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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 42 Bahasa Indonesia

Railin didn’t immediately tell her the information she wanted to know. He basically had a twisted personality. The more he liked something, the more mischievous he became. As a result, Railin slightly tilted his head and stabbed Annette’s sore spot.

“Before that, I want to ask you one question. Why don’t you ask your husband yourself?”

Annette smiled bitterly at Railin’s question. She also wanted to ask Raphael directly. But she wasn’t sure how Raphael would take it. If Annette asked him about the mine while her father was already eyeing it….. What misunderstanding would Raphael come up with?

‘He would probably suspect that I’m siding with my family and have my eyes on his mine’.’

Raphael hated her family. But just as Raphael couldn’t change his illegitimate status, even if he strongly hated it, it was the same for Annette. She hoped that Raphael would someday understand this and accept her for who she is. But realistically, it would be better for her to leave before that.

For now, the road seemed quite far. The back of Raphael, who turned his back away and went somewhere, was still burned in her mind. Annette didn’t respond to Railin’s question and pursed her lips tightly.

Annette’s decision to not answer was quite intriguing. Railin, who wasn’t used to being ignored, smiled a little deeper. He became even more interested because Annette was not an easy woman. Even if she shed a little of her colors, she was different from the women who he had met. That’s why Railin was willing to bring out the information she wanted to know first.

“I was surprised. Your husband’s iron ore mine is a good mine, accounting for 55% of the total mining volume of the Deltium. In the past, iron processing was too demanding, so its demand was low, and iron ore mines did not have much profits. But a lot has changed recently. Did they call it something like the so-called new era? Thanks to this, the value of the mine’s assets is going up day by day. Sooner or later, it’ll be irreplaceable, even more than the diamond mines.”

“That…… Is that about it?”

Annette was amazed. She also knew that the times were changing. The bronze rakes of the gardeners working in the mansion were now replaced with iron, and the scraper blade, which the maids used to scrape the dirt from the floor, was also replaced with shiny iron. But she didn’t know that the change would be this big.

The times were now changing and now in this world, iron tools were easily supplied to the common people. And Raphael was the man who held the key to that change. And that too a very big golden key.

‘Did His Majesty, Selgratis guess this in advance and give Raphael an iron ore mine?’

Annette suddenly became curious about this. According to the rumours, King Selgratis cherished his illegitimate child, Raphael very much. Moreover strangely, he didn’t talk much to Raphael but often compared Raphael with Ludwig, even in the public. Because of this, the sensitive and delicate Ludwig suffered great damage to his pride every day. It was inevitable for Ludwig to feel inferior to Raphael because of his father’s blatant favoritism.

‘At least if His Highness Ludwig was not this clumsy….. The situation would have been better.’

Annette sighed, recalling Ludwig’s amazing luck, which made him stumble over his feet on his own. That’s how clumsy he was, but his half brother, Raphael, was just as skilled and powerful as a Sword Master. Their situation could only be really summed up as a joke of parentage. This was why Ludwig looked at Raphael maliciously, full of jealousy.

Anyway, she wasn’t sure of anything right now. Annette tried to hide her surprise and maintained a calm face. Then, she posed the most important question to Railin.

“If the mine is so valuable, there must have been a lot of offers for sale. Everyone wants to buy something valuable. Isn’t that right?”

“You are also wise. And the customer is probably curious about… whether that list includes the name of the Duke of Bavaria or not?”

Railin smiled thinly and looked down at her. With his back against the light, his face held a strangely erotic and dangerous feel. Perhaps that’s why she always felt as if she was walking on a tightrope when dealing with Railin. Annette gulped and then resolutely raised her head to face Railin.

“That’s right. I wanted to know that. So please answer me. Did my family…force Raphael to hand over the mine?”

“Answering your question, yes. It has been done many times. It’s obvious that the Duke of Bavaria wants the iron ore mine.”

The moment she heard Railin’s answer, Annette felt as if her feet were sinking. Her ominous speculations came true. Her father, Allamand coveted his own son-in-law’s iron ore mine. This was not simply a matter of increasing wealth. If you get your hands on a mine that accounts for more than half of the total mining volume of the Deltium, your political influence will increase exponentially. Allamand must have been trying to steal the mine from Raphael for this.

Perhaps this had been the same case in her previous life. However, Raphael had never let her know about this either in her previous life or in the present. Despite the numerous quarrels and terrible arguments they had, he had never let out even a word about it. A single word of exclamation came out of Annette’s mouth, who only realised this fact after her regression.

“Oh My God!”

Annette was so shocked that her footsteps naturally slowed down. She was stunned, not even realizing that there was a puddle near her feet. Just before Annette’s fine sheepskin boots could fall into the puddle, Railin’s arms wrapped around her waist like a snake. Unlike his pretty appearance, he easily lifted Annette with one arm.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Annette, startled by the contact of another man, returned back to reality. It was a short period of time, even less than a second, but Annette’s body flew in the air like a bird. After safely crossing the puddle, Railin immediately dropped her on dry ground.

