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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 80: True Origin of the Deathly Hallows Bahasa Indonesia

“Isn’t it obvious?” replied Edward. “You probably wanted to use my ability to travel to another universe. If I guess correctly, you probably wish for me to acquire the knowledge necessary to activate the ley line nodes on this planet, thus slowly reversing this universe back to a High Magical one.

“That way, you can benefit from it, and all the other dead Gods can also have a chance at resurrection.”

Of course, Edward was not telling the truth, or he was partially lying. He guessed that Death planned to find a way to escape after this universe returned to a higher magical one.

“So what?” asked Death while releasing a powerful soul pressure that belongs to a true God. However, it only lasted for a brief moment.

“What I’m saying is since I also want this universe to level up so to speak, we are on the same side. We should work together,” replied Edward with his usual calm demeanor and smile.

After a brief silence, Death asked: “You said you came to ask me a question. What is it?”

“I came to ask about the correcting force of fate? Is it going to affect my plans?”

“You do not need to worry about that?”

“What do you mean?” asked Edward.

“You are the kind of existence that is rejected by fate. Hence, the correcting force as you called it will stay away from you whenever you are involved in anything.

“This is also the reason that you cannot use any Divination magic and the reason that divination does not work on you.”

Edward frowned after hearing this, then he asked: “If what you said is true, how come Grindelwald had a prophecy about me?”

“That’s because you are too weak, so certain talented individuals can have a prophecy about you, but your face and identity would never be revealed in these prophecies.

“Additionally, if the prophecy is advantageous to you, then there is also a chance of it appearing, albeit very low possibility.”

Edward swore he heard a little annoyance from Death while stating the last part, but it could be just him hearing this. He nodded.

“Well, it was nice working together, and I look forward to our next meeting,” said Edward with a smile, then he left.

Meanwhile, Death watched his departure, then sneered after he was gone. He did not believe any of this wizard’s nonsense. If he was truly willing to work together with him, why didn’t he asked the knowledge about space and time to complete his gate?

After Edward’s departure, Death started to think about the exchange. Once Edward revealed his plan, he wanted to use force to control him, unfortunately, he could not.

Looking that at his body, Death could see countless invisible chains bounded him, and he cursed out loud.

Of course, this was not the main reason he did not act. It was because he felt a faint threat from Edward. Unlike his previous encounters, he felt that this wizard had something that could threaten him.

‘What’s the reason? Could it be because he broke the First Limiter? No, that does not make sense. Even if he broke all three of them and reached the ceiling of magical powers in this world, he would not be a threat to a being of Law like myself.’

After thinking about this, Death started observing the world of the living. He could see everything that was happening–including all of Edward’s secret development in the magical world. Then, it looked straight into the moon in the direction of Edward’s laboratory. Unfortunately, he could not see anything due to the power of the Invisibility Cloak

“Damn those Deathly Hallows, why did I make those things?” muttered Death. “No, it’s those Peverell brothers that I should curse.” Back then, it used all the power of Faith that it gathered over countless millennia to temporarily visit the mortal world.

Then, it created the Hallows to lure the three most talented wizards at that time to use them to activate the power of Law in those artifacts; it believed under the temptation of being “the master of Death”, these three brothers would be lured to do his bidding.

Unfortunately, the eldest brother died soon after that, the second brother was too enamored by the soul of his wife, and the third brother was very wary of Death, so it used the Cloak to hide all his life from him.

On top of that, the powerful force of the universe that prevent Death from escaping also acted; it placed a powerful curse on both the Elder Wand and the Resurrections Stone so that its members do not live long and are unable to help Death fulfilled his plan. Of course, the curse on the Resurrection Stone was also to prevent wizards from messing with the Cycle of Life and Death.

After thinking about all of this, Death became angrier. “Then, there is that Dumbledore. I slowly guided him to eventually come in contact with all three Hallows, but even he resisted the temptation. Even the Death of his loved ones could not change his decision.

“Then, there is that Harry Potter. After getting all three, he even destroyed one, while making sure that no one found the other.”

(AN: I know that in the books, Harry never broke the Elder Wand, but in this universe, he did.)

“On top of all of this, ever since that Edward started messing with time, I can no longer observe the future. Maybe I should use his family to force him to do my bidding?”

“No, no, this wizard is the kind of person that will go crazy without any restraint on him. Furthermore, I need to find the source of that threat I discovered from him. I have been patient for so many years, I can still wait for a while.”

Meanwhile, after he met with Death, Edward teleported back to his laboratory, He walked to a room full of vials with memory. Then, with a wave of his wand, all these memories came to his mind.

Every time he has a meeting with Death, he has always been very careful. So, to make sure that Death does not have the secret ability to read his mind without even him knowing, he would always place some sensitive memories away from his mind during their interaction.

After that, Edward entered his mind palace and started updating the information he gathered about Death.

Today’s entry read:

“It seemed that I was correct. Besides my first encounter with Death back in school where he showed genuine emotions, all the other times were very calculated, thus further raising his threat level.”

So I started doing some research on Warhammer 40K as a possible world for Edward to go to in the future. And man, this world is dark and scary. I look forward to one day maybe write about it.

Title: One Last Thing


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