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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 2: A Long Night (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The man pulled her hips closer with the other hand and thrusted in and out of the wet hole roughly.

He rammed deeper and faster. His hands were locked onto her waist as his thrusts became more violent and powerful.

As his penis rubbed her good places, the last bit of reasoning that she had faintly flew away. The only thing left was a melting pleasure between her legs. Her vagina clamped around him as she convulsed in extreme pleasure.


Due to the breathtaking climax, Annette was so overwhelmed that she could not even moan properly. She gasped and tightly grasped the man’s body as if it was an anchor. Her narrow hole, which was already tight, tightened more as if it wanted to bite off the man’s penis. Her body convulsed in pleasure, emitting an erotic smell.

The beastly man groaned in sheer pleasure as her insides shook and tightened. Blue veins surfaced over his neck as he clenched his teeth and plunged his penis deeper inside her.


The man let out a hot moan. His manhood swelled up and a thick white fluid gushed out. It shot all over her lower part, dripping down her legs. Annette’s exhausted body drooped on the bed. Eyes heavily lidded, she took a moment to pacify her chaotic breathing.

The man looked at Annette with a slight smile. The small, tender woman gave him a terrible feeling of satiety. But he still wanted to taste her a little more.

With his head down, he pushed his tongue into Annette’s earhole and licked it clumsily. The light pink ears were so lovely that he wanted to eat them up.

Annette, who had sensitive ears squealed in surprise. Her muffled sobs and breathless moans made the man’s lower body become stiff again.

“Annette, Annette… What a terribly shameless body this is.”

The man murmured as if he was reproaching her, but the one, who was really excited, was him. Annette was struck by fear as she felt him become stiff again. If they did it one more time, then she would truly die.

Tears welled up in Annette’s large pink eyes. She turned her head and faced the man. She carefully wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up at him with the most pitiful look possible.

The man paused, he always became weak when Annette pulled that face. He knew that he was falling for Annette’s tricks but was helpless. Even though he wanted to have her to his heart’s desire, every time her soft lips touched his face, a corner of his heart tickled strangely.


His name, which came out of Annette’s mouth, was soft and pitiful. He kicked his tongue disapprovingly, feeling himself get weak. He could have continued to press on her soft body, but strangely he didn’t want to do it. Every time when the woman whispered in a soft and pitiful voice, the ferocious aggression inside him calmed down.

‘This was a really bad thing.’

The man raised himself and spoke out in a cold tone.

“Such a crafty Bavarian woman.” Although his words seemed cold, Annette knew the truth. It actually meant that he would let her go.

Annette, who was finally released from the arms of the beast, took a breath of relief. Even after her return, her husband was still extremely energetic and a very mean person. Because of this, Annette in her previous life used to cry all night every day.

The wound of the heart made her debilitated like a dry blade of grass, and Annette was often ill. Even the last moments of her previous life were spent on her bed, sick. Annette’s past marriage was obviously an unhappy one.


But this time, it should be different.

No, it will be different. Annette was determined to tame her wicked beast of a husband and get a life of comfort. She didn’t know yet whether the result would be a happy marriage or a divorce, but this time, it would be in her hands.

Rafael draped the gown over his muscular body which held many traces of the war, and reached out to the doorknob as if trying to leave her bedroom. Upon seeing this, Annette even said goodbye to him in a feeble voice.

“Thank you, Rafael. Good night.”

Of course, there was no reply. He turned his back like a man who had never heard anything, and coldly left her bedroom. As the door closed, a cool breeze touched Annette’s cheeks. She touched her cheeks as if consoling herself.

It was okay though. To discipline the beast, she has to start with a praise. Annette smiled, she was exhausted.

Her new operation was to tame Rafael into a good husband.


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