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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 21 Bahasa Indonesia

Now, all she had left on her body was a thin chemise. Annette pulled her arms and tried to cover her exposed chest. At that moment, something soft and prickly struck her ass.


Annette was startled and her body shuddered. The whip was made by trimming the softest leather several times, so it didn’t hurt much. But she couldn’t help but be startled whenever it struck her skin. Annette looked at Rafael with pitiful eyes, but he ignored her and ordered in a cold tone.

“Don’t cover it. Put your hands away.”

Annette’s pink eyes trembled when she heard those words. Rafael, seeing her pitiful eyes, raised Annette’s chin with the tip of the whip.

“You still want to pretend to be innocent?”

His big, sharp eyes reminded her of a beautiful beast. Annette lowered her arms helplessly, feeling like a captured rabbit. Then Rafael slowly walked around her, looking at her naked body with fierce eyes. As his eyes fiercely raked her naked body up and down, Annette felt as if a fire was licking her exposed skin.

Rafael, who was inspecting Annette’s luscious body, stretched his arms from behind and wrapped it around her waist. She could feel his big hand touching her chest. His hand was so big that they easily covered all her ribs. Rafael, with his head dipped, bit her auricle from behind and whispered softly.

“Tell me. Have you ever allowed the Crown Prince to suck these pretty breasts?”

“What? What the hell are you… Aahh!”

When Annette was about to refute, she yelped in surprise. His warm hands roughly grabbed both of her breasts. The sensation she felt as his hands rubbed her nipples was strange. She felt a thrilling stimulation at the tip of her nipples that were pinched.

“Oh, Rafael …”

Suddenly, one of his hands plunged into Annette’s underwear. His hand, like a snake, squeezed in between her legs and rubbed her core. Annette instinctively crossed her legs, but couldn’t escape from his tenacious touch.

Rafael’s hand slowly ran over from the back of her perineum to her vagina and then in front of the clitoris, which had started to swell. Before long, his red lips rose in a cold sneer.

“You’re already wet.”

Annette sobbed with shame. Seeing her like this, an excited Rafael pulled her lower body closer and began to rub her core hard. Every time his hand touched her garden, Annette felt the strength between her legs becoming loose, as if her legs would melt. Annette gasped and twisted back and forth, but couldn’t get out of his grasp.

Suddenly, she felt something hard touching her hips. Rafael, who had his lower body pressed to hers, began to rub his angry arousal against her. Annette bit her lips helplessly, not knowing what to do with the intense stimuli from her back and front, but the area between her legs became more and more wet.

“Oh, Rafael, uh-huh.”

Every time he moved his finger, she could hear wet sounds. As his hard fingers that had developed calluses during his swordsmanship practice, rubbed her clitoris, she felt an exhilarating sensation.

He spread her petals and rubbed her little hole, making Annette instinctively tighten her insides. The body that had gotten acquainted with the pleasure offered by the man, was restless and felt strangely empty.

Annette was now tottering and could barely stand properly. She leaned on his hand to support herself. But his tenacious hands rubbed her core more and more quickly. The slippery love liquid coming out from between her legs, spurred the lewd movement even more. When he started rubbing her clitoris hard, Annette finally couldn’t stand it any more and reached her peak.


Annette’s legs, which could barely support her, became completely soft. Rafael, who was standing behind her, embraced the slender woman as she slowly fell into his arms.

At that moment, something wrapped around Annette’s slender neck with a clack sound. Annette quickly reached out her fingers to the thing wrapped around her neck. It had a small cold metallic and soft leather feel. ‘This must be the choker that Claire gave me as a gift.’

The moment she realized this, Annette’s cheeks flushed as if they were on fire. Unknowingly, she cried and asked Rafael for help.

“Ra, Rafael… Untie this for me.”

Rafael slowly glanced at her without saying anything. His eyes full of vivid desires looked at her white skin, her shiny shriveled nipples, and the black choker wrapped around her slender neck. It was an insanely stimulating scene.

