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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 12: Test of Innocence (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Instead of answering, Rafael put his hands on the armrests of the chair on which Annette was sitting. Annette, now, was unable to stand up or run away. Rafael seemed to feel better when he had blocked all her escape routes, before questioning her.

The handsome face before her was frightening, as he stared at her coldly. Still angry, Rafael asked her out of the blue.

“What else are you trying to do by calling the practitioner? Are you planning to forge a medical certificate for this? That’s a cunning move, Bavarian. It’s not so easy to do that.”

If it was the previous Annette, she would have felt very humiliated by this. And she would have argued back with him to return the same misery. But the present Annette wasn’t like that. She opened her mouth and calmly said,

“It’s not like that, Rafael. As I said yesterday, if you don’t really believe me, then I can prove my innocence through the power of medicine. If you think I’ll forge a medical certificate for this, then you can call a practitioner that you trust.”

“You really mean it when you say you want to be tested? Hah, would a person like you who’s lived her life like a flower in a greenhouse, would go through such a shameful examination? Would you roll up your skirt and spread your legs for another man? Not even the dogs out there will believe this shit.”

Annette, who heard Rafael’s sarcasm, was a little frustrated. What the hell was she supposed to do? He didn’t believe what she said and now that she said she would see a practitioner, he still doubted her. Annette knew he was a man with serious trust issues. But his behaviour was getting really sick.

Apparently Rafael thought that she was going to see a male doctor. She was his wife and he couldn’t tolerate the very thought of her spreading her legs in front of another man. That’s why he scurried to the room to stop her. Annette, who had a husband with anger issues, struggled and agonized. She didn’t know whether to be impressed by this or not.

Rafael was a brute beast, but he never hurted her. At least physically. Maybe that’s why she didn’t hate him or wasn’t afraid of him as before. He wasn’t that bad. Since they were going to live in this relationship again, she didn’t want to repeat the previous life. So she thought it was okay to tame him a little.

A determined Annette called out his name softly.


She looked into his eyes and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. Rafael did not pull himself out of her embrace, but kept on looking at her skeptically, wondering what she was trying to pull. Annette blinked her eyes as she looked up at him and smiled softly. Then she lowered her eyes and whispered shyly.

“If you don’t want me to see a practitioner… then how about you check it out yourself?”

The burning anger in Rafael’s eyes, dissipated on hearing her words and was now replaced with surprise. He looked as if he couldn’t believe what he heard just now. He tried to open his mouth to say something to Annette, but nothing came out of his mouth. He was that much shocked by Annette’s bold words.

In fact Annette herself was a little shocked by her own boldness. She was originally a conservative woman with great integrity. However when she saw Rafael’s embarrassed face, it didn’t seem so bad. She slowly lifted her eyes and whispered to him.

“We’re a couple, aren’t we? So you can check it out. I’ll roll up my skirt and spread my legs for you to see. You can see it directly with your eyes…..”

Unfortunately, Annette couldn’t finish her words. It was all because Rafael suddenly bent over and held her up. Annette’s bedroom was just a few steps away. He roughly pushed the door open and headed straight to bed.



Annette, lying on the bed, looked at him with her eyes wide open. But Rafael didn’t look at her as he was busy taking off his clothes. He ripped off his shirt from his upper body and slid his pants down. As soon as his hands took off his bottoms, his penis popped out, already standing stiff and hard, in all its glory.

With an expressionless face, Rafael strode up to her. As his big shadow loomed over her head, Annette was a little scared as she could guess what was about to come. The first time of her previous life was terribly painful, and she was afraid that it might happen again this time.

Without making eye contact with her, he immediately began to strip her clothes off. The hand, which was at first trying to be careful, suddenly grew impatient. A crackling sound came from the seams of her clothes due to his rough movements. Annette, startled by the sound, cried unconsciously and hugged his neck tightly.


“Why, didn’t you ask me to check for myself? You don’t mean to ask me to quit now do you?”

Rafael asked sarcastically and then took off her underwear. Now Annette was completely naked with nothing on. At this rate, it might be as awful as it was in her previous life.


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