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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 1: A Long Night(1) Bahasa Indonesia

Annette’s body swung frantically and she tightly grasped the bed sheets in her hands. Her consciousness was on the verge of slipping out and her legs kept on trembling pitifully.

But the muscular hands that stretched out from behind her, were unwilling to let her rest. The man grabbed her voluminous butt and hoisted it up. As he did that, his waist shook more intensely.

The thing that hit her deeply inside, was very hard and heavy and there was a lot of sticky fluid between her legs. He had already been driving her for hours without getting tired.

“Hmm, hmm, now stop, ····.” Annette sobbed and begged. She was very exhausted.

With her long blond hair disheveled on the bed, flushed skin and teary eyes, she was so lovely and tantalizing that it was enough to make men want to chew and swallow her up.

‘I’m going to swallow her whole one day.’

The blue eyes of the man looking down at Annette, were all the more hideous. The man’s body, which pressed her down, was so big and muscular, that one would not even be able to see Annette’s petite body from outside.

As he let out a grumbling groan while ramming his thick penis deep inside her, Annette felt as if she was being attacked by a beast. Her petite body shuddered at the very thought.

“It’s…it’s too hard. Slow down.. Aah….now stop..please?”

A drop of tear flowed down Annette’s pallid cheeks. The man paused for a short moment but pretended as if he was not affected by Annette’s pitiful pleas. He lowered his hand and skimmed his fingers along her clitoris. Annette trembled as his fingers teased her heated vagina. His fingers which had held many swords, were unusually firm and rough, making it more stimulating.

He feigned ignorance of Annette’s sensitive response and mischievously flicked the bloated clitoris. Annette moaned as an exhilarating pleasure gripped her body. The man withdrew his hand and brought it in front of her. The hand which was playing with her clitoris just before, was soaked in her love fluids.

The man licked the transparent honey covering his hands and stretched the corners of his mouth in a smirk and said,

“You want me to stop doing this? It’s funny because your lower lips are tightly clenching me down there. But your upper lip is so deceptive just like your family, Annette.”

Anet looked at the man’s resentful eyes and his beautiful lips. His cold visage and red, plump lips gave him a sensational beauty which could even make women jealous. However the words which came out of those lips were bitter and obscene.

When he faced her teary eyes glazed with lust, he became oddly excited. His penis buried deep inside her wriggled like a living creature, growing more in volume. A surprised Annette tightened her insides reflexively, making the man frown. He felt he couldn’t hold back anymore and started to thrust again.

“Shh, Annette. If you really want me to quit, please don’t open that dirty hole. I’m going crazy here because I want to squeeze it in right now. If you want to finish this quickly, spread your legs wider.”


The lewd words coming from the man’s mouth bothered Annette and made her feel very ashamed. The man, who had finished speaking, began to shake his waist earnestly .

Every time he dug deep, she felt as if her insides were choking and burning. When his hard, stiff penis poked the heated inner walls without mercy, her eyes turned white in pleasure. The little hole, which had already known the joy of love affairs, trembled pitifully but still tightened around his genitals as if feeling overwhelmed by joy.

“Oh uh uh uh aah!”

Hot breaths and kisses rained on her slender neck and shoulders. Bodies covered in sweat were joined. Bare limbs intertwined tightly in the dark…

Large hands grasped Annette’s face to the side, and a thick tongue intruded her mouth.

Annette accepted the pleasure he provided. When the thick penis stabbed her insides, it felt so good that she couldn’t think of anything else. The more intense the insertion became, the more her inner walls were rubbed, leaving her screaming in pleasure.

Terrified of the seemingly endless nature of the affair, Annette crawled away from him, unknowingly on the bed. She was scared of his body heat and the rough movements that could crush her. However the beast who had already tasted his sweet prey had no intention of letting it go. He pressed his big hands on her back as if to completely block all her escape routes.


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