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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 81: One Last Thing Bahasa Indonesia

Back to a few weeks ago, after Edward gave Bellatrix permission to study Obscurus:

A door opened, and Edward walked out while wearing a cloak. As soon he removed it, his body appeared inside his laboratory, and the cloak suddenly dissipated.

“It seems that the Invisible Cloak I made using the Power of Law from the Deathly Hallow cannot last long, this might cause a little trouble,” muttered Edward, then he ignored it.

If he did not need to remain invisible to Death’s view, he would not go to such lengths. Ever since he started building his Word Gate, he sometimes felt an invisible gaze looking at him. At first, Edward thought that this was just the result of his paranoia, but as the number of times increased, he realized that it was not so.

So, he placed countless anti-surveillance enchantments in his laboratory, but it was of no use. At that time, he did not know that Death was a real existence, let alone the only God in this universe.

So, after his first meeting with it, Edward realized who was spying on him. Thus, he planned countermeasures. Since Death is not able to visit the physical world, and the afterlife existed in a separate dimension, Death has to go through countless spaces and time to spy on him from there.

Based on this assumption, he researched how to make the void of space around his laboratory in a state of constant turbulence, thus hindering any sight from far away. And when he managed to study the Time-Turner, he also placed a temporal disturbance or turbulence. Of course, in order to accomplish these feats, he had to use a massive amount of magic power from the ley line nodes.

This is one of the main reasons that he decided to move his laboratory and the Gate on the moon. He did not want any powerful wizard to sense the massive amount of magical power he was using and became interested in his business.

Then, after Edward met Harry Potter wandering in the hallways during Christmas break, he suddenly thought about using the Invisible Cloak to better hide himself and his experiments. However, he also feared that the cloak was useless to Death–after all, he made it himself.

Luckily for him, after experimenting and testing, he realized that it was indeed effective. Of course, he did not stop using the previous method. Additionally, after breaking the first limiter, his soul became even more sensitive and it became much easier for him to sense Death. Knowing this, the latter stopped so directly spying.

As for Edward, he was not happy or suddenly become arrogant because of that fact; he knew perfectly well that the reason he could do so was more because Death’s power was very limited/restricted by something or someone.

Back to the present:

After Edward removed the Invisible Cloak, a temporal power appeared trying to age him by 67 years. Fortunately, his previous ring still worked and blocked the effect.

After that, he went to an isolated room and removed something from his bag; it was a floating mass of blackness.

This was the Obscurus that newt removed from the Sudanese girl back in 1926. Edward secretly went there to steal it.

“Let’s see if my theory is correct and whether these experiments are worth it.”

He removed a piece of the law from the Resurrection Stone, controlled the Obscurus based on his research on Credence to try to destroy it.

After very close observation, Edward muttered: “It does work, however, the process is slow that it is insignificant. In that case, what if I add this.”

He took out a Philosopher’s Stone and used the massive magic power within to fuel the Obscurus.

“It worked,” said Edward with excitement. “Although it took more than 3 minutes to destroy such a small amount, it still works. As long as I have enough Obscurus, and enough Philosopher’s Stone or a large enough one, I can threaten death.

“I always thought that my path as a wizard would eventually lead me to control the laws of the world. But, this is not necessarily the only path. As long as the energy intensity is high enough, or as long as a force is powerful enough, they can destroy the power of law.

“It seems that I have been too heavily influenced by the cultivation novels of my past life.”

–Scene Break–

After the meeting with Death, after updating the information about Death, he made sure that the only Obscurus he had available was with him, along with a Philosopher’s Stone.

Then, he realized that there were only a few days before school started. With so much happening this summer, he lost track of time. However, he still had one last thing to do.

He first went back to his manor on Earth, sent a letter to someone. After receiving a reply, he used the Floo network to teleport somewhere.

“Edward my boy, what brings you to see me today? You know, now you are a world-renowned star in the magical world” asked Nicolas Flamel with a smile on his face.

Nicolas and his wife attended Edward’s announcement of the three-counter curses after receiving an invitation. However, not wanting to be recognized or interacting with other people, they disguised themselves.

“Haven’t I always been famous?” replied Edward.

“Not on this scale. Sit. I’ve made tea.”

After the two chatted for a while, Nicolas Flamel asked: “So, what brought you to see me today?”

“I’ve come to ask for your help,” replied Edward.

“If there is something that even you cannot do, how can I help? Plus, I’m old and have no more energy for this kind of thing.”

Both Edward and Nicolas knew that they were not simply talking about an exchange of ideas. With Nicolas’ wisdom, he could tell that Edward’s invitation was to join his side and help him accompany his ambitions.

Edward took a sip of his tea before saying: “Do not be so quick to reject me. I know that you and your wife have decided to move on to the afterlife, but have you truly lived long enough?

“You saw some of my memories, saw some of the things that I planned to achieve. As an alchemist, don’t you want to take a part in this. Furthermore, as long as you decide to help me, I can easily solve the problem of you and your wife due to the Philosopher’s Stone. Additionally, I can also promise long-lasting youth on top of immortality.”

Nicolas frowned after hearing this; he was not that tempted by lasting youth–even if it would be nice. What made him hesitate was Edward’s words regarding participating in creating some of the Alchemy Wonders that he saw in his memories.

After seeing his hesitation, Edward did not further persuade him. He stood up, took out a document. “This is what I want you to help me with: to research on how to create a Philosopher’s Stone using only emotions instead of souls. With your help and my suggestions, this project would only take a little amount of time before bearing fruit.

“And such an achievement is enough to change the civilization of wizards and advance it forward by centuries if nor more. If you decided to help, just send me a letter.”

After that, he left.

A few days passed, and the first day of Edward’s second year at Hogwarts as a professor finally arrived. While dressing up, he received a letter from an owl. The sender was Nicolas Flamel. After opening it, there was only one word:


So, Edward smiled after seeing it.

So you guys seemed to have misunderstood my words. I did not mean that Edward would go to the Warhammer World right after Harry Potter. If that was the case, he would just immediately run away. I’m talking about the future once he becomes stronger.

As such one day, Edward Bones will be the new God-Emperor of Mankind. So, please bow to your new ruler that will lead humanity in the fight against the Chaos Gods using knowledge and powers from many different universes and dimensions.

Title: The Beginning of the Second Year.


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