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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 10: His Misunderstanding (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Annette…Annette, my noble wife. Please tell me directly with that mouth. Have you already given your body to the Crown Prince Ludwig? Huh?”

Rafael pressed down his lips and let out a groan of excitement while interrogating her. He still seemed to firmly believe in those unjust accusations. She was falsely accused of throwing herself at Ludwig because she wanted to be the Crown Princess and she even harmed her rivals for it.

Annette was ashamed because of the absurd misunderstanding. She clenched her teeth in exasperation. It would have been better if she had returned just before the ‘event’ took place. If she had, she could have avoided this malicious trap and maybe her future would have been different.

But God unfortunately sent Annette back, right after the incident. There was nothing she could do at this point. Annette, who was bitten by her beastly husband, simply shuddered and appealed for her innocence.

“I’ve never done that, Rafael. I didn’t do anything with Ludwig and… This is my first time.”

As she spoke, she felt her ears become hot. She wanted to ignore this ridiculous interrogation. But if Rafael wanted to go through the ‘first night‘, she couldn’t keep silent anymore. She paid the price of the stupid silence in her previous life. The memories of her first time were nothing but painful and she didn’t want to go through it again.

However Rafael ignored her confession and just laughed it off. His deep blue eyes flashed with wickedness as he ridiculed her.

“As expected, Bavarians have a reputation for being expert liars. Did your family educate you well how to deceive people? You are pretty good!”

Rafael, in anger, sunk his teeth into her soft delicate skin and bit her hard enough to leave a mark. Surprised by his sudden action, Annette trembled and turned her head to look at him.

“Believe me, Rafael. I really…..”

“Well, who told you to look back!”

Rafael brutally held her head and turned it back towards the door. It was a heartless attitude that made it clear to her that he didn’t want to face her. Facing the cold wall, Annette bit her lips tightly in despair. She wanted to change this life, but how will she, if Raphael hated her so much?

Why does Rafael hate me so much?’

Annette took a deep breath and tried to regain her composure. Panic and despair did nothing to change one’s life. She racked her brain to somehow get out of this crisis. Soon Annette came up with a good solution. She spoke in a soft voice, so as not to provoke the beast behind her back.

“I’m not lying. I can prove it. I’ve never thrown myself at Ludwig, Rafael.”

At that moment, Rafael froze. Annette felt his grip on her loosen. There was hope that maybe he would believe her words. So she tried to persuade him even more earnestly.

“Really, I swear Rafael. Shall we do this? Tomorrow morning, call a practitioner you can trust. Let him verify. ….I’ll cooperate. Would you believe me if I do that?”

Annette suggested this in a quiet tone, hiding her resentment. Even now, when she had reincarnated, she had to suffer because of these false accusations. It was not fair that she had to go this length to prove her innocence. Fortunately, Deltium’s current medical practices were excellent enough to prove her innocence. This was the best way!

It would have been nice if she had called a practitioner in her previous life but Annette didn’t dare to do so because of shame. Thanks to Rafael’s misunderstanding, she had a terrible first night. Her bleeding was so severe that Rafael stopped in the middle of the act and ran directly out to call for a doctor.

‘I don’t want to repeat that terrible first night again.’

Annette bit her lips in sheer determination. Fortunately Rafael seemed to have felt something in her confident tone. He slowly took his lips off from Annette’s smooth back. Even if she couldn’t look back, Annette could feel Rafael’s blue eyes staring at her.

Annette plucked up her courage and slowly looked back. She was very determined this time. Even if he grabbed her face again and turned it back, she would try again. Even if it takes hundreds or thousand times. Annette had the right to speak, and he couldn’t stop her.



Rafael’s face was cold when she faced him. His face, which was revealed through his pitch black hair, was as perfect as a statue. Only the red lips under his sharp nose, proved his humanity. She wondered if the sensual lips held a cold smile, and suddenly a loud sound rang in her ear.



Annette instinctively crouched and screamed. Something fell from the side and when she looked down, it was the remains of the broken door. An angry Rafael had smashed the door with his fist.

T/N: Let me make it clear, Rafael is actually not a bad person. The following chapters will make you wanna hit him on his head. But he’s not a jerk. He is very impulsive and acts before thinking. There’s a reason why he hates Annette and her family. But he’s a sweet man. This is why Annette is giving another chance to their wedding.


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