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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 14 Bahasa Indonesia

The texture of the tongue around her core was too vivid. The tongue, which had licked up her garden several times, suddenly poked over her sensitive clitoris. His hot lips wrapped around her clit and began to suck it. Then, as the heat rose between her legs, her lower region got wet without her realizing it.


His flexible tongue penetrated her narrow gap and licked her insides tenaciously. Everywhere his tongue touched, an ecstatic thrill spread out. She could feel her inner walls melting and her lower body becoming stiff.

Suddenly a finger entered her narrow entrance, making the delicate muscles contract. The thick finger was pushed in deeply, filling her to the brim. Every time it went in and out of her wet hole, it spread her inner walls, and rubbed the back of her sensitive core. Her body seemed to have caught fire.

As Annette gasped for breath, the fingers that went in and out of her had already stretched to three.

“Uhh, s-stop ···”

Her heated vagina swallowed his fingers greedily. His deeply inserted fingers rubbed her inner walls back and forth as if looking around for something. Annette trembled weekly and her body twisted beyond her consciousness. She sobbed and shook her head helplessly.

The moment he saw Annette’s wet eyes, the corners of Rafael’s mouth rose dully. His fingers began to move faster and faster, stimulating all her weak spots. Whenever those places were pressed, her waist shook on its own.

Gasps of pleasure spilled out of her mouth as her body was racked by an almost unbearable sensation. Rafael leaned back and sucked her erect clitoris. His fingers, which went in and out of her vagina, vigorously rubbed her weak spots.

A strange sensation began to simmer, making her toes curl. Her body twisted and arched as she reached the climax. Her body convulsed due to the intense stimulation and then weakly fell onto the bed.

“Huh huh…”

The tears that had gathered at the corners of her eyes, rolled down her cheeks. With her flower like red lips wide open and gasping for breath, she looked as if she didn’t know what just happened to her. Looking down at her enchanting and innocent face, Rafael felt an unknown satisfaction.

He raised his head, licking her release that dripped down his finger. It tasted like a sour fruit, which turned his appetite even more. His lower body was already agitated with excitement. He hated to admit it, but he was turned on by this woman. And he found this absolutely damnable.

Rafael settled between Annette’s legs and pushed his arousal in. His round head squeezed in through her narrow gap, which was still quivering in climax. Annette, feeling the heat of his glans, was startled and suddenly stilled. She clearly remembered the pain of her first time. It was too painful.

‘I’m scared.’

Annette’s big frightened eyes looked up at Rafael. Although she knew she was going to experience this anyway in this life, she still couldn’t help but be scared when it actually came to it. Seeing this, Rafael frowned and raised one hand to cover her eyes. There was something in her eyes that made him feel uselessly weak.


His big hand almost covered her whole face, and only her slender chin and red lips could be seen.

Rafael who completely blocked her vision, bowed his head and kissed her. His lips greedily wrapped around her tongue and explored her mouth. His tongue gently scratched her sensitive palate and pulled the tip of her tongue.

While Annette was distracted by the kiss, Rafael pushed his member in.

Despite having climaxed once, her insides were still tight and cramped. So he could only push in half of his length. Nevertheless, it still felt dam good. Her warm inner walls clamped his member tightly and melted all his reasons.

“Lose your strength, Annette. It’s too tight.”

The evil Rafael rebuked her for this. But Annette didn’t know how to loosen her body and relieve herself of the splitting pain between her legs. She tried, but the tingling pain would not leave. Her body flinched and she groaned in suffering. As she trembled in pain and bit her lips, Rafael kicked his tongue in disapproval. Then he lowered his hand and gently rubbed her swollen clit with his thumb.


Following the round gestures of caressing, a familiar pleasure spread out through her body. Annette’s body, which had been stiffened by pain, relaxed a little. Instinctively sensing the moment, Rafael pushed his entire length inside her.


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