Rafael gritted his teeth and pushed Annette against the wall. He made her stick her hips out with her arms against the wall. Annette had no idea what to do, so she posed as she was told to and looked back at him with anxious eyes.

Rafael? Yikes!”

The whip snapped again on her backside. It wasn’t painful, but Annette’s body shuddered unknowingly with shame. This kind of thing was done as a corporal punishment only for small children. It was very embarrassing that she, a fully grown, mature woman was beaten with a whip on her exposed cheeks while being completely naked.

Annette looked at Rafael with a desperate look. She understood why he was angry, but she really hoped that he would stop this shameful corporal punishment. But the moment Rafael saw Annette’s big watery eyes, he reached out and grabbed her hips hard.

“Fuck, don’t look at me with those eyes, Annette. You tend to provoke men too much.”

Rafael was annoyed and spouted out harsh words. Then, as if to punish her, he spread her ass, and pushed his arousal from behind. Her secret place which was already wet welcomed him without any hesitation. His swollen tip rubbed her wet insides and reached her deepest parts.

Rafael was so excited that he immediately began to shake his waist. His heated manhood pierced through her vagina and rubbed her sensitive inner walls. Annette accepted the rough attack, while panting and leaning against the wall. Every time he pushed her roughly from behind, the heels of her feet kept lifting off because of the difference in their heights.

“Huh, Rafael, ah, huh!”

The movements were so intense that she felt as if her body was going to break. Still, it felt really good. She liked it so much that her legs kept getting loose. Whenever that happened, Annette, who felt anxious at the feeling of floating, unknowingly tightened her insides. Rafael, who was driving Annette from behind, groaned.

“Stop tightening, Annette. Do you like to get punished that much?”

Rafael, who rebuked her, spanked her ass with his palm. It had been a long time since he threw away the whip. At first, he just did that to make Annette feel ashamed, but the smoothness of her derriere that he felt in his palm was amazing. He deliberately spanked her a few more times, while controlling his strength so that Annette wouldn’t get hurt.

“You’re biting onto me very tightly every time you get hit. Do you like it that much?”

Annette’s ears turned red with shame when she heard his sarcasm. Every time he spanked her backside, she could feel his arousal tightening as he forced his way inside. Whenever that happened, she could feel the movement of his penis piercing her insides more clearly. Her legs trembled as he poked her weak spots with force.

“Huh, ah, Rafael, ah……!!”

She couldn’t stand it anymore. The beastly mating from the back raised Annette’s shame and desire. She shivered gently and tilted her head. Her inner walls were spasming violently due to the orgasm, but his manhood kept on pushing through the gap without any hesitation and continued to feed her desire. In the midst of the climax, she was so overwhelmed by the rough movements that tears flowed down from her eyes.


“Rafael, that’s enough!…Ah! Hhhh, ahh! Stop it, okay?”

“Stop it? You’re saying this while biting me down there? And it doesn’t seem as if you’re not having fun, Annette.”

Rafael, with his hand outstretched forward, rubbed her clitoris vigorously. Every time he brushed his fingers along her clit, a faint wet sound was heard between her legs. Annette bit her lips, feeling the love juices flowing down between her legs. She couldn’t bear it. She was ashamed of her own lewdness, but her body which had known the joy of carnal pleasures, was more heated and wanted to use him as a material of pleasure.

Rafael’s fingers were wet and he began to fiddle with her slippery clitoris. He was still thrusting his length wildly from behind. Every time he shook his waist, his penis rubbed back and forth her vagina, and her inner walls seemed to melt in pleasure.

His big and hard penis was never satisfied as he drove Annette endlessly until she was exhausted.

“Do you feel it, Annette? Your little hole is chewing my cock so hard.”

She didn’t know if Rafael was right. Annette couldn’t even groan properly anymore and just cried and cried because of the intense pleasure. His hand pinching her clitoris and his violent thrusts that rubbed and pierced through the walls of her vagina all brought a terrible pleasure. The slippery walls, which were tenaciously stabbed in the sensitive area, convulsed joyfully and tightened around him.

Annette eventually reached another climax and collapsed due to exhaustion.


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