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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 30 Bahasa Indonesia

Rafael narrowed his bright eyes and came close to her. His eyes seemed to want to devour her alive. Seeing this, Annette’s mouth became dry. She felt like a herbivore in front of a dangerous predator. Annette licked her lips without realizing it. At that moment, Rafael reached out and rubbed her lips slowly with his thumb.

“Tell me, Annette. If I say I want to do something to you, what will you do? Knowing what it is, will you do it?”

His voice lowered to a low husky tone and coiled around her like a snake and clung to her eardrums. When Annette felt a sense of crisis, she tried to shake her body to escape from his grasp but Rafael reached out and pulled her dress down to her shoulders. As her dress slid down helplessly, white breasts peeked out of its collar. Seeing this, Rafael lowered his head and began to lick her chest.

“Ah, Rafael…….”

There was a clear desire in his actions of rubbing and pinching her soft breasts. Rafael greedily sucked the tip of her chest and stimulated it by licking and scratching her nipples with his tongue. The nipples, which had been soft up until now, became stiff and erect as his tongue tangled around them.

As Annette panted and gasped for breath, his strong hands tightened around her shoulders and waist. Rafael, holding her tightly, began to suck her nipples more fervently. Whenever the small, soft flesh was crushed under the tip of his tongue, she felt a painful and exhilarating pleasure. The stimulation was too strong, but strangely, she thought it would be nice if it was a little more painful.

“Don’t struggle like that, Annette… You’ll hurt your hand.”

Before she knew it, Rafael’s one hand grabbed her bandaged right hand and fixed it to the wall. His other hand rolled up her skirt and plundered her underwear. While touching the slit hidden between her lower petals, he suddenly took his mouth off her breast and looked up at her. Rafael’s handsome mouth whispered in her ears with a twisted smile.

“It’s wet. You got this wet just by sucking your nipples?”

“Oh, no. I’m not like that…”

Annette, whose face was dyed red in shame, tried to protest. However, Rafael, who was looking at her lips hungrily, covered her lips and didn’t let her finish. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and scratched her sensitive palate, making her let out a crying sound. He pulled her tongue and sucked it so hard, that her knees went weak and she felt very lightheaded.

The hand that slipped through the gap between Annette’s legs touched her core. One thick finger easily penetrated inside her because of the wetness between her legs. The fingers eventually stretched to two and then three, moving in and out of her wet core, rubbing her inner walls. Everytime the thick fingers poked her insides, she felt a pleasant throbbing sensation all over her body.

Annette was enraptured by the intense sensations exerted up and down her body. She could hear a low, obscene sound coming into her ears. And she could feel a warm drop of tears flowing slowly down from the corner of her reddened eyes.

“Annette, ha…….”

Rafael stuck out his tongue and licked her tears up. He hugged Annette and headed straight to the bed. Annette thought he would lay her on the bed, but he didn’t. With Annette sitting on his lap, he took out his erection and rubbed it.

“Lift your ass, Annette.”

Rafael, lightly biting Annette’s ears, instructed in a muddy voice filled with desire. Annette hesitated a little, but before she could do anything, a large hand grasped her waist and lifted her up. Rafael pressed his penis against her core and slowly lowered her body down. As the narrow entrance was slowly made to open wide, the thick glans rushed inwards.

“It’s too small, damn it.”

Rafael grumbled but greedily pushed in his big manhood. Perhaps because of the sitting position, she felt it hit deeper than usual. Her stomach seemed to be full of his penis, so Annette gasped and unwittingly touched her stomach.

Seeing this, Rafael slowly closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, as if trying to hold back something. At that moment, the penis that had filled her insides, wriggled, and swelled even more. It was so tight that Annette thought her stomach would burst.

“It’s driving me crazy.”

Rafael, after muttering some swear words through his evil mouth, soon began to wildly thrust inside her. The thick manhood, that entered all the way to the root, felt terrifying. His desire jammed deep inside her, tightly filled up every crevice of her little hole. Annette’s vision swayed up and down, as a familiar pleasure rose from the inside of her legs. The sensation of Rafael’s manhood going in and out of her, while spreading her narrow tight insides, was very vivid.

“Ah…yeah..um !”

Every time he pushed in his thick penis, the wet flesh was pushed and pulled, making a sweet shiver flow down her body. Whenever his hard glans pierced her insides deeply, white sparks flashed before her eyes. Due to the overwhelming sensations, Annette couldn’t even make a sound and tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Annette, look at this. Your lower mouth is sucking mine very ravenously.”

As he whispered in her ears, the corners of his mouth lifted in a wicked smile. Even in the midst of this lustful haze, Annette shook her head, letting out a small whimper. Then he wickedly whispered, “Liar.” He grabbed her ass, and began to thrust more quickly.

