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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 15.2: Unfortunately, Annette’s optimism quickly faded away the next day. Bahasa Indonesia

Unfortunately, Annette’s optimism quickly faded away the next day.

The next morning, Annette woke up earlier because it was very noisy outside. There seemed to be some dispute as she could hear Rafael quarrelling and ranting in the middle.

Annette rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked out of the window, but she could see no-one standing there. Judging from the direction where the sound was coming, it seemed to be coming from the foyer.

Annette got up from her bed and decided to go out. She was now the wife of the Marquis of Carnesis, so she needed to keep track of all the fuss happening in the mansion.

As she walked a few steps to go down the floor, she felt a slight burning pain between her legs. But this was tolerable. Annette, who had been rigorously educated to be the Crown Princess, was very patient. Annette quickly dressed up and nervously looked at the direction of the discord.

‘What the hell is going on?’

As Annette left the room, she tried to remember what happened at this time in her previous life. However she couldn’t think of anything because Annette in her previous life was sick and bedridden at this time.

Rafael hated her at the beginning of their honeymoon. The misunderstanding on their first night was terrible, and Annette suffered from the aftermath. At that time, she was so foolish that she couldn’t even say easy words like, ‘Please don’t let me get sick.’ If she had said that, she wouldn’t have suffered so much.

The price of stupid stubbornness was three days of illness and helplessness. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Rafael’s dark face, coldly glaring at her. He acted as if she was his enemy. He didn’t even seem to feel sorry for his sick wife who had ended up like this because of him.

‘I was really sad back then…’

Annette frowned at the unpleasant memory. From then on, she also hated him earnestly. She could not understand why Rafael hated her. He didn’t believe her at all whenever she tried to clear the misunderstandings. At that time he was just as cold as her father, even more cruel than him.

But this time she had a completely different first night. Though Rafael still behaved very awfully, he did consider Annette’s convenience this time. Thanks to this, Annette woke up as usual and was able to notice this current uproar.

‘I hope it’s not a big deal.’


Annette’s heart pounded because of an unknown anxiety. Naturally her steps towards the foyer became a little faster. As soon as she turned around the corner of the corridor, she heard Rafael’s voice from afar.

“….So you mean, the gifts I’ve sent you are very lacking in the eyes of the Bavarian old man?”

Rafael yelled out. Although he asked in a low ridiculing voice, Annette could sense his anger from it. She knew she didn’t have to face him to know that he was in his worst mood right now. She had hardly seen him this angry.

“I’m sorry, Marquis of Carnesis. The gifts you sent are wonderful… but my master is a person who is only familiar with the finest quality products. I would like to ask for your generous understanding of the difference of opinions that may arise between the two families.”

Annette listened to the noble voice that followed. It was a voice she knew very well. It was Gerard, the butler of her family. He had a classy tone of speech with a little foreign accent. Gerard had a gentle impression on her and was a pretty good butler.

However Annette frowned on seeing him. It was because what Gerard just said came into her mind.

‘Gerard is a little weird today. Why is he talking to Rafael that way? It’s quite rude.’

She didn’t understand why Gerard, her family butler, was speaking down to Rafael in a very rude tone.


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