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After getting Kogratil under control, Edward then asked: “So, what ability do you have that differentiates you from other dragons?”

The Dragon King scoffed at him and did not answer. However, Edward did not mind as he said: “You can either cooperate with me, or I force you to do, your choice?”

After a brief pause, the dragon opened his mouth and used a Dragon Breath attack. However, what came of his mouth was not fire, but condensed thunder.

“Well, that’s new,” said Edward. “No wonder you called yourself the Thunder Dragon King.”

“Do not insult me, human wizard. I’m a Dragon King because of how noble my bloodline is.”

“So, the dragon race is hierarchal one based on the purity of bloodline?”

Kogratil did not answer him, and Edward did not mind. He then did a full body check on this dragon, and he discovered that he broke through the Second Limiter, thus had a magic power 75 times that of an ordinary wizard.

“How fascinating,” said Edward. “Your magic power is concentrated in all the parts of your body: all your muscles, bones, and scale. Although I’ve seen this phenomenon in magical beasts like Basilisks and Phoenix, nothing compares to you.”

“Can these beasts you mentioned be compared to me?” said Kogratil. “And what do you mean by magic power? Are you talking about mana?”

“Mana? Was that the name of magic power in ancient times?” Edward was used to the name mana as it is usually associated with magic in his past life. But now, the term showed up in the Harry Potter Universe.

(AN: From now on, magic power will be address as mana.)

“That’s correct,” replied the proud dragon.

Edward nodded before continuing: “If my theory is correct, you should have a bloodline inheritance, now, let me take a look at it.” He placed the diadem on his head, placed his head on the dragon’s head, and activated the bloodline contract that he placed on its ancestors.

Soon afterward, a large amount of information entered his head. Using the diadem, he processed it extremely quickly.

“Dragon Chant Magic?” muttered Edward, then he waved his hand said: “Incendio!” A small jet of fire appeared in his left hand. Then, he said: “Difei!” A small fireball appeared in his right hand.

“Interesting, using the same amount of mana, a charm using the Dragon Language is 3-5 times stronger than a regular one. However, what is the reason?”

“Aguamenti.” “Dlo.”

Edward then conjured two different sizes of clean, drinkable water.

“I see. Incantations are used to mobilize the mana inside a wizard’s magic core. Hence, once a wizard can freely control his mana, he can use silent casting. However, the Dragon Language seems to be able to mobilize mana at a higher frequency, making each spell more powerful and efficient. Not to mention that the complex nature of the language makes it more suitable for magic.

“Additionally, this type of magic makes it easier to use charms that require emotions or imagination.

“However, logically speaking, the devil language that I used in my contract should also have some magical powers that I’m not aware of, especially when it comes to soul-related magic. I should look more into it.

“Now, there is the concept that magic operates at a different frequency. I noticed this phenomenon when studying house-elves. Since their magic operates at a different frequency, it made that most anti-Apparition Enchantments useless to them, hence the reason that they can Apparate in Hogwarts. I never placed too much emphasis on that, but now, it seems that I should study this more thoroughly.”

Edward knew that his understanding of magic will dramatically increase after thoroughly studying Dragon Chant Magic, but now was not the time for this; he still had another purpose for creating the dragon.

Meanwhile, Kogratil was internally greatly surprised at how quickly Edward was able to use Dragon Magic, and how quickly he figured out its essence. In his memories, many humans have had the opportunity to study Dragon Magic, but few could do so, let alone master it or figure it its essence.

After using a tremendous amount of willpower to stop his research, Edward decided to accomplish his original goal. He placed his hand on Kogratil’s body and he said: “Fusion.”

Suddenly, the dragon was absorbed into Edward’s body. Soon, afterward, Edward grew to more than 10 meters, golden scales appeared all over his body, his fingers turned into claws, and two pairs of wings grew from his back.

A large mirror appeared in front of him and he looked at his new body. “Half-Dragon? Dragon-Blood Warrior? Well, it does not matter. Let’s see if my theory is correct.”

After checking his body, he muttered with elation: “I was right. The Second Limiter is removed.”

However, he paused for a moment, before entering his Soul Space. There, he saw a giant dragon looking down on him.

“Now, you will pay for your insolence, human wizard,” said the soul of the dragon king, before launching towards Edward. The latter, however, just gave him a random look before a gigantic cage appeared and imprisoned the dragon.

“Impossible! How can your soul be so powerful?

Ignoring him, Edward regain consciousness, and he finished testing his new body and abilities.

“The advantage of dragon and human. Wait, the Magic Veins of this form are perfect for humans. By studying it and replicating it, it could not increase the power of the human wizard, but also allow them to use magic without a wand more easily.”

“Dream on,” said Kogratil directly through the soul. “How can regular human wizards support to have such a detailed and complex magic vein? Without the proper amount of mana, it would be impossible.”

“True, but I can still create a less complex version. And as wizards grow and become more powerful, they can further modify their veins until they reached this level.”

After doing all kinds of tests on the dragon, Edward separated from him and returned to his normal body. He first checked his magic core and his Second Limiter was still open. However, he did not have the complex Magic Veins that he had on while in Dragon Warrior Mode.

However, it did not matter. Now that he knew the pathways of the magical veins, he could modify his body to be just like that, and his mana was enough for the operation.

Speaking of mana, now that he broke his second Limiter, he now had another method: Superior Bloodline Body Fusion, and it was higher than even his body modification.

With enough potion, he can soon reach the same amount of mana as Kogratil. Then, all he has to do is use the Philosopher’s Stone to break the Last Limiter.

After doing all his tests, Edward looked at the Thunder Dragon King and said: “I’m curious, logically speaking, I should be able to access all your memories and understanding of magic through the bloodline inheritance, but all I got was the Dragon Language and how to use it.”

“Hmph, you overestimated yourself. Throughout the history of our dragon clan, many people wanted to acquire our magic, but they all failed. You should be proud to be even able to acquire our language.”

“I see, so your ancestor placed safety to prevent other races to acquire your inheritance. Interesting, I’ll have to study this at a later time. Now, let’s talk about what to call you.”

“My name is Kogratil,” roared the dragon.

“I know, but from now on, I will call you…”

Title: The Power of Love


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