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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 13 Bahasa Indonesia

Annette, who recalled the pain of the first night, whimpered, and hugged Rafael’s neck a little harder. Her tender breasts grazed against his torso. But she didn’t care about it, as now her fear was greater than her shame. Annette asked Rafael, making her voice seem as pitiful as possible.

“You’re not gonna hurt me, are you? Yes?”

Rafael didn’t respond. He felt that Annette’s arms tightly holding onto his neck were strangely uncomfortable. The thin, soft hands seemed as if they would break if he applied even a little force. Because of this, Rafael calmed his temper down, even though he was in a state of impatience. His actions became a little gentle. If he hugged someone this weak so roughly, she might die.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

He whispered lowly in a voice clouded by desire. Annette, who was trembling, then slowly let go of his neck. The now free Rafael reached out and swept her legs down and stretched it out like a deer.

The texture of the skin on his fingertips was incredibly soft. Her quivering skin, her hair everything smelled ridiculously good.

It would not even seem fishy if someone swallowed her whole up. She smelled that good. Even though he had decided to be gentle with her in his head, his hands kept getting rough.

At first, he wondered if he could tolerate a Bavarian woman as his wife, but now he didn’t need to worry about that. Rafael clenched his teeth and looked at Annette’s naked body in front of him. Annette’s skin was terribly white, as if she was a woman made of sugar.

‘If you don’t stand up after looking at such a body, would you be even considered as a boy.’

Rafael, with his head down, drew her breasts in his mouth and greedily sucked on them. The nipples, which were initially pale in colour, quickly reacted to the stimulation and heated up like bright red cherries. The tip of his tongue pressed down on her erect nipple and licked it up obscenely. He then gnawed and bit her nipples gently.

“Ah, ha..ha”

Annette panted and twisted her body. She was afraid that he would bite hard, but on the other hand, she felt a strange thrill between her legs. Her nipples which were persistently bit and licked in his mouth, spread a tingling pleasure throughout her body.

After tasting her pudding like sweet breasts, Rafael licked his lips and looked up at her. His deep blue eyes were cold but also strangely hot at this moment. He slowly moved towards her legs, while savouring the texture of her skin and spread her legs wide open.

“This is a little bit embarrassing, Rafael.”

Annette cried and tried to close her legs. It was still afternoon, so the bedroom was bright. Anyone would be able to see her nakedness clearly. She was so ashamed that her eyes turned red. But Rafael looked down at her nervous action and clasped her thighs and spread it wider.

“Stay still. Didn’t you ask me to see for myself?”

The words that came out of Rafael’s lips were obscene. When he thought of Annette, who made such a bold proposal with her innocent and pretty face, he felt that he would explode. His penis swelled up painfully as if urging him to go right through Annette’s legs.

Annette had no idea of Rafael’s thoughts but she still felt an instinctive sense of crisis. Although she had prepared to go through this, his eyes staring between her legs were so persistent that she was scared. Annette quickly raised her torso and tried to calm him down by carefully kissing his cheeks and forehead.

“….What are you doing? Do you still want to act being nervous?”


Rafael clenched his teeth and laid her back. However his voice became slightly softer than before. He thought even though it was their first sex, it wouldn’t be bad to be a little gentle. So Rafael with all his patience, lowered his head towards the gap between her legs.

Annette’s genitals were very clean. Her radiant labia looked so fragile that he feared it would crush if he touched it. Looking a little closer, her moist vagina trembled with tension and excitement, and glistened in a pretty color. It was such a spectacular sight that he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Annette, who could not bear the shame, turned her head and buried her face in her pillow. Rafael’s breath on her sensitive place made her feel even more ashamed.

‘With what kind of expression is he looking at her secret place right now?’

His forefinger slid over her narrow petals and then opened her up, revealing her entrance. Annette closed her eyes tightly, hoping that this moment would pass as soon as possible. But at that moment, she felt a hot tongue over her nether region.

“Ahhh! Rafael!”

Annette was startled and raised her head unknowingly to dissuade Rafael. Rafael, in her previous life, came onto her on their first night with a misunderstanding, that she was a woman who lobbied her body. Of course, he didn’t caress her like this and thanks to that, Annette had to lie down for three days on bed.

However the current Rafael was a little different. He was trying to reconsider a little about the ‘false charges’ that Annette had keenly refuted. If she really wasn’t that kind of a woman, then he needed to let her insides loosen enough. Rafael was rather big and naturally, his ‘assets’ were also dignified.

Annette, who did not know of Rafael’s thoughts, covered her face with tears. She was ashamed to death when he licked her vagina. He intentionally spread her legs wider at seeing Annette become shy.


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