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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 45 Bahasa Indonesia

Annette was really annoyed at Diana’s behavior. You should take care of your jealousy on your own, why do you have to drag someone else to play some role for you? It wasn’t even a good role to begin with. Diana just wanted to project her own jealousy and inferiority on Annette. It was just absolutely detestable.

Although Diana’s level of arguing was somewhat cute, Annette didn’t want to further develop this sick behavior. If she didn’t take care of Diana now, she might go around spewing nonsense to others. Before her reputation could be damaged, Annette had to step on Diana’s delusion. Annette smiled graciously and said,

“Of course, the two are a very good match. I can’t wait to see their wedding. It will surely be a wonderful royal wedding just like those in fairytales. Wouldn’t it?”

This just comes up again and again! ‘ Diana clenched her fists hidden under her gloves. Annette pretended to be unconcerned on the outside, but just like her, she sure must be jealous of Celestine, who was about to become the Crown Princess. If she couldn’t help but be jealous of her own best friend, then how miserable must Annette be?

Prince Ludwig, in particular, treated her very specially, to the point that there were even rumors that he liked Annette. The man who was wrapped around her finger was now going to marry another woman. Which woman in this world would be comfortable with this? Diana had no doubt that she was just acting that she wasn’t bothered by this. So Diana tried to smile and hurt Annette.

“Oh my, so you’re looking forward to my friend’s wedding! Celestine will be very happy to hear that. Celestine and I are really like sisters, so I can’t help but feel grateful for all your kind wishes. Celestine will be here soon anyway. So how about you come with me and tell her what you just said yourself?”

Diana was so delusional that for a moment she completely forgot that Annette was above her in social ranking. Why is she not all bothered by this? Seeing that she was the only one who was caught up in the ugly jealousy, Diana’s felt her mouth become dry. She somehow wanted to rip away Annette’s elegant mask.

“Of course, you would right Lady Annette?…. No, sorry, my bad! Now you’re Marchioness of Carnesis!”

Diana thought that Annette would be uncomfortable with congratulating Celestine in person. Even if she gave a pretentious congratulation, that pretty face would sure become somewhat distorted because of the humiliation and jealousy. So she was sure Annette would somehow turn down her offer.

“That’s good! I really wanted to ask Miss Diana this. I’m really grateful that you brought this up first. Thank you very much.”

Contrary to Diana’s expectations, Annette had come to the party to confront Celestine. But she also knew there would be a huge crowd of people around Celestine as people would try to get acquainted with the soon-to-be Crown Princess. So Annette was worried about how to approach her. But thankfully Diana offered to personally take her to Celestine.

Annette concealed her smile and grasped Diana’s hand in a more friendly manner. I would face Celestine no matter what! I’ll make sure of it! Annette really wanted to talk with Celestine. Seeing this, Diana’s pupils trembled greatly.

This, what is this?’

As Annette held her hands, Diana could not do anything. She hesitated a little, but then suddenly, the entrance of the garden party became noisy, creating a small disturbance. After seeing this, Annette smiled and said.

“It looks like Lady Celestine has arrived! Since you have said that you would take me to personally greet her, shall we go and say hello? We must not miss this opportunity to impress the future Crown Princess. Shall we?”

Annette, with a graceful smile, grabbed Diana’s hand. Diana, who was led by Annette, looked as if she was being dragged by the reins. The slender small woman pulled her towards the entrance and for some reason she couldn’t push her off. Diana, who was accompanied by Annette in a hurry, quickly cleared her mind.

No, maybe it’s better this way!’

After all, two were better than one, and three were better than two. Since Celestine was her friend, she sure would take her side and help her tear off Annette’s pretense. Diana, who had gone crazy at this point, hastened her steps and headed toward the entrance. Soon, Celestine’s beautiful and rich dark brown hair will come before my eyes… Wait uh?

Platinum blonde hair?’

Standing like a rock in one place, Diana looked dumbfounded. It was not Celestine who was surrounded by people and received people’s greetings and flattery. No, it wasn’t even a woman in the first place.

The tall gentleman, with smooth face, and dazzling platinum hair, was a middle-aged man whose age was difficult to guess. A man radiating cold elegance from head to toe turned his head in her direction. As soon as she realized who he was, Diana felt a tingling in her head. Especially because she was attacking his daughter. Her feet became more numb.

“Oh my God, your Excellency, the Duke of Bavaria, has himself come to this party!! It is truly an honor for us.”

