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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 56: First Step in Creating A Philosopher’s Stone Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward left the Flamels’ House, he did not immediately return to his base on the moon but went to visit his aunt Amelia and little Susan. He spent a few days with them, then he talked to his aunt about the Limiter and the possibility of her breaking it herself.

However, Edward was not prepared to use Bloodline Modification but decided to design a potion that allowed wizards to break the Limiter. In a year or two, his aunt should reach the level of magic power needed to break the First Limiter (25 times that of an adult wizard). The potion should be ready by then.

As for little Susan, she was far from that level yet. However, with Edward’s careful guidance and many potions, she should reach that Limit by the time she reaches adulthood–which would be even faster than Edward himself.

Hence, she will greatly benefit from having a powerful older cousin as a teacher and predecessor.

After spending time with his family, he visited all his ladies’ friends–even Soleil. It was then that he learned that her husband discovered their affair. However, after hearing that it was Edward was involved, he did not dare to do anything. Nevertheless, things have been very strange at home for Soleil.

Edward did not care about that. Although a bit heartless, he had warned Soleil long ago about the fact that there was no future between the two of them. One could argue that in the beginning, they both were using each other.

Soleil wanted someone that could cure her daughter’s Blood Curse, and Edward was fascinated by her beauty and let lust take control of him. Now although both of them have developed some level of fondness with one another, it did reach the point of getting together–at least not for Edward.

After his escapade in the realm of lust and pleasure, Edward started sending letters to his pen pals–both in England and Internationally. Conversing with these authorities in different magical subjects always inspires him, not to mention that it is always beneficial to have powerful friends all over the world.

Although his knowledge far surpassed these people combined, he did not underestimate them. After all, he was not omnipotent or omniscient. In certain fields, these people are more capable and even outclass him as he did not focus on them.

Once everything was done, then Edward proceeded to make his first philosopher’s stone.

Just like previously stated, after analyzing the stone that Nicolas Flamel made, this stone was condensed magical energy. So the first step in creating one is to find a place with a large quantity of magic power.

One of Edward’s experiments was to determine whether magic power existed freely in the environment in the Harry Potter World–just like many other magical worlds he read about in his past life.

Unfortunately, the answer was negative. Edward once speculated that if magic power existed in the environment, wizards in this world would be way more powerful than they are now.

As they have to rely on their magical powers to cast spells, the power of the spells was hence greatly reliant on the wizard itself. But if magic power existed in the environment, wizards would be able to use said magic power in the air to cast truly powerful spells.

Although magic power did not exist in the air, it still existed in certain places with great concentration; to be precise, it existed in leylines nodes that travel underground throughout the entire world.

In the nodes, vast magical powers existed underground. As such, certain magical or historical places are built on ley line nodes: for example the British Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts Castle. The magic power in these ley line nodes powers up the magical constructs in these buildings.

Edward even discovered ley line nodes on the moon and built his laboratory on the most powerful one. This discovery was also one of the reasons that he believed that the Harry Potter World used to be a High Magical Universe.

His current theory is that these nodes are used to produce large amounts of magical powers into the environment. However, for some reason, they are currently sealed or recharging. Unfortunately, Edward did not find any evidence of a seal in these nodes.

The second step in creating the stone was the large number of souls needed to bind the magic power.

–Scene Break–

Edward walked to a special room. Inside the room was full of diamonds the size of marbles or bigger. He walked over to pick one and looked inside. There he saw something lying in the fetus position with its eyes closed: those were souls of muggles.

Edward had long predicted that he would need souls to make a Philosopher’s Stone, so he was prepared beforehand. So, he traveled throughout the world and was present during most major wars or conflicts between 1985 to 1991.

Once some muggles die, he would collect their souls and store them for future use. As for the reason he used diamonds, it was because he discovered that they could store souls for a long time after being magically processed. The large quantity of diamond was because he controlled a few mines in different parts of the world–especially Africa.

Edward mostly collected the souls of grown men and women, while leaving children aside. He even buried a few of them that did not have the capability.

Edward knew that his act was hypocritical, however, he still did it like this relieved his guilt.

With a wave of his wand, a 100,000 diamond flew around and followed him to another room.

According to his original estimate, the number of souls needed should have been half or less of that. However, after his exchange with Nicolas Flamel, Edward discovered one downside of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Using the Elixir of Immortality with so many souls will have side effects due to the grievances of all these souls. After all, no one would want their afterlife to be disturbed, let alone used as magical material.

This is one of the reasons that Nicolas Flamel’s body is so weak and brittle; it’s not just because of long-time aging. Additionally, these grievances could even affect a person’s soul after long-term exposure, going as far as greatly reducing the magical ability of a wizard.

This is the reason that Nicolas Flamel is not the most powerful wizard that ever lived in this world. With more than 600 years of constant growth, his magical prowess should be far beyond any wizards.

After knowing the problem, Edward quickly came up with a solution, and he was finally about to test out whether it was possible.

Do you guys think I went overboard with the diamonds? Comment your opinions and ideas regarding this matter, and I might change it.

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