Everytime her body swayed up and down, the clitoris, which was stimulated by the base of his thick penis, was stinging. As her legs trembled, she felt her insides tightening around his penis greedily. As he said, Annette’s vagina tightly clasped his penis, not letting it leave. Under these violent movements, Annette couldn’t help but scream and moan brokenly.

“Ah… huh…ngg..ahhh…!”

Annette flinched and tilted her head back. As a terrible orgasm wracked her body, dizzying eelectric sensations spread from her lower body to her head. Even at her peak, the tightly swollen penis continued to squeeze and poke inside. Her tender fleshy walls were in both pain and pleasure through his aggressive wild thrusting. She liked it so much that she felt like she was floating in air.

Annette shed tears and unknowingly struggled in his arms. Because of the orgasm, her body felt as if rising in clouds. She was scared of this feeling as her body could crash anytime. However, in these turbulent and raging sensations, the only thing Annette could depend on was the man in front of her.

“Rafael, Rafael… !”

Annette reached out desperately and hugged his neck. The gesture seemed somewhat desperate, so Rafael unknowingly bowed his head to make it easier for her to embrace him. It felt quite nice to see the thin arms wrapped around his neck and the soft blonde woman swaying under his chin.

Annette shook up and down, frantically gasping for breath. The movements of the penis, as it thrusted inside her without mercy, gave her a terrible delight. She felt so good that she thought she would go crazy.

In the face to face position, Rafael reached out and massaged her buttocks. This unintentionally made her vaginal lips stretch and spread to both sides, deepening the friction between the sensitive inner walls. As the vaginal mouth loosened a little, the movement of the penis in and out of it became even more intense.

“Your insides are tight again, Annette. Do you like it that much?”

“No.. yes.. ah! Ah, um… !!”

With a stifling pleasure, Annette’s legs trembled and strained. The second climax was so intense that it made her toes curl. Her insides were so hot that Rafael almost thrusted into it.

Rafael waited for Annette to come down from her peak and then turned her back. It was nice to face Annette like this, but looking at her pretty eyes dripping with tears, his heart strangely ached.

Now Annette was sitting with her back turned to Rafael in a position that seemed like a child peeing. Rafael, aftermaking sure she was stable in that position, roughly inserted his penis again. Whenever Annette lifted her hips as if wanting to run away from the excessive stimulus, he held onto her waist and pushed in even harder. Annette cried out loud at the ruthless act of driving pleasure.

“Huh, ah, uh, uh, uh!”

The cry that leaked out whenever her body shook was very pitiful. Rafael, with his head down, licked and bit her neck and shoulders like a wolf comforting his female. As all of her skin had turned into one erogenous zone, Annette sobbed, not being able to bear such excessive stimulus. The movement of the penis that poked her sensitive spots made her almost faint.

Rafael’s hands rubbed her red swollen clitoris, which was hidden between her pubic hair, matted with her love juice and semen. Annette reflexively tightened her inside and trembled. Every time his fingers slided over her clitoris, Annette’s cries got louder. Her inner walls seemed as they would melt away with the pleasure applied from both inside and outside her vagina.

“Oh, damn it. It’s hot. I’m going crazy, Annette.”

Whenever the man’s low growls filled with excitement reached her ear, a shudder ran through her spine. The feeling of his canines* biting down her sensitive back and the warmth of his lips felt really good.

[T/N: Well it should be teeth instead of canines, but since Rafael is a beastly man, the author used this for his teeth. After a long debate with myself, I decided to keep what the author used.]

“Ah, huh, hah huh!”


The moment he pressed the perky clitoris with his fingertips, his eyes turned red. The penis buried all the way inside her swelled up a little and squeezed the tender fleshy folds. As Annette reached another climax, she leaned her head back and her whole body trembled pitifully.

His manhood stuck between her legs wriggled and spewed out hot semen. Her soaked inner walls intermittently squeezed him tight. Now, Annette could not even groan and just helplessly shed tears. Her body was completely exhausted and she collapsed on Rafael’s hard body.

Rafael embraced the tiny woman and pressed a light kiss on her wet blond hair. The relationship was terribly satisfying, so therefore only the affection for the person with whom this pleasure was shared, remained in his heart. At this moment, Bavaria’s arrogance, haughtiness and indifference were all erased from his mind.

“Ugh, Rafael…….”

Annette, leaning against Rafael’s hard chest, looked up at him with eyes dazed with desire. Just looking at her glazed eyes and wet eyelashes, his manhood rose again. Rafael clenched his teeth and laid her on the bed. This time, he intended to be at the top.

“Ra, Rafael?”

Annette, who realized that it wasn’t over, looked scared. She was well aware of Rafael’s stamina, but she didn’t expect him to do it again.

” I think tonight’s going to be a long night.”


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