how much he pushed her, she wasn’t going to say anything. The moment Raphael’s eyes met Annette’s, a troubled look passed over his face.

“…..Okay…If you say so. Sorry for coming in like this. Take rest.”

Annette doubted her ears. Did such words really come out of Raphael’s mouth? He even apologized for coming in freely. Annette wondered whether she had heard it wrong. But Raphael really turned his back and left her bedroom. The back of his drooping shoulders looked strangely small.

Annette, who was left alone in the bedroom, somehow felt strange. She couldn’t understand Raphael’s unusual behavior. But she also didn’t want to think about it. She was really tired of torturing herself with hope.

Good. Let’s think about meeting Celestine Keers.

Annette sitting on the table looked down at the document. Just in time, an idea came into her mind.


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