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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 7: Material Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward left the headmaster’s room, he used the Floo Network to return to a house he has in Hogsmeade. He did not want to go home yet as he knew that his aunt would reprimand him.

However, he also knew that his arrival would be in the headline of the Daily Prophet tomorrow morning, telling all wizards of his return. In this world, Edward is almost as famous as Harry Potter himself.

Later that night, Edward placed a hood himself, then Apparated to a deserted mountain, waiting for someone. A few hours later, it was not one person that showed up, but ten of them; all of them surrounded him.

Edward calmly took out his wand; it was 14 inches long made of Oak Wood with a sphinx core. With a wave of his wand, an invisible sword cut the closest person to him in half. This was Snape’s Sectumsempra Spell.

All the other people were shocked by the sudden death of their companion. Then, all of them chant different incarnations, throwing more than 9 spells towards Edwards. However, he just waved his hand, then a semi-transparent shield appeared in front of him, blocking all the spells. Some of them were bounced back to the group.

However, the majority of them managed to use the Protego Charm to protect themselves, while the others moved out the way to dodge. Unfortunately for those who dodged, they were separated from the group.

Edward took advantage of this situation. He turned into a cloaking shadow and disappeared from the spot and reappeared behind one of the separated groups. A red light appeared from his white hand, making it look like a lightsaber.

With a swing of his wand, he cut the two people in front of him into two sections, leaving burn marks on their torso. Edward looked satisfied at this spell that he created because he was a Star Wars fan in his past life.

While Edward was a little distracted, someone used the Avada Kedavra Curse on him, thus a green light rushed towards him. However, he moved his body aside and dodged the attack.

Then, with a wave of his hand, the ground turned into metal spikes that turned the person that used the Unforgivable Curse into swish cheese.

At this point, Edward had already killed four people, which made the remaining six very nervous. One person decided to use Apparition to leave this place. However, with another wave of Edward’s wand, a powerful pulling force appeared and intervened in this guy’s apparition.

As a result, his head was separated from his body. Then, Edward tapped his hand in the air, following which, a strange vibration was released from his wand and blended in the void.

Then, the remaining five people discovered that it was impossible to Apparate and leave here. This was another invented spell of Edward after studying the Ant-Apparition Enchantment in Hogwarts’ Castle.

The five people–knowing that they were not a match for this single hooded wizard–decided to band together. Then, they all said in unison, “Protego.”

A large shield appeared by combining the power of all five of them. Edward frowned for a little after seeing this, then he said. “Bombarda Maxima.”

Then, a powerful explosion was sent from his wand. The shield of these five wizards only lasted a few seconds, before it was blown to pieces along with them. Afterward, all that was left of these people were broken pieces of their bodies along with massive amounts of blood.

“Roberti, I know you are here, so show yourself,” suddenly said Edward while looking in a certain direction. Following this, another hooded wizard appeared in the direction he was looking for.

“Edward Bones, my friend, it is nice to hear from you again.”

“Roberti, if you do not give me an explanation, I can assure you that you will end up the same way as those wizards.”

“My friend, you cannot blame me for being cautious. You have not contacted me for more than two years, then I suddenly received your letter.”

Edward sneered at these words. He knew how these dark wizards think and behave. If you show them any form of weakness, they will not hesitate to betray and devour you whole.

“You know that this is not enough to convince me.”

“How about doubling the material, however, you do not need to pay extra. Consider it my way of apologizing,” replied Roberti.


Roberti then sighed in relief. Despite his calm façade, he was extremely terrified inside. He spent so many years and resources training these ten wizards to the level of Aurors. Adding on top of their proficiency in dark magic, they were more than enough to take on more than 15 ordinary wizards.

However, they were all annihilated in just a few minutes, and effortlessly at that.

After making sure that Edward accepted his proposition, Roberti waved his hand and ten people appeared on the ground. However, these people were chained and also incapacitated.

Edward walked to one of these people and pointed his wand at his head, “Reveal Yourself.”

Then the person’s head started to turn into a wolf, but before he could fully transform, he stopped. Then, he checked the remaining nine.

“All of them are werewolves that have committed many crimes and atrocities. You should be satisfied, right?”

“No problem,” replied Edward calmly. “Then, can you remove your anti-Apparition spell?”

So, Edward waved his hand to do so. As he watched Roberti disappear in front of him, he thought to himself, ‘It’s time to get rid of Roberti. He is starting to become a liability.’

After thinking that, Edward took a bag from his cloak, and with a wave of his wand, all the werewolves were sent inside. This bag was enchanted with an Extension Charm.

Then, he placed his wand inside the mouth of the bag, “Accio Roberti’s hair.” Then, a black string of hair appeared in his hand.

Following this, Edward started chanting in a weird language while doing a strange dance. Then, he took out a white powder and blew it on the string of hair. A black shadowy like smoke appeared on the hair, then it disappeared.

This was a powerful voodoo curse that Edward learned when he one day accidentally teleported to Haiti in one of his magical experiments.

It required strict preparations beforehand and a ceremony to take effect. He had anticipated that Roberti might cause him trouble in the future, so be prepared for the worse.

Tomorrow morning, Roberti will be found with a look of horror on his face with his heart missing from his body.

After that, Edward used his wand again, then a powerful acid appeared, dissolving all the bodies and the blood clean, not leaving a single trace. Then with another wave of his wand, he used another spell to prevent anyone from recreating the scene that appeared here.

After finishing all of this, he apparated home.


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