“Oh my God, Mister Railin!”

Amazed, Annette exclaimed and unknowingly called out Railin’s name. Just then he swiftly released the arm wrapped around Annette’s waist. Railin looked at her as if asking, ‘What happened?’ and then laughed harmlessly.

“I was worried that the lady’s feet would fall into the puddle.”

“…. Mister Railin.”

Annette did not fall for his fox-like tricks. When she called out his name exasperatedly, he looked at her with an innocent smile. Annette was not agitated by this, but was rather intimidated.

“Thank you for your consideration, but don’t do this again. Do you understand?”

“As you wish.”

Railin raised his one arm and pretended to bow deftly. After seeing this, Annette finally sighed and laughed. He was a man who could fool people and come out of any problem as naturally as breathing. It’s probably the result of a combination of natural wit, sense and charm.

“Thank you very much for today, Mister Railin. I’ll send the remuneration to the Secret Guild soon. Well then, goodbye.”

Annette bowed her head a little and turned around. Her figure was just perfect and her etiquettes and manners were textbook perfect. Railin looked at her graceful back with admiring eyes. He was relieved to hear that the couple had a bad relationship, but it seemed that was not all to it. Her husband even accompanied her to the boutique today.

Seeing Annette’s back disappearing in the distance, Railin turned around, licking his lips. He had prepared something to comfort the wounded lady, but it was a pity that it was not yet the time to use it. What would be the final choice of this exciting customer? Railin was very curious.

* * *

“Oh, Raphael… Ugh! Please, slow down a little bit……….”

The pleas coming out from the hoarse neck were pitiful but they had a tendency to provoke a man’s passions. Raphael gripped Annette’s struggling white ass harder and lifted it up. Even with a little force, her body moved easily and was so sweet that it seemed like a sugar doll. Isn’t it a foul to say that something so delicious could be so weak? All sorts of useless thoughts came into his muddled mind filled with lust.

Raphael buried his desire between the wriggling buttocks, where his handprints were left red. A groan of ecstasy spilled out of his mouth, as if he was going into hot water. He wanted to make it a little more rough, fill her a little more, but he had to restrain himself because he was afraid to break her. Raphael grinded his molars hard.


Annette sniffed and shook her head at the overly deep insertion. Raphael, who bowed his head behind her back, licked and bit her tear stained cheeks. At the same time, a huge object dug between her legs and poked deeply down there. Annette trembled as his penis plunged inside her warmth, cutting through her fragile folds and stabbing her sensitive spots in a row. A blinding sense of pleasure spread out.

She felt like she was going to suffer a great shame if she went on like this. Annette unwittingly crawled forward, avoiding his hideous length. Then, without any mercy, Raphael pulled her slender wrist back, pulling her body closer to him. Because of this, his length thrusted inside her so strongly that it made a loud squelching noise.

“Hah!! Ah!!”

The movement of the penis going back and forth between her legs felt so good that she felt like she was going crazy. Annette could not think of anything now. She shed a few tears and unwittingly shook her waist. She hoped this dreadful pleasure would end as soon as possible. But then she heard a beastly growl from behind.

“Where did you learn to be such a naughty girl?”

At the same time, the movement of the penis poking from behind became more intense. The stinging exhilaration and pleasure spread throughout her body like a flame, pushing her further down into the abyss of ecstasy.

The scent coming from the shaking body mingled with his breath, making his eyes flush red. Although her legs were not tightened properly around him, because of the pleasure, his huge penis pushed through the narrow inside as if it was dissatisfied.

“It’s a hell of a mess inside, Annette. You’re dripping wet.”


Raphael whispered wickedly as he pushed his penis all the way in. He then pulled it out and his fingertips rubbed the edge of the vaginal mouth as it swallowed his desire again. Annette was so overwhelmed by this stimulation that she sobbed and cried pitifully. Because of this, the inner wall further tightened, making Raphael groan and thrust into her harder.

“Umm,…nggh.. huh, ah!! Ugh… !”

The thick penis fiercely rushed into her deepest part, crushing her weak spots. A cramp-like pleasure slowly engulfed her whole body. The body, which was already familiar with joys of carnal pleasures, greedily sucked up the penis and pursued the greater pleasure. Raphael’s penis again penetrated her deeply, and his hard fingers rubbed the clitoris between her legs. At that moment, Annette reached her peak and convulsed while leaning back.

“Keeuk !”

As if drawn by the strong tightening of her inner walls, Raphael thrusted inside her. He bit Annette’s lean white throat, and pushed himself deeper inside her. His movements were overly primitive, just like a beast.

Annette, who was lying on the bed, tiredly closed her eyes. She could feel the lingering cramps in her body but she was too exhausted to care about them. Sex with Raphael was good, but it was too stimulating. He was a man who didn’t know the meaning of ‘self-restraint’. Thanks to this, after suffering for a long time, Annette’s consciousness slowly faded away.

“Are you sleeping?”

Raphael frowned and gently touched Annette’s wet cheek. She can’t sleep yet.


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