Marquis Eloque, who ran out to the entrance, said in an exhilarating voice. His garden party was very good, but it was also a bit lacking to be considered as one of the best social events. And the Duke Allamand Bavaria, also known as the Blue-blooded Bavaria, only attended the best. So therefore, his sudden attendance was nothing short of the highest praise for the party organisers.

‘I didn’t hear that my father was also going to participate in this party.’

Annette took a step back from the crowd. Her face turned pale. Although she vowed not to live as her father’s puppet in this life, she suddenly felt breathless.

Allamand was a coercive and authoritative father. Under him, she lived obediently just like a chess piece. That life was imprinted deep in her veins. So she rather preferred to be prepared from the beginning. Now facing her father in such an unexpected manner, the fear that she had forgotten slowly crept out.

After finishing his conversation with the host and some other key figures, he turned exactly their way. The Deltium’s second most powerful noble following the king, stared at Annette with purple eyes without even blinking his eyes.

“It’s been a long time, my daughter.”

Her father’s blank face, which made it difficult to know what he was thinking, slowly smiled. Like a snake on the verge of suffocating its prey. The moment he met her eyes, Annette felt as if she was falling. Her feet were numb and she was so scared that her legs became completely soft. He looked so young that it was hard to believe that he had a married daughter. She suddenly felt goosebumps seeing his inhuman face.

In the meantime, Allamand came and stood in front of her. The moment the flawless soles of his shoes stopped right in front of her, Annette finally came back to her senses. This was a battlefield and a lot of people were watching them. She couldn’t afford to show any gaps in their relationship.

“Have you been well, Father?”

Annette greeted her father perfectly just as as she was taught. Suddenly Annette’s face had a soft spring like smile and her greeting was soft and smooth like flowing water. Even the angle of her waist and the placement of her fingers holding the dress, was flawlessly perfect.

Allamand’s violet eyes slowly glanced at such an Annette. His eyes were like that of a craftsman who was carefully checking the perfection of his work.

“…..Yes. You must have been well, too.”

Finally, he reached out to Annette with a gaze that seemed to have completed his assessment. It seemed she had passed the excruciatingly long test. Annette raised her head and held her father’s outstretched pure white hand in hers. His hands were so cold that she felt chills on her back.

After finishing their greetings, Annette quickly tried to let go of her father’s hand, but Allamand seemed to have no intention of letting her go. Her father, who was a perfect aristocrat down to his fingertips, tightly clasped her wrists as if squeezing out her breath. However, his face held a very fatherly smile, which was purely made to deceive others.

“It’s been a long time. Let’s talk.”

Diana had already disappeared somewhere, without even leaving a trace. So Annette couldn’t use Diana to refuse her father’s request. Allamand’s tone was more friendlier than usual and his eyes sparkled strangely. It seemed that he was creating a misunderstanding for others.

“Oh, did you hear the Duke’s voice? It seems he’s happy to see his married daughter again.”

“No matter how great the Duke of Bavaria is, he treats his own flesh and blood specially. It’s surprising to see that he has a sweet side, too.”


No, Allamand did not consider her as a daughter. He only thought of her as his possession, just a mere chess piece. Those who talked about him, only knew as much as the tip of an iceberg. They were not much familiar with Allamand’s selfish nature. It was just like how they celebrated Annette’s wedding without knowing anything.

But only Annette knew what kind of human her father was. She had already planned to quit being his good daughter. Annette raised her head and with all her courage, she grasped Allamand’s arm tenderly. She then slightly bent her eyes and pointed to the pavilion in one corner.

“Then, let’s go that way. Father.”

“Let’s do that, daughter.”

Annette had something to say to her father anyway. The moment they turned gracefully towards the pavilion, the grips on each other’s arms tightened. Away from the people’s gaze, Allamand’s face returned to his cold expressionless look. He coldly sneered at Annette.

“You look pretty confident. Now you don’t look like you’re ashamed of going anywhere and introducing yourself as a Bavaria. Earlier you used to be like a like a caught mouse.”

“It’s all thanks to my father’s teachings. What brings you here? I’m sure you’re not here because you’re curious about the rose garden of Eloque family. You don’t even like flowers.”

Annette did not fall for his provocation, but straightaway brought up the main point. Even though she had returned from the past, she still wasn’t strong enough to beat her father. Therefore, it was more advantageous to hit the bull’s-eye. Annette’s lips trembled with tension, as she raised her head and stood up to her father.


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