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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 15.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Looking at the empty spot where Rafael stood just a few minutes ago, Annette laid down weakly on the bed. It seemed Rafael didn’t like her because he didn’t seem to want to be with her even for a second. Anyway she was used to his cold attitude, but him doing this right after they did such an intimate act, she felt a little sad.

‘Well, if you think about it, Rafael hates me.’

Annette looked back at her previous life. How much did he hate her, to not even sleep with her on the same bed for five years? Rafael always went away like this every time after they had sex. There was no way such a man would suddenly become affectionate just because he indulged in her once.

Annette decided not to be too depressed. She had gone through death and even come back alive, it doesn’t matter if her husband’s still cold to her. There would be no disappointment if she didn’t expect anything from him in the first place. So everything will become comfortable if she emptied her mind of all such worries.

In fact, Annette’s biggest enemy was not Rafael, but mental stress. Even though she had returned back in the past and improved her health a bit, she had always been quite delicate in her previous life. Because of this, stress easily harmed her health and in the end, she died at an early age of twenty because of her illness. Annette was not willing to die like that again.

‘But there are certainly some things better than before.’

For example her first time. Although Rafael bit and sucked her like a beast, her body didn’t feel much pain. It was a big improvement compared to her first night in her previous life. It was so harsh that she had to lay on her bed sick for three days. Annette was slowly changing her future little by little.

‘Yes, I can do it.’

Annette hugged the blanket and made up her mind. In this life, she wanted to get rid of her false charges and get along with Rafael if possible. If Rafael really hated her that much, then she would consider to divorce him. Because now Annette was not a passive woman like her former self. She was a woman who had gone through a miracle and come back to life after experiencing death.

It was just then that the door of the bedroom which had been tightly closed, opened making a creaking sound. Annette got surprised and quickly covered herself up with the blanket. Fortunately it was the man whom she was considering to divorce a moment ago.


Annette was a little stunned to see him. She didn’t expect he would come back. Strangely Rafael looked angry for some reason. Seeing him like this, Annette for a moment was worried whether he read her thoughts.

‘Did you hear my thoughts?’

Of course Rafael didn’t hear her thoughts. He only came back to her bedroom for purely different reasons. Rafael who came up to Annette, put something on the side table, making a loud clang sound.

Annette wondered what it was and curiously looked at the side table. What Rafael put down was a flat bowl. It seemed there was hot water in it as she could see steam rising from it. There was also a soft cloth draped over the side of the bowl.

‘Oh, my God.’

After seeing this, Annette opened her eyes widely. Could it be that Rafael brought all this for her. When he met her bewildered eyes, Rafael’s expression became more grim. As he reached out his hand towards her, Annette thought he was coming on her again. But the large hand that stopped in front of her nose held a glass of water.

“This, what is this? Rafael?”

Annette asked. As she was struck by Rafael’s ferocious spirit, she reflexively received the cup of water. Then he replied in a bad tone as if he was chewing out every word.

“You said you were sick.”

Only then did Annette’s gaze lowered to the bottom of the cup.

She found some pure white powder at the bottom. Maybe he brought her some painkiller. Annette was really grateful, but seeing his hideous face it seemed he was offering her poison instead of painkillers. Still she was grateful for his unexpected consideration. Annette surprised by Rafael’s actions, was speechless for a moment.

Rafael frowned and looked at Annette nervously. He couldn’t understand why he was doing something that didn’t suit him. But Annette’s complains of ‘It hurts’ strangely bothered him. Why does this fine woman look so weak?

So he gave her some painkillers, but she just sat there blankly holding the glass of water. It seemed she didn’t even want to drink what he had given her.

‘Why did you do such a useless thing!’

Rafael’s pride was hurt. Annoyed by this, he tried to take the cup back from Annette’s hand. But Annette was one step faster. Annette got up from her bed, put the cup of water on the table and hugged his waist.

“Thank you very much, Rafael.”

Annette raised her head slightly while hugging him and smiled softly at him. Her finely folded golden eyelashes fluttered, and beneath them, her petal like pink eyes twinkled with laughter. It was a pretty smile, like a blooming flower.


Seeing this, Rafael was irritated that he still seemed to want the Bavarian woman. The feeling of her dainty hands around his waist and her dazzling smile as she looked up at him were very unfamiliar to him. He quickly turned around to escape from the awkward embrace. He did everything he could for her, so he was going to let her rest.

Rafael was afraid he would hurt her again if he didn’t leave this room immediately. So without even looking back he quickly left her bedroom. Looking at his cold back, Annette still greeted him politely

“Goodnight, Rafael!”

Of course there was no answer from him. It was okay, though. After taking the painkillers he brought, Annette reached out to the bowl. She felt her pain lessen as she wiped the area between her legs with the soft cloth soaked in warm water. Naturally, Annette’s heart also warmed up.

‘I didn’t know Rafael would do this.’

Annette smiled softly. ‘Well if you think about it, it wasn’t always bad with Rafael.’

In her previous life, Rafael worked quite hard to provide her with medical care until the day she died. After Annette was bedridden, he stopped arguing with her and personally took care of her. Rafael was very sensitive to the physical pain of others, perhaps because he had been through war.

Annette, who had wiped herself to some extent, laid back on the bed. The painkillers began to take effect and the pain slowly started to subside. As she laid alone on the big bed, she felt a little cold and lonely, but it was still fine. Even in the vague dark future, she could see the light of hope growing little by